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In addition to collecting dolls I love making clothing for them. In fact I hesitate to buy any doll that I cannot re-dress into a new outfit. To me there is no point in collecting a doll unless you can do something with it. I try to make at least one new piece of clothing for every doll I buy. In many cases I prefer keeping my dolls dressed in clothing I've made rather than their original clothing. I enjoy sewing, knitting, and crocheting doll clothes. My newest passion is knitting. Up until a few monthes ago I did not know how to knit at all. Now I knit a new item every few weeks!!!

All the dolls on the "Creative Gallery" pages are wearing clothing which was made by me. As I make more items and finish taking photos of clothing I have already made, I will add more pictures to these pages. To see the name of each doll, position your cursor over the photo and the name should appear. Enjoy!

Betsy Wetsy - 1960's 13 inch Betsy Wetsy 1960's 17 inch Kerry from the Crissy Family - 1970's Crissy & Friends - 1970's Gene - 1990's/2000's Tiny Betsy McCall - 2000's Shirley Temple 15 inch - 1950's Posie - 23inches - 1950's Sindy 1970's Crissy - 1970's American Girl Samantha - 1990's/2000's 1990's Barbie

There's more!!!! Please check out the other pages of "My Creative Gallery". Click on the links below...

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