This page contains photos of a hard plastic doll called "Toni" that was made by the Ideal Toy Company during the early 1950's. This doll came with a "play wave" hair kit which could be used to style and set her hair. The kit was based on the real "Toni" brand hair care products sold for adults during that time.

Toni dolls were made in many sizes. The doll in these photos was the 15 inch version and was marked "P-90". This doll is not wearing her original clothing and she has been re-wigged. "Toni" is slightly chubbier that other 15 inch hard plastic little girl dolls made during this period.


Below is a photo of three Ideal Toni dolls in their original dresses. I found this photo a few of years ago from a closed auction on eBay. They are stunning examples of these original dolls.


The Ideal "Toni" doll is not to be confused with the American Character "Toni" doll which was more of a "Miss Revlon" style fashion doll, not a child type doll. Click below to see my other "Toni" doll page.

American Character Toni Doll

To learn more about "Toni" and other Ideal dolls, refer to the following reference book:

Collectors Guide to Ideal Dolls Identification and Values : Identification & Values (2nd Ed) by Judith Izen

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