Hard Plastic Souvenier Doll

Hard Plastic Souvenier Doll

This small hard plastic doll is typical of the souvenier type dolls made during the 1950's and 1960's. She made entirely of hard plastic with sleep eyes and mohair type hair. She is approximately 7 1/2 inches tall. Her clothes are non-removable. She is unmarked so her manufacturer is not known.

Hard Plastic Souvenier Doll

This particular doll is very special to me because she was a gift from my father. He bought it for me while on a business trip to California in the late 1960's. I remember him telling me that he got her when he visited "Disneyland". Since she is dressed in an old west style I'm assuming it was purchased in a gift shop in "Frontierland". I remember he was particularly proud to point out that the doll had a vest and hat made of real leather.

Today this doll sits in a special spot on my dresser in my bedroom. The elastic which held her head to her body has long since broken, so I have to be careful not to knock her over or her head will fall off! Other than that, she is in extremely good condition. Below is a photo of my dad at work which was taken around the time he would have given me this doll. I'll always remember how proud he was to give me this gift and how he always was thinking of me even when he was away from home.

My Dad at Work - 1960's

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