"The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" Barbie Theater

-The Pilot-

Once upon a time, in a town called Schooner Bay, there was a house known as Gull Cottage.

Gull Cottage

Gull Cottage was built over 100 years ago by Captain Daniel Gregg. Sadly, the Captain has long since passed away, but his wonderful home remains.

Captain Gregg

Who should arrive at Gull Cottage one day, but Carolyn Muir, a lovely young widow and writer from Philadelphia. She plans to make a fresh start in Schooner Bay. Gull Cottage will be her new home.


Claymore Gregg, the Captain’s supposed descendent warns Mrs. Muir that Gull Cottage is still haunted by the ghost of the Captain.

Claymore and Carolyn

Carolyn refuses to believe him. She knows Gull Cottage will make a perfect home not only for her, but also her children Candy and Jonathan, and her housekeeper Martha.

Mrs. Muir and Family

When Carolyn enters the house, she is immediately captivated by the portrait of the Captain. “What a magnificent man!” she proclaims.

Carolyn and the painting

Martha, on the other hand, seems to have found her own true love. The statue on the stairs! “You’re much more handsome than that old coot in the painting,” she says. “Mrs. Muir doesn’t realize what she’s missing!”

Martha and her Guy

Although Scruffy the dog is a bit skeptical, the children are also excited about making Gull Cottage their new home.

Kids and Scruffy

Later in the evening , Carolyn hears some odd noises. Upon investigating, she encounters the ghost of Captain Gregg!

Carolyn and the Captain

The Captain is immediately impressed by this strong willed young woman, who apparently has no fear of his ghostly presence. Although he normally does not allow women on board his ship, he informs her that she will be allowed to stay.

Captain Gregg

Carolyn is happy to hear this news, and asks the Captain when he will be leaving. After all, they can’t all live in Gull Cottage as one big happy family. Can they???


The Captain, of course, has no intentions of leaving. Obviously they have reached a stalemate.

Captain and Carolyn

Feeling she can’t win against a stubborn ghost, Mrs. Muir packs up the family and leaves. Unfortunately she is having a little trouble with her car.

Moving Car

Carolyn returns to Gull Cottage to confront the Captain. “Give me back my suitcase!” she demands.

Suitcase Fight

Ooops! It appears the suitcase has lost out in this argument.


Well, since she is already unpacked, Carolyn agrees to stay. Over time she and the Captain become friends. He is even able to help her with her writing from time to time.

Captain and Carolyn

Although they have strong feelings for each other, sadly there can be no real romance between a human and a ghost. How can there be when they cannot even touch?


But that doesn’t stop them from sharing deep longing looks.

Captain and Carolyn

Or continuing to hide their true feelings behind a battle of wills. “Will you stop popping in and out like that! You’re driving me crazy!”

Popping Ghost

“Crazy? Madame, I have allowed you to paint Gull Cottage pink! Will there be no end to this madness?”

Gull Cottage

Tune in soon for the next exciting episode of "The Ghost & Mrs. Muir" Barbie Theater.

The End

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