Gloria Ann

Gloria Ann

Below are links to photos of the 2003 Effanbee "Gloria Ann" Doll, her official clothing, and clothing I have made for her. Gloria Ann is based on the 1940's Dewees Cochran America's Children Dolls. Her clothing which has a vintage look was designed by Robert Tonner. There were two dolls designed for the 2003 line ("Party Pretty" and "Little Miss Sophisticate") along with two outfits ("Rain Rain Go Away" and "Mommy's Little Girl").

Gloria Ann makes a great model and looks lovely in everything she wears. I have been making clothing for her using vintage and modern patterns designed for 18" slim body girl dolls. I hope you enjoy the photos!

    Party Pretty              

Little Miss Sophisticate

     Rain Rain Go Away   

   Mommy's Little Girl     

                Fall Dress      


               Formal Dress     

 Green Gingham Dress     

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