International Dolls

Italian Doll

During the 1970's I recieved several dolls from relatives who visited foreign countries. Here is a doll that came from Italy. This doll is made of a "paper mache" type material.

Italian Doll

Below is a photo of a larger version of this same doll along with the doll pictured above.

Italian Dolls

Below is a photo of my mom (on the far right) and two of her friends in the late 1950's in authentic Italian dress, very similar to the doll in the photos.

Mom in Italian Dress

Here are some dolls from other countries. This is a wooden doll with a sticker marked "Poland" on its foot. I remember purchasing this doll in the late 1970's in a local newstand/giftshop.

Polish Wooden Doll Polish Wooden Doll

I believe this doll is from one of the Scandinavian countries like Norway or Denmark. I think I received this from my Great Grandmother who was born in Norway.

Norway Doll

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