"Flatsy" dolls were made by Ideal in the late 1960's through the early 1970's. They were made in various sizes and styles. Their name obviously comes from the fact that they are flat. VERY flat as you can see from the photos!!! They were made from a rubber-like plastic which contained bendable wires so they could be posed in many positions.

Flatsy Flatsy

Most of the early Flatsy's came mounted in picture frames which had their accessories attached. These Flatsy's had interesting names such as, "Rally Flatsy", "Dewie Flatsy", and "Cookie Flatsy". The Flatsy pictured above is "Candy Flatsy". She originally came in a frame picturing a birthday party scene with a table and chairs as accessories. This doll is missing her yellow birthday hat and pink shoes. Here are some photos of "Nancy Flatsy" (missing hat and accessories):

Nancy Flatsy Nancy Flatsy

And here are some photos of "Casey Flatsy"(missing hat and acessories):

Casey Flatsy Casey Flatsy

Some Flatsy's were also available in clear plastic lockets instead of their frames. There was also a series of Flatsy's called "Fashion Flatsy's" that basically were fashion dolls (like Barbie), in a flattened form. These dolls had a teenage rather than young child form and were approximately twice the length of the other Flatsy's.

The names given to the Flatsy dolls sort of remind me of Mattel's "Kiddle" line of dolls produced around the same time. I think that Flatsy may have been manufactured as a competitor to the Kiddles although the dolls definitely have their differences. Kiddle dolls often appeared on the same pages or adjacent pages as Flatsy dolls in the various toy catalogs of that time.

Lyrics to the Flatsy commercials shown on TV were as follows......"Flatsy, Flatsy, they're flat and that's that.....and THAT'S THAT!

My Flatsy Memories

Easter 1970

Above is a photo of me on Easter 1970 with what I believe was a Flatsy Locket. Upon first seeing this photo, I could have sworn it was a Kiddle Locket. (Again, confusion between these two dolls because both were available in lockets around the same time.) However, after closely looking at the packaging, I now believe it was a Flatsy Locket. I also remember receiving a Flatsy doll in a frame, although I do not recall which one it was.

These Flatsy dolls are certainly odd, but they definitely have kid appeal. My youngest daughter saw one in an old doll commercial video and later upon seeing a Flatsy at a doll show, just had to have one. Guess they must be interesting because they are so flat....and THAT's THAT!

Coming soon...photos of Flatsy Paper dolls.

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