Recent Cabbage Patch Kids

Newer Cabbage Patch Kids

Here are some recent Cabbage patch kids produced in the late 1990's/early 2000's. The blond doll is very similar to the early kids. The brunette doll has nylon hair like the "Cornsilk" dolls. Also, because the dolls are now produced by Mattel, this particular doll has a tie in to Barbie (also manufactured by Mattel). Note the updated "Barbie-like" clothing. This doll also came with platform sandals, a Barbie keychain, and a removable strand of pink hair. Definitely a big stretch from the early more innocent Cabbage Patch Kids.

Newer Cabbage Patch Tush Newer Cabbage Patch Tush

These dolls still are printed with Xavier Robert's signature, but note that it has changed from the original signature that appears below.

Original Cabbage Patch Tush

This is a recent set of Cabbage Patch Singing Triplets. They are each only about 8 inches tall, much smaller than the original Cabbage Patch dolls.

Cabbage Patch Singing Triplets

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