Cabbage Patch Cornsilk Kids

Cabbage Patch Cornsilk

In the late 1980's Coleco produced a new version of the Cabbage Patch Kid with nylon hair that could be combed rather than the standard yarn hair. These dolls were known as "Cornsilk" kids.

Cabbage Patch Cornsilk Cabbage Patch Cornsilk Tush

I purchased this doll in 1989. She has a #12 mold mark on her head and also a raised #4. The other markings are as follows:

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In addition to the hair, these dolls also had a bit more fancier clothes than the other standard kids. This particular doll's dress was made of a velveteen material with satin ribbon and an embroidered collar. She also has white tights while the standard kids came with just socks.

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