Cabbage Patch Premies

Cabbage Patch Premie

In 1984 Coleco introduced a new version of the Cabbage Patch dolls which they called "Premies". They were a bit smaller than the original kids and were meant to represent premature infants. They were also unique and came with birth certificates and adoption papers.

Cabbage Patch Premie Cabbage Patch Premie Tush

I have one Premie girl. She was purchased in 1984 from the JC Penney Christmas catalog. She has the #4 head mold and the 1984 brown signature marking.

Cabbage Patch Kid Girl and Premie

Here is the Premie with my standard Cabbage Patch girl. Notice the size difference. Although they are different versions of Cabbage Patch Kids, both dolls have the same #4 head mold style.

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