Betsy McCall

Betsy McCall Paper Dolls were a popular feature in McCall’s magazine for many years. They began in May 1951 and continued through the 1990’s. Many real dolls and clothing were manufactured through the years based on the Betsy paper doll. In July 1961, McCall’s published a paper doll page called “Betsy McCall Visits Cape Cod.” Click below to see an enlarged version of the original page.

Betsy McCall Visits Cape Cod

In 1965, “Little Golden Books” published “Betsy McCall – A Paper Doll Story Book”. This book also told a story about Betsy McCall visiting Cape Cod. Below is a photo of the cover.

Betsy McCall Book

I thought it would be fun to create a new version of Betsy’s trip to Cape Cod using my 2002 Robert Tonner “Just Betsy” doll. Betsy is dressed in clothing I made especially for her vacation. And yes, these pictures were really taken in Cape Cod. Enjoy!

Betsy McCall Visits Cape Cod – Summer 2002

Betsy is headed for a vacation on Cape Cod. Almost there. Look, there is the bridge!

Sagamore Bridge - Cape Cod

Betsy always wears her seatbelt while riding in the car. Make sure you do too!

Betsy McCall

Betsy’s family takes her for a round of mini golf. The golf course has a “Pirate” theme.

Betsy McCall

Betsy gets ready for her shot.

Betsy McCall

Wow! Really close! Great job Betsy!

Betsy McCall

The next day, Betsy visits the beach. Her pal Nosey the dog is by her side.

Betsy McCall and Nosey

What did you find Nosey?


A shark’s tooth and Pirate’s treasure! Wonder if these belong to the same Pirates from the golf course?

Betsy McCall

Well its time to take one last look before we leave.

Betsy McCall

Bye Cape Cod! See you next year!

West Dennis Beach - Cape Cod

If you are interested in Betsy McCall dolls, click here to visit the Tonner Doll Company website.

Here is a link to a great reference book on Betsy McCall dolls and collectibles Betsy McCall: A Collector's Guide With Values by Marci Van Ausdall

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