Barbie as Samantha from Bewitched


Above and below are photos of the 2001 "Barbie as Samantha from Bewitched" doll. This doll was based on the lead character from the popular 1960's/1970's television series.

Barbie Barbie

Below is a photo of the back of this doll's box. It contains a picture of the actress Elizabeth Montgomery who played Samantha.


In 1965 the Ideal Doll Corporation produced a "Pos'n Samantha" doll. Below is a photo of this doll from the 1965 Spiegel Christmas catalog. This doll has the same face and body mold as "Glamour Misty" from the "Tammy" family of dolls. However, the "Samantha" doll had center facing eyes, while the "Misty" doll had side glancing eyes.

Ideal Bewitched

A new movie based on the "Bewitched" television series is scheduled to be released in July 2005. It will star Nicole Kidman as Samantha, Will Ferrell as Darren, and Shirley MacLaine as Endora. Early rumors seem to indicate that story is actually about actors hired to work on a re-make of the television series, however, Nicole Kidman's character is in fact an actual witch. Interesting twist!

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