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Previously known as "Bubamara Design", "Aimarro" is a small based business from Serbia. The owner is me, Marija Spasojevic. Making stuff with different needles and threads is my passion since I can remember. I've learned to knit when I was 9, my mum taught me the basics and I immediately got addicted. I remember the first completed thing I did was a hat. I was so impatient to finish it and mum didn't have time to teach me how to, so I knitted every 2 stitches together in every row that I finally came up with a hat! I designed my first sweater when I was 14 so I could use something freeing than a jacket when I skate.

The story of my crochet beginnings is similar too. I was 16 and in some rural place with my mum, so I bought a magazine and a crochet hook, read how to make basic stitches and I made my first doily from a picture I saw in a magazine. That was a time without internet and a very few, if none, magazines over here, so I had to invent new things all the time. Because I was so very young when I started and there wasn't many young people who did that, my family and friends started talking about me so I quickly found myself making custom sweaters for others.

Since then, I have worked for a few organizations, fashion designers and I have even made something for a TV commercial. During 1999-2003 I was even selling my patterns on this website under a name "Bubamara Design". But after all that I have found that designing and making and selling my own stuff is the only thing that makes me happy and I want to share that with others here.