Odysseus consults with Teiresias

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Odysseus and the ghost of Teiresias, a red figure painting on an Attic Krater, found at Pistica.

Odysseus is seated on a heap of stones, over which his cloak is spread. His beard and hair are dishevelled, he half looks up from under a furrowed brow with an air of distraction and awe.

He holds a bloody sword, which he has just used to sacrifice the ram which is at his feet. Rising from the earth in the trench wet with the victim's blood is the shadowy head of Teiresias, with long hair and beard, his eyes closed, for he is blind, and lips open as if in speech, prophesying to the hero the troubles of his homeward journey.

On either side of Odysseus stands a comrade (Perimedes and Eurylochus), one wearing a felt cap and leaning on his spear, the other wearing a pair of hunter's sandals and an upraised sword ready to ward off the spirits of the dead. All three are clad in a cloak (chlamys)