Battle with the Suitors

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The Slaughter of the Suitors; red figure painting on an Attic drinking cup (kotyle) in the Berlin Antiquarium

This painting appears on the two sides of the vase.

On one side, Odysseus, clad in his short sailor's shirt and a quiver around his shoulders, is aiming his bow, while behind him stand two maids, one clasping her hands in terror or anxiety, the other leaning her head upon her hand in thoughtful meditation.

On the other side is a couch with pillow and coverlet, at the head of which a man (Eurymachus?), crowned for the feast with a garland, is starting up from his recumbent position and holding out both hands in wild entreaty.

At the foot of the bed is a youth wounded in the back with an arrow, which he is vainly trying to reach. half-kneeling on the ground near the bed is an older bearded man, who holds a shield to protect himself from the arrows.