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"OLD & NEW ones"

List of exhibits.

A retrospective of what I   have done in my art , which will be on exhibition at the Tanks Art  Centre in Cairns from the 12th until the 25th of August 2002.

Series Description
"My favorite interest of the time was      the  life of film stars and the films they acted in  which I expressed by copying their photos.   For a recollection of the time click  here.
2."Pen drawing" 1963
"While studying in India I was captivated by the intrigue of their temple dances. The image  is a pen-drawing of a Katakali dance mask. "India"    (recollection)

"Life models"









8."Study" Sydney    1982

"THREE HOURS STUDY from life models"

9."Study" Sydney            1983  Acrylic on canvas ( 90x61cm)

" Study from life models"

10."Bali"                         1994    Oil on canvas (91x100cm)     
"The mysticism of Bali got me create many of their beautiful folklore. "
11.".           1984  Oil on canvas  (60x121cm)

"Indian Dancer" 

12."Portrait-Study"                1984  Acrylic on canvas(76x90cm)
In the last year of my intense figurative art study I did enjoyed the many   "prima-facie" exercises. (Sydney)
13."Espana" 1986.                 Oil on canvas (70x70cm)

"Espiro del Moro" 

14."Dreaming the Dreamer". (1992)  Oil on Canvas (122x83cm)


15. "Avez Azteca". Mexico ,  1991 Oil on canvas(90x130cm)

" Tlaloc , Aztec             Lord of rain "

16."Interpretations"1994. Mexico  (82x45cm)
While I was in Mexico I had attended a workshop in "Interpretive Expressions" given by artist Dennis Pohl.
17."Interpretation"1994 Mexico  (51x60cm)
Attending the workshop by    DP made me more  objective  in how I execute  my expressions. (recollection)
18.     "Mayan Symposium" Mexico 1993 .
Oil on canvas (130x340cm)

"Judgment of Xibalba"

(An epilogue out of the    "Popol Vuh" , the sacred     book of the Mayas)
19. "Sculptures" 1998.  Mixed medium ( 35x35cm)

"It's only in the mind"


20."Heatison"                   1995 Oil  on canvas (81x74cm)

"Civic Dimensions"

21."Heatison"             1995 Oil on canvas (122x61cm)

"Four Miles Beach"    (Port Douglass)

22. "Distinctions".               1998 Oil on canvas  (76x76cm).




23.  "Distinctions"            1998 Oil on canvas ( 92x92cm)

" Where onto now"

24."Distinctions".               Oil on canvas ( 76x80cm)

"Pauline's private club"

25.  "Distinctions".               1998 Oil on canvas (76x92cm)

"Caged Distinctions"


26."Bali Indah"                   1998 Oil on canvas (91x76cm)

"Brighter  lights "


27."Heart &Headlands" Acrylic on canvas (150x124cm)

"Village Scene in Miriwinni"


28."Love in  Idleness",      2000 Acrylic on canvas ( 92x85cm)

" Dancing to a Tune"


29."Love in Idleness"  Acrylic on canvas  (92x85cm)

"Pas de Deux"

30."Love in  Idleness".   Acrylic on canvas  ( 92x76cm)



31."Love in Idleness". Acrylic on canvas (92x85cm)

" Fun in the sun"

32."Love in Idleness".  Acrylic on canvas (92x85cm)

"Cosi fan Tuti"

33."Love in Idleness".  Acrylic on canvas (92x85cm)

" Die Lustige Witwe "

34."Why the boys are"       1998  Oil on canvas , (84x74cm)



35."Why the boys are"    Acrylic on canvas ,(106x119cm)

"His aim is clear, his triumph is true"

36."Why the boys are"   Acrylic on canvas (105x92cm)

"Freedom is his element"

37."Why the boys are"  Acrylic on canvas (92x85cm)
"He challenges the   world with his passion".
38."Why the boys are"  Acrylic on canvas (92x85cm)

"His mind is bright light"

39."Why the boys are"  Acrylic on canvas (82x85cm)

"He offers purpose to    his children"


40."Why the boys are"  Acrylic on canvas (92x85cm)

"He is father to his child. "

41. "Why the boys are" Acrylic on canvas ( 107x92cm)

"Friendship is genuine strength".


42. "Why the boys are"  Acrylic on canvas (92x85cm)

'Till death does part'

43. "Why the boys are" Acrylic on canvas (92x85cm)

"He is larger than   himself , for his family"

44."Why the boys are"  Acrylic on canvas (85x92cm)

"His nature is stubborn, his goal is certain. "

45"Why the boys are" Acrylic on canvas (85x85cm)

"His weariness makes them stronger"

46."Why the boys are" Acrylic on canvas ( 85x92cm)

"His life in all its prime power."

47."Why the boys are" Acrylic on canvas (92x84cm)

"There is new justice      in each challenge."

48."Why the boys are" Acrylic on canvas (84x92cm)

"His mind creates wonder."

49."Why the boys are" Acrylic on canvas (123x106cm)

" He is a fierce and      true protector."


50.          "Why the boys are"                           Acrylic on canvas (240x500cm)


51. "NEW"                              2002  Acrylic on canvas ( 58x99cm) 

"Boy with helliconium"

52." NEW".                     Acrylic on canvas ( 126x126cm)

"Flora Australis"

53. "NEW"                          Acrylic on canvas (75x75cm)

"Flower arrangement"

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