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Title artwork "DEMISSION", 1997. (oil on canvas ,85cmHx76cmW)
"The above image came to me a few years ago in relation to what I see as the rudderless experience of many young males. The essential negativity of these feelings became the positive catalyst for the series.
Approaching life's final productive years, and looking back over my long life, I sense how the social philosophy of this world has changed. It is very different from what I experienced in the 1930s and 1940s when I was a boy.
I have noticed the decline of the 'masculine' male of the past. Young males now find themselves without strong guidance and masculine mentor-ship. Their natural energy is being dissipated in a world where role and future, as men, is undefined, nebulous and unchartered.
Their intense energy is not channelled in a way that provides them with the essential sense of achievement and purpose they require. Thus they are weakened and become lessened in their own self-image through drug use, crime and destruction of self and others. (Click on DISSONANCY )
I see this clearly and I am deeply disturbed by this loss of potential, this loss of our future.
As an artist my language is image and colour. Through this medium I seek to show alternatives for young males, possibilities for the succinct focusing of their remarkable energies. Thus "Why the Boys Are" emerges.
In my own time as a young male there were masculine guides and signposts which enabled me to achieve an enriched, empowered life. My hope is that today's young males, so essential to this world, will find such guides for the years ahead, long after I have moved beyond this world."
This series is now complete and available to whoever private or public organisation with a concern for the development of young males of today and have an initiative to assist in providing better relations for these young lives , as most valuable members of society .

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For an individual view click on each panel.