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Howe Cemetery: Washington County, Arkansas


Washington County, Arkansas

This is a very small abandoned cemetery. It is located in a field. The landowner has taken good care of this cemetery, though, and it is fenced all the way around. There is one large stone for Andrew and Elizabeth Howe, and another small and very worn stone for the Carr infant. There is what appears to be a slightly sunken unmarked grave, and a couple of tiny unmarked footstones.

The cemetery is located in between Prairie Grove and Savoy, Arkansas (closer to Savoy).

Directions: Drive north from Prairie Grove on Washington County Road 37 (Viney Grove Road). Just before 37 intersects with Highway 16, you will see the cemetery at the edge of a field to your right.

This cemetery was transcribed on September 23, 2005 by Shannon Seyler. Write with comments, corrections or questions.

* * *

HOWE, Andrew
April 8, 1834-August 9, 1905

HOWE, Elizabeth
November 11, 1846-January 30, 1891

CARR, infant son
December 29, 1896-December 29, 1896
(this stone was very difficult to read)

one possible unmarked grave

* * *