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The Blackfoot Nation

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SIKSIKA: literally means "Black Foot". Siksika is the name for the Blackfoot Nation, which includes the Piikani (Piegan) and the Kainai (Blood) Tribes.

LOCATION: The Siksika Nation is located about an hour's drive east of Calgary, Canada.

CHIEF: The current Chief is "Chief Darlene Yellow Old Woman-Munro".

Below is a list of links including good sites on everything from the history of the Siksika, Art, Music, Books, Geneology Research, Language and usefull sites for contacting Organizations for more information. Enjoy and please feel free to email us with any other sites you think should be added here.

Blackfeet Tribe
P.O. Box 850
Browning, MT 59417
(406) 338-7580

Blackfoot Confederacy Border Crossing Issues new
Badger-Two Medicine new
Blackfoot Treaty new

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The Assembly of the First Nations
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Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council new
Official Site of the Blackfoot Nation new
Blackfeet Nation new

Native American Spirituality
Spirit Talk Gathering
Seeking Native American Spirituality new

Blackfoot Craftworker's Book
When the Bear Stole the Chinock
Anthropology Outreach Office
Fools Crow by James Welch new
Old Man and the Beginning of the World new

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Blood Books
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Please visit our Genealogy Pages

Fragment of the Secret Doctrine of the Blackfoot Indians
The North American Indian - Slaves
Blackfoot: "Lords of the Great Plains" new
Siksika/Blackfoot new
Blackfoot Essay new
Blackfoot Dress new
Blackfoot Religion Art & Ceremonies new
Blackfoot Housing new
Blackfeet Indians new
Blackfoot Confederacy new
Mountain Chief/Standup Headdress new
Clothing Style new
The Blackfoot Indians new
Blackfoot Cree Battle new
Peigan (Pikuni) and Blood (Kainaiwa) Nations new
History of a Great Nation new

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Chief Two Guns White Calf new
Chief Curly Bear new
Chief Eagle Calf new
Chief Many Tail Feathers new
Chief Big Spring new
Chief White Dog new
Chief Bird Rattler new
Chief Lazy Boy new
Chief Bull Calf new
Chief Eagle Child new
Chief Wades In The Water new
Mountain Chief new
Thunder Chief new
Chief White Buffalo new

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The Buffalo Rock
The Theft From the Sun
How the Worm Pipe Came to the Blackfoot new
The Story of Poia new
The Story of Two Brothers new
The Piqued Buffalo Wife new
Sacred Otter new
Blackfeet Creation Tale new
Old Man and the Beginning of the World new
Old Man and Old Woman new
Old Man and the Roasted Squirrels new
The First Buffalo Stone new

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Sweetgrass Records
Special Songs

The Powwow Editions

Blackfoot Culture Camp new

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Antoinette (Toni) Johnson new
MJ new
Shannon new
Jay Pelc Carr new
Carmen Thompson new
Katie new
Martine new
Charlene Kronk new
Betty new
Jenny new
Keith Bear Cheif new
Pita Westum Eagle Post new
Amanda Perry new
Aaron Geister new
Ta-Nisha "Turning Star" Newton new
A.J. Lowhorn new
Taabia new
Haley Bopp new
Long Suffer new
Belinda new
Andrea LaBoy new

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National Film Board of Canada Blackfoot Movies
White Wolf Workshops
High Eagle Designs
Montana Reservation Maps new
Visiting A Reservation new
MOVIE: Where The Spirit Lives new
Badger Woman - Storyteller and Cultural Educator new
Alternative Tribal Names new

If you know of any other links, please let us know. Thank you.

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