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Friendship Circle

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"May your road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
May the rain fall soft on all that you plant
And until we meet again
May your God cradle you
in the palm of his hands


This page is for all the brothers and sisters to locate each other and communicate. This page is also being updated constantly. Please feel free to join our friendship cirlce.

Antoinette (Toni) Johnson
Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . Santa Cruiz, California
Email: . . . Toni
Home Page: . . .
Comments: . . . I'm so happy to have found this website,and I hope I will meet some new friends from our tribe! Please email me as soon as possible,and I hope you are all doing well!
8-17-03 became member

Gender: . . . Male
Residence: . . . Iowa and Texas
Email: . . . M.J.
Home Page: . . .
Comments: . . . Oki, I'm Blackfoot and Apache. My grandmother's grandfather was a famous chief Blackfoot.
7-31-03 became member

Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . Bandera, Texas
Email: . . . Shannon
Home Page: . . .
Comments: . . . Hello Im just trying to find out more about my family. My father told me that my greatgrandfather is Blackfoot but the only proof we have is a marriage certificate to my greatgrandmother. My father told me that his name is Rue Stout and he was married in Oklahoma. This is all the information that I have, if anyone has any information please e-mail me. Thanks.
6-19-03 became member

Jay Pelc Carr
Gender: . . . Male
Residence: . . . Oxford, MI
Email: . . . Jay
Home Page: . . . Vodgraphicstudios
Comments: . . . I participate in personal wind whispers of the hawk. I am also visionary in animal spirit guide communication. I try to regrow my history with my family, but we have few left after the courthouse burned. Many of my family was taught to be ashamed of their origin, but I look to change that.
5-12-03 became member

Carmen Thomson
Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . Vernon, B.C.
Email: . . . Carmen
Comments: . . . I am not Blackfoot but I spent the first years of my life among you. My father was Greg Thomson known as Big Beaver and worked with the churches on the reserve and ran the ambulance for a while as well. I have had little connection with your people since moving away, but find that now I am in University I have a strong interest in the history and current issuses of Native people. Theire is apart of me that still feels a connection to you. I regret that I have lost touch. I would love to hear from anyone of you. Especially anyone who kenw me when I was a child.
4-7-03 became member

Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . Texas
Email: . . . Katie
Comments: . . . I am searching for my history but family not helping.
3-26-03 became member

pitta westum eagle post
Gender: . . . Male
Residence: . . . Siksika Nation
Email: . . . pitta westum eagle post
Comments: . . . oki niso kowaiksi. A hello my relations. nitaapiiwa. How are you? Anistoo sokapii. I am good. Aniitaapsupii napiiksiks. I am looking for friends. Drop me a line and remember to always carpe diem and keep the native pride in tact.
9-16-02 became member

Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . Hawaii
Email: . . . Betty
Comments: . . . I am a quarter Blackfoot and am looking for family and friends.
10-28-02 became member

Charlene Kronk
Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . Springfield, MO
Email: . . . Charlene
Comments: . . . I have two projects goin on at this time. 1. I am trying to trace my Blackfoot bloodline on my mother's side. And 2. I just found out that my daughter is decendant of Chief Isaac and Chief John Blackfeather also her gg grandfather a fulll Blackfoot was Sam Hoag. Any help that I can get from you would be greatly appreciated.
11-04-02 became member

Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . France
Email: . . . Martine
Comments: . . . I would like to have good friendships with people from your Nations. I have freinds from different nations in America and Canada too. Friendship to you...and feliciations for your website.
12-02-02 became member

Aaron Geister
Gender: . . . Male
Residence: . . . Wisconsin
Email: . . . Aaron Geister
Comments: . . . Oki, I am a Blackfoot Native American who is trying to find out our family line for enrollment, but looking for new friends on this journey.
8-20-02 became member

Amanda Perry
Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . Calgary
Email: . . . Amanda Perry
Comments: . . . Looking for any realitives of my mother. Last name Sunwalk Medicine Hat
9-5-03 became member

Keith Bear Chief
Gender: . . . Male
Residence: . . . Siksika Nation
Email: . . . Keith Bear Chief
Comments: . . . Oki Skiksikaiwa, Kainaiwa, Pikuni. Kii omskapi pikuki. Anisto anok Keith Bear Chief. Drop me a line.
9-27-02 became member

Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . .
Email: . . . Jenny
Comments: . . . I found out my grandmother was from the Blackfoot tribe and want to learn more about how I am.
10-06-02 became member

Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . New Jersey, USA
Email: . . . Belinda
Comments: . . . I would love to learn as much as I can about my Blackfoot Blood. Any info would be of great help, or if you just need a good friend, I have been told I am pretty good at it.
2-24-02 became member

Long Suffer
Gender:... Male
Email:...Long Suffer
Comments:...Loved Dove of Peace in March 20 of 2002, please return back to me when you are well. I love you.
3-20-02 became member

Gender: . . . Female
Home Page: Home Page/American Indians
Email: . . . Taabia
Project: . . . My site is for the voices of American/Native People. I can only pray that all voices have a chance to be heard. I welcome anyone to come and join this community to voice their opinions and tell about who they are and where they have been. All is welcome to learn about the Native People.
Comments: . . . I am part Native and African American. My ancestors are Blackfoot and Cherokee. On my site I welcome those who bring information and words of wisdom.
Wado Siksikaus,
For allowing my voice to be heard on your page.
8-12-01 became member

Haley Bopp
Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . Calgary
Comments: . . . Greetings. Just wanted to say that this is a kick ass webpage. Keep it up. Much luv, peace and happiness.
3-27-02 became member

A.J. Lowhorn
Gender: . . . Male
Residence: . . . Vancouver, B.C.
Email: . . . A.J. Lowhorn
Comments: . . . Oki,
I've just started to learn of the history of our people and could use some help. Looking for any history on the tribal wars and conflicts before the arrival of the nabiguans and white people. If anyone has any information, please email me.
4-1-02 became member

Andrea Laboy
E-Mail:...Andrea Laboy
Comments:...Oki all, I have known about my Ancestry for a long time and next year will be the first time I travel to the Siksika Reservation in 3 generations (I am very excited!!). I met an elder by the name of Waterchief a few years back while I was visiting in Montana. I hope to see him when I visit, he was very kind to me. I am very active in every community that welcomes Native peoples (my job causes me to relocate quite a bit) and if anyone would like to chat, I'm open for conversation.

Ta-Nisha "Turning Star" Newton
Residence:...CO., Soon to be Leech Lake Rez in MN
Comments:...Nationality: Blackfoot, Seminole and Mandan. As you can see, I am a mixture of things. I am trying to find info about my Great Grandmother's side of the family. I do know she was either 100% Blackfoot Indian or 50%. She also lived in the area of Ohio/Kentucky. I think her name began with a "B", but I don't remember. I was just wondering if anyone could help me.
7-30-02 became member

Gwen Paul
Residence:...Elliot, Lake Ontario, Canada
Home Page...
Email:... Gwen Paul
Comments:...Member of the Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association. I was born Margaret Ann Fletcher Clares home Alberta. I have been led to believe that I may be related to the Fletcher Yellow Horn families at Brocket Alta.

   Jake Two Feathers
Residence:...Arizona, USA
Home Page... Jake Two Feathers
Email:... Jake Two Feathers


Dana Elley
Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . BC
Email: . . . Dana
Comments: . . . Want to know about the Crazybulls and Bullshields.
11-8-02 became member

Gender: . . . Male
Residence: . . . California, USA
Email: . . . DancingShadow (Co-Owner of this website)

Apo Aki
Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . France
Email: . . . Apo Aki
Comments: . . . Is there a friend here? You can write anytime. I do remind you all and forever.
12-10-01 became member

Frank Plaited Hair
Gender: . . . Male
Residence: . . . Blood Nation
Home Page: . . . Red Crow College
Email: . . . Frank Plaited Hair
Comments: . . . I work as a computer assistant at Red Crow College. For anyone that may be looking for history on the Blood Nation or family members of the Blood Nation, Blackfoot, drop me a line and I can help in all the ways I can. Don't be shy, JUST DO IT.
5-16-02 became member

Mary Roche
Gender: . . . Female
Residence: . . . Penyrn, CA
Projects/Programs . . . Retired Title 4 part A, then it went to Title 5 then went to Title 8 then to Title 9 something, got too confused by then, Gov. couldn't make up their minds what to call it so I retired! I help out at my daughter's class room as much as possibly and help out as much as I can to our brothers and sisters.
Email: . . . Mary Roche
Comments: . . . Love to hear from our brothers and sisters, like to know more about our family history, and find someone that can help me with mine!! Went into a blank wall last summer (2001).
5-21-02 became member

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