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CIRCLE WORLD---:It's never ending, trapped in this web that I devise by my design i'm confined, trapped in this world must return to death or birth which is worse caught like a rat in a trap forgetting the past it can't last nothing to ask for. caught beneath the sun we burn as one we turn and run and then we are gone. while others lie asleep sound and secure in divergence the souls of dead soliders are stretching distubance into a holocaust a fire beneath the hornets nest and we can digest anything you detest it is a nova a lifeline explosion a fracture in the crust of this volcanic erosion and as it blends everyone pretends not to notice but we can see it and they ignore us and now we can feel it no it won't be endng soon it's just another molecule between myself and the moon another ribcage thats somehow locked inside of my body and I could escape it but everyone else is trying to stop me I don't need a reason I never pretend to be free from pain I know I'm mistaken I never been told I can mantain and if the calender can lie and be mistaken for precision all the other facts and figures are delusions and what is it based on and who could decide when they would start keeping life expectancy and what effects the beat of my heart it's never ending.

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