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Lyrics taken from Storms Will Follow:

MOSS SOULS--- darkness covers me, it feeds my mind, chances fall where they may some are free some are blind, we struggle t remember, as the world forgets are pain, like distress I can feel my life slip away, slowly every second is eternity in the light of the day, no mercy to let me fall pity only grows on the north face. wake of the hour sunset of the seeds bring hell to this day, poison the well, drying of the fields, victim of the sunray, walking in fire, falling from the sky a stupid law you must obey, live for the man a servant of the land they strp our very life away into softness, weakness is not a choice, it is applied to keep the prey moist soft as moss so we cannot fight, no strength in the light no struggle to the right, as everyone struggles for the might, a witness in my sight. hour of evil numbered inside my forehead, SATAN cursed and kissed, raped by a thousand demon dicks. the story of the past has been so rearranged every truth in our history was broken as it was changed, lies diffused into us have the power to make us afraid and easy to devour, and defeat as we are battered and hungry for the greed of the shit and the love of the money, we decend into the end, its almost over, there is a place so far away and it is called UTOPIA.

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