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Center For Social Research
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Center For Social Research


Centre for Social Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan is the semi-independent research institution of the National Academy of Science of Kyrgyzstan, (Bishkek). Since 1989 the Centre has been conducting survey studies and researches on interethnic relations, ethnic policies, political and social issues in Kyrgyzstan and in other republics of Central Asia.

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  About the Centre
Publications of the Centre
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Staff Profile
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Contacts in Bishkek

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  General Information about Kyrgyzstan
Map of Kyrgyzstan
More Information on Kyrgyzstan
Other Centres, Foundations
Electronic Journals

Conferences, Seminars...
Laws of the Kyrgyz Republic
New Publications

Weather in Central Asian cities

Historical Dictionary of Kyrgyzstan

Read a review of the Dictionary (PDF file)

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