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Electronic Journals & Publishers

In this section you can find links to most established academic journals and publishers available on line where you can find some articles, books and reviews on Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian Republics

    Asia Inc.
    Asian Ethnicity
    Asian Philosophy
    Armed Forces & Society
    Central Asian Monitor
    Central Asian Survey
    Economy and Society
    Ethnic and Racial Studies
    Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
     Journal of Central Asian Studies
    Greenwood publisher
    The Journal of Communist Studies & Transition Politics
    Europe-Asia Studies
    ME Sharpe
    POLIS (Politicheskie Issledovania)
    SOCIS (Sotsiologicheskie Issledovania)
    Post-Communist Economies

Asian Studies Review

Central Asiatic Journal

Ethnic and Racial Studies

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

The Journal of Communist Studies and Transitional Politics

Post-Soviet Geography and Economics

Problems of Economic Transition

Third World Quarterly

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