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Welcome to the metaton web site, a learning resource dedicated to separating fact from fiction and reality from delusion in matters concerning the Arica Institute Inc, Oscar Ichazo, The Prophet Ichazo, The Oscar Ichazo Company, CultIchazo TM, The Oscar Ichazo Foundation, Velocity Training Inc., Sequoia Press , COTHI (The Church of the Holy Ichazos) and related entities. This learning resource is intended to provide useful information for: seekers, journalists, students of cult psychology, lawyers, human rights scholars and law enforcement agencies. More material and features will be added from time to time to this progressively upgrading version of metaton. Reader comments, clarifications, suggestions and factually based corrections are welcome.

Much of the material in this site, which was initially opened on the web in May 1999, is highly critical of elements in the Arica entity or cult founded by Lord Oscar The Avatar. Except for the satirical theatre of the absurd material, mostly grouped under the Velocity Watch heading, all the material presented and allegations made are believed to be true and factual. Numerous attempts, dating to before 1990, have been made to verify the tentative conclusions offered here. The repeated requests for information made to Lord Oscar, Arica Institute, OIC* and Velocity Trainings Inc. have been almost totally ignored. One Arica Institute board member did promise to provide full and accurate disclosure. He was quickly forced to resign and the promised information never appeared. The author thanks those Aricans who have, in spite of legitimate fears of reprisal - many have been Banned or threatened with Banishment for exercising First Amendment Rights - helped in this effort to uncover the truth. Only once since 1990 has a substantive attempt been made to refute any of the material presented in the metaton collection. It was withdrawn when the original version was corroborated by two witnesses. At the present moment, October 2009, there is considerable anecdotal evidence that the ugly edifice know collectively as Cult AricaIchazoTM, whose only purpose is to support Oscar and Sarah Ichazo's world-saving lifestyle at the world renowned and infinitely famous Golden Palm Monastery (sic), really just their private house in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, which has been tottering along for years supported only by the decreasing numbers of delusional and hypnotized disciples who pay large sums of money to listen to serial unfulfilled promises, and regularly hypnotize themselves with "trainings" may finally be crumbling into dust and ashes. Alhamdulillah.

Copies of most of the material contained in this site (which has been also sent to numerous people, in and out of Arica, around the world via a series of newsletters and presentations) have been sent to Arica Institute. All sourced/quoted material has been reproduced as accurately as possible. All material, that may, for whatever irrational reason, be copyrighted, is reproduced in full conformance with "fair use" provisions of United States law. Nothing has been deliberately altered. Details on any aspect of metaton are available through the e-mail link below.

Although many Aricans have repeatedly engaged in vicious verbal attacks upon my person and reputation and even on occasion referred to my writings in less than complimentary terms, both the material and allegations remain pristine.

The Arica Entity, recently referred to as a "Universal Religion" by its founding Guru, Lord Oscar, a former Bolivian, has and continues to make the most astronomical and completely vacuous claims about its achievements and importance. Here is one of many examples, as it appeared in the January 1997 edition of the Enneagram Monthly:

"The Velocity Training has such Great Power that it will change the global culture and civilization, because the new paradigmatic worldview presented by Arica is based on a holistic logic that will explain and unify the structure of all processes of the individual, society and the Universe."

Wow! Totally amazing. This fantastic training was to be presented in a "monumental and historical" World Tour first announced for 1996, then again for 1997, that was to be part of Arica's fifteen year "transformation of human society" (Their ten year 1971-1981 project to save humanity and the planet took place without any noticeable effect). Alas, the monumental and historical event, the Velocity Tour never took place and neither Lord Oscar nor anyone of his disciples has ever publicly mentioned another word about it. It just vanished into denial. Instead, to fill the gap, many new empty promises have been produced and sold to the believers such as are found on the Stay Tuned page. A curious pattern indeed.

[Note: Material enclosed in [.......] is was not published in the original newsletters or presentations. Asterisked (*) words are defined in the glossary.]

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