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Before I took my first Arica training in the fall of 1971 in New York City (the three-month training known as NY I), I had read several books by or about the teachings of a Mr Gurdjieff, who spoke often of a very important nine-pointed figure or diagram he called the Enneagram. He didn't cite a specific origin for the figure, merely stating it was very old.

At the time I heard about Oscar Ichazo, in Big Sur, California in 1969, it was generally assumed, although apparently incorrectly, that Oscar was in some manner connected with both Sufism and Gurdjieff and that his system and mission was some sort of natural progression of Gurdjieff's Work, the "next step" if you will.

Oscar Ichazo in his lectures and Arica Institute in America (legally constituted in 1971) and its trainers in trainings, training manuals as well as in advertisements, consistently used the word Enneagram (not enneagon) to describe this figure during the ten-month training of the Americans in Arica, Chile (1970-71) and in all the trainings given by Oscar Ichazo and Arica Institute in America from October 1971 until sometime around the end of 1972 or early 1973 (the exact dates can be found in Arica Institute internal management documents or from the transcripts of Oscar Ichazo lectures.) Oscar also used the term in his earlier lectures in Santiago.

Specific examples: