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Universal Citizen

Soul Warrior Cover                                                                                           Soul Warrior Tray Cover

This album is dedicated in memory of Jamie Batzos

and all who have stepped into the light.



THANKS TO:  William F. Morgan, Helen Morgan, Bill Morgan

Debbie Morgan Langly, and family.  Claire, Jennifer, Meredyth, 

and Little Morgan.  You all are my inspiration.

Special thanks to Perry Morris.  Also, special thanks to Amy Elkins

for backing vocals on "Daybreak".  Special thanks to Brooke Bethea,

Beth, Pat and David Bethea.  Also, thanks to Vickie Harrison, 

Steve Hayes, and Bennie Talley for all you time,

love and support.





Soul Warrior



Living In Chains


Jamie Flys

Castaway In Vertigo

Soul Warrior

Run Around

My Love Is Comin Home

Day Break

The Signal





Lair Morgan - Guitars, Vocals, and Backing Vocals

David Harrison - Drums and Percussion

Steve Hayes - Bass Guitar


Engineer:  Bennie Talley


All songs written and produced by Lair Morgan

Recorded and mixed at Alien Alloy Music

by Lair Morgan and Bennie Talley