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  Experiment Cover                                                                    Experiment Tray Cover

THANKS TO:  William F. Morgan, Helen Morgan,  Very Special thanks to Bill Morgan for all your help and support.  Also special thanks to Debbie Langley for piano on "Missin Your Kiss".  Extra super forever expanding most excellent Kung Fu thanks to Dave Neubauer for all your time and support.  Also thanks to Dave Neubauer's girls for the voices on "Voices".  Many special thanks to Alan Farly for backing vocals through out the experiment CD.  Also many special thanks to Bennett South and Dave Harrison for all the takes after takes after takes, time and support.  Thanks to Jeff Case "Designs by Jeff" for the Experiment CD artwork.  Many thanks to Benny Talley for your support.  Special thanks to Chong Choi for your many positive words.  Also many thanks to Harold Ashburn.  Very Special thanks to Chet McBride.  And many special thanks to Tom Wood.









High Times

Givin It Up

War Machine

Carry The Flame

Missin Your Kiss

Cryin In My Sleep

Instant Revenue

Look In Your Eyes

Simple One






Lair Morgan - Guitars, Vocals, and Backing Vocals

David Harrison - Drums and Percussion

Bennett South - Bass Guitar


Engineers:  Dave Neubauer,

Mike Parrish


All songs written and produced by Lair Morgan

Recorded and mixed at Alien Alloy Music

by Lair Morgan and Dave Neubauer