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Kal Joren's FAQ

1. Are the lightsabers real? Do the blades really cut through things? What makes the lightsabers light up?

The blades are NOT real. If they were real, do you really think that I would be working an 8-5 job? The lightsaber blades you see on this site were done using a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop. I knew that the pictures were very good, but I never realized that it would make so many people believe that I had found the secret to making a truly working lightsaber.

2. Will you sell me one of your sabers? Will you make a saber for me? Will you make a costume for me?

The answer to this question is: No. I didn't put this site up to make money. It's here as a service to the internet community that will provide you with information that will help you do the above for yourself. There are several sites that provide tutorials for creating your own lightsabers, and they are detailed in my links page. As for costumes, there are several companies out there on the net that will help you, but they always come and go. Because of this, I cannot provide you with any sites that can provide you with a good costume. You are better off trying to make the costumes yourself. It is MUCH cheaper than paying someone else to do it. If you like one of my designs then ask me for details on its construction and build it yourself.

3. What is used to make the emitter shrouds on your second lightsaber and Darth Ra's lightsaber?

This is a simple piece of PVC pipe. It is 1-1/4" 160 PSI pipe that is cut to the desired look, then spray painted black.

4. What is at the base/butt end of your second saber?

This is a plastic bathroom sink faucet knob that is painted black.

5. What is used to make the handle of Kal's second lightsaber?

This is a piece of plumbing material called a 3/4" PVC Repair Coupling. It is designed with a slide joint that allows you to cut the broken section of pipe out then replace it with this. It is simply painted black.

6. What material did you use for your costumes?

Whatever felt and looked right. Most of the material used in the costumes came from the bargain bins at the local fabric store. I have used polyester/wool blends, 100% cotton flannel, and 100% wool for various costumes in the past. All of them work quite well. My current costume is made from the flannel.

7. What kind of boots do you wear? Where did you get them?

They were purchased off the internet from Grand Prix Equestrian Products.

8. What is Great Stuff? Where can I get it?

Great stuff is a foam filler/adhesive. You should be able to buy it or something like it at any local hardware store.

9. What did you use for the grip on Dalen's saber, the one you made in two days?

Mouse pad. It is cut to fit around the pipe, then it is cut along the bottom side of the mouse pad to produce the grip effect you see. When you cut it, be sure not to cut all the way through the fabric top of the mouse pad. Then just glue it on.