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Native American, Medicine, Spirit Readings, Counseling
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Here at Earth Heart we use Native American Medicine, Counseling, Native Drumming, Medicine Journeys, Distance and Hands-on Healing and Native American Spirit Art.  We work with people, some in bad health, most wanting to find out who and why they are.   We teach about living the Native Way of Spirit. 


 Healing & Medicine 


Hi I am Jim TwoFeathers and beside me is my wife, Lorraine. 


I am a member of the Mvscogee Nation (Wolf Clan) and have been an artist and writer and have walked the Medicine Path for many years. These pages are about Native Medicine, Spirit, Poetry and Art. Through my Native Medicine teachers and visioning, I came to understand and walk my Wolf/Coyote ways. 


My writing and art is about my own understanding of Spirit and Wolf/Coyote Medicine.  My job is to "trick" and "Move"you into another perception

Lorraine, an Intuitive Distance or Hands-on Healer/Reader, has the ability "see" what's going on inside you physically and Spiritually. She can show you ways to connect to Self and Spirit so the body can more easily heal.  

Together with Coyote Medicine and Intuitive healing we counsel with people standing at The "Y" In The Road.  The place where you know your life is about to change.  The place where you will understand the difference between Need and Truth.  A place your  journey has brought you because of; illness, life changes, relationship problems or in the pursuit of  Spirit.


We offer: Phone counseling sessions and  Email Readings.

You can click on this link or the Wolf/Coyote Medicine& Healing Button below for Session information and more  information about Jim TwoFeathers, Lorraine and Earth Heart.

Jim TwoFeathers & Lorraine

My New Writing

Water Prayers

The old Medicine Man stops along side the stream and takes in his surroundings. He takes in the trees and boulders he has learned to know and respect so well, remembering thoughtfully this place and how many times over the many years he had stopped here to rest on his journey to the Gathering of Elders. The stream, full as usual with the spring rains, fills the air with the familiar sounds and smells of the Water Beings rushing over the boulders on their way to the Great Water. He walks over and steps onto his old friend, a large flat boulder at the edge of the stream and begins…

He takes his well worn backpack off his shoulders, reaches in and pulls out his Medicine Bag and opens it and pulls out his tobacco pouch and pipe bag and lays them gently on his old stone friend now warmed by the morning sun. With a painful grunt and creaking bones he sits cross-legged with his pipe bag and Medicine bag spread out in front of him next to the water. . Out of his Medicine bag he pulls a worn folded square piece of red wool cloth and places it unfolded on the stone. With practiced hands he reaches into his Medicine bag and pulls out his old abalone shell with it's smoke darkened inner bowl. Then he pulls out a small bag full of white sage and cedar mix and lay them on the cloth. He opens the bag and sticks his nose at the opening and inhales deeply taking in the familiar fragrance of the sage and cedar. With a prayer of thanks to the Sage and Cedar beings he crumbles them into his abalone shell and sits it on to the cloth. He pulls his pipe bowl out of its deer hide pouch and his pipe stem out of its pouch and lays them respectfully onto his cloth. Out of his shirt pocket he pulls out a small box of matches out of which he pulls a match and lights it and gives thanks to the Fire Beings for bringing light and warmth into his life and then picks up the shell and lights the sage and cedar mixture while blowing the breath of life gently until it glows and a wisp of smoke rises Skyward. Out of his Medicine bag he pulls an eagle feather. While holding the smoking shell he waves the smoke over his head and his body He then picks up each of the other sacred objects laying there and waves the smoke over each of them, his lips always moving in his prayers of cleansing for all. He then pulls out his tobacco pouch and picks up his pipe bowl and begins to fill it with small pinches of tobacco. Each pinch with its own prayer to the Tobacco being. He takes out one final pinch and offers it to water beings and puts it into the rushing water and watches them race off to the Great Water. Holding his still unconnected stem and pipe bowl he holds them to the seven sacred directions: East, West, South, North, then touches the Earth Mother, and holds them up to the Sky Father and then to himself, each with their own prayers. He then inserts the male symbol of the stem into the female symbol of pipe bowl with the prayer of the union knowing the pipe was live and ready to give birth to the smoke as prayers to the Great Spirit. With another fire stick he lights his pipe and gives his final prayer, the Water prayer because he was here to honor the Life-giving Water Beings. For some years this part of the ceremony brought him sadness because he could not do what he had been able to do in his youth during this ceremony. Drink the Water! So this part of the ceremony had changed and the prayer was changed to; “May this stream one day run clear cold and pure as it once did”. As he smokes his pipe he reflects on his past years in this sacred spot doing this ceremony again with sadness knowing this simple ceremony was done by so few. And knew that when it had been done by many the Water did run clear, cold and pure! In his head he hears the voices of all the Tree, Plant, Stone, Animal, Fish….All of the beings saying, “Remember us and all will run clear, cold and pure”.

After finishing his pipe and ceremony the Medicine Man repacks his pack and stands and gives a small bow to all and turns and walks on to the Gathering.


Jim TwoFeathers


You can find all of Jim's articles on Native Spiritual healing here Writings




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