Membership: Clayface IV, Elemental Woman, Planet Master II, Spectrumonster, Zebra-Man II

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Outsiders vol. 1 #21 (July, 1987)

History: (Outsiders vol. 1 #21, 22)-Kobra researched a number of Batman IIs old enemies and the ways they acquired their powers. A research team then used this information to transform five test subjects into Strikeforce Kobra. Strikeforce Kobra's first mission was to infiltrate the Outsiders and Stagg Enterprises. The team failed on both accounts, Spectrumonster was destroyed and the other members were sent to jail. Kobra would later form an entirely new Strikeforce, seeing this initial experiment as a failure.

List of appearances: Outsiders vol. 1 #21, 22

Comments: Created by Jim Aparo & Mike W. Barr

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