Real Name: Jeffrey Franklin Burr

Class: Human 

Occupation: Would-be world conqueror

Group Affiliation: Kobra Cult

Known Relatives: Jason Burr (Kobra, brother), unnamed parents (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Kobra #1 (February-March, 1976)

Powers: Kobra was a master of virtually every form of hand-to-hand combat. His outfit was bulletproof and housed secret pockets for poisonous gases and razor-sharp blades. Kobra possessed unlimited funds and a large army of fanatic followers. He was a brilliant strategist and a ruthless plotter who would do anything to attain his goal of world conquest.

History: The Cobra Cult of India believed in the forces of Chaos and Order. It was prophesied that a Siamese twin would lead them through the age of Kali Yuga, the time when Chaos would rule supreme. The Cobra Cult spirit infant Jeffrey Franklin Burr away from his parents, Americans vacationing in New Delhi. The parents believed the child died during an operation that separated the twins from each other. The stolen child was named Kobra and educated by the Cobra Cult. Kobra was a natural and charismatic leader, demanding undying loyalty from his followers, then sacrificing hundreds of them to cause havoc throughout the world. He became an internationally wanted terrorist, and the U.S. government recruited his long-lost brother Jason to keep track of him. Kobra and Jason somehow shared a psychic and physical link that almost proved to be Kobra's undoing. They ultimately met in combat, and the psychic link was severed when Kobra murdered Jason.

Kobra has yet to conquer the world, but he has managed to disrupt the world at large. He defeated NASA's only super-hero Solaris, nearly destroyed the U.S.A.'s intelligence community during the Janus Directive, and subverted hundreds of teens through a supposed commune. Recently Kobra was freed from Belle Reve prison by the Ghost. In payment Kobra gave Ghost hundreds of soldiers for a massive attack designed to cripple America. Captain Atom intervened and foiled the plan, but Kobra escaped. Kobra is at large, praying for the Kali Yuga to arrive.

(DC Comics Presents #81) - Kobra was trailing Ambush Bug, wanting to learn the secret of his teleportation technology, and the over excited villain had a monologue in his head about the awesomeness of his powers, and the foolproof nature of his schemes for world domination. Ambush Bug and Superman had switched bodies after exposure to red-K, and when Kobra saw Bug in Supes body he fled. Because Kobra was bald Ambush Bug thought he was Lex Luthor, and pursued him, but he had no control over his superspeed, and ran around the world a few times before catching up with him. Kobra fled to Coney Island, and the Bug used his heat vision, but set the whole dock on fire. The red-K wore off, and Superman, back in his own body, was forced to elt Kobra flee in his Kobra Ark so he could put out the blaze.

(Spectre III #21 (fb)) - The Kobra Cult retrieved the Spear of Destiny from the Soviet official who had it, and assassinated him. Kobra wanted to use the Spear to conquer the world, but the Spectre got wind of his plans. Kobra didn't know how to use the Spear to begin Ragnarok, so he pierced Spectre's chest with it, wounding him grievously.

(Showcase '93 #6-11) - Kobra purchased land in Poland and created half-reptilian soldiers to serve him there. Problems arose when Peacemaker, whose family once owned the property, investigated his family's old house. Kobra disliked the complication, and killed his operative who'd chosen the property as an ideal location for is work. He sent reptilian soldiers after Peacemaker, but they were gunned down by Peacemaker and the newly arrived mercenary Deathstroke. Kobra was angered by the failure of his reptiles commander, and ordered him to commit suicide. Kobra hired Deadshot to shoot Deathstroke and Peacemaker with special bullets that would brainwash them to serve him. Deadshot failed him, so he sent more soldiers to kill the lot of them. Deadshot was not pleased that his boss targeted him for death, and switched to the mercs side. Kobra was preparing for the Czech Republic Electronics Fair, where his cover company Cortex International would be selling high-definition televisions made from radioactive components that would sap the will of all viewers, and wanted nothing to foul it up. He contacted Gennifer Devereaux, head of the Cortex operation, and told her to dispose of the mercs. Peacemaker and Deadshot snuck into the fair, and were attacked by Gennifer, but she was forced to flee hen Katana, who was also investigating Kobra, intervened. Deadshot came to kill Kobra, but Kobra predicted his actions and captured him. He brainwashed him with his televisions, and then brainwashed the Japanese hero Dr. Light. He planned to send out televisions from Japan and send them to America, to be sold for a song out of trucks. Deathstroke, Peacemaker, and their new ally Katana tracked him down, but he had Dr. Light combat them, and ordered her to kill them, but her moral code helped her shake off the brainwashing. The heroes defeated Kobra and blew up his headquarters, but Kobra escaped in a sub.

(JSA #11, 12) - Kobra built a fortress on Blackhawk Island to use as his new base of operations. He kidnapped Maser and used stolen S.T.A.R. Labs technology to harness Maser’s powers to control anything within the electromagnetic spectrum. Kobra used Maser’s power to hijack a plane’s flight system and crash it, killing everyone on board, including Terri Rothstein, the mother of Atom-Smasher. Kobra then threatened to use antiballistic satellites to incinerate every capital city unless NATO turned over their heads of state to him. The JSA stormed Blackhawk Island and freed Maser, and Maser destroyed Kobra’s satellites. Kobra initiated a self-destruct sequence in his Blackhawk fortress and tried to escape, but was caught by Atom-Smasher, who nearly killed Kobra before Starman VIII talked him out of it.

(JSA #45) - Kobra was put on trial at U.S. District Court in new York City for the terrorist acts of hijacking LexAir Flight #178 and using antiballistic satellites to attack New York City. Kobra took the stand, and proclaimed himself a bodhisattva, an enlightened one whose purpose on Earth was to enlighten others. He then attacked the U.S. foreign policy and defended his actions as needed to help mankind survive the forthcoming Age of Chaos. During his tirade hundreds of his followers massed at the court building and under Kobra’s orders the cultists threatened to activate bombs implanted in their bodies, killing themselves. Rather than allow the bloodshed the judge and Director Bones of the D.E.O. agreed to let Kobra go free for the time being. Kobra and his followers then left in a teleportation beam Kobra activated.

(JSA #47-50 (BTS), JSA #51) - When the Princes of Darkness pulled the moon from its’ orbit Kobra declared it was the end of the world, and activated sleeper agents around the world to perpetrate terrorist acts. The Kobra cultists were defeated by the JSA and the JSA reserves. Black Adam, Atom-Smasher, Brainwave, Jr., and Northwind stormed Kobra’s temple in the Himalayas and slaughtered the Kobra cultists. They confronted Kobra and told him they were sick of villains like him never facing justice, always being briefly imprisoned then escaping to do more harm. Black Adam then ripped out Kobra’s heart, killing him.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby, Marty Pasco, Pablo Marcos & Steve Sherman.

Kobra received profiles in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #12 and Who’s Who In The DC Universe #13.

Kobra had a cameo in Showcase '93 #1.

Impulse #1 had a flashback of Kobra's appearance in Flash II #??

Atom-Smasher pictured Kobra in his mind’s eye in JSA #56 so he could motivate himself to kill dictator Asim Muhunnad.

An image of Kobra was seen in the JSA database in JSA #77.

Lex Luthor had a nightmare about having a presidential debate against Two-Face in Secret Files President Luthor #1. Kobra was among the number of villains that were an audience to the debate.

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