Real Name: Unknown

Class: Extratemporal human mutate (Earth-27)

Occupation: C.I.A. agent, former superhero, porn star

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: Barney (uncle), Unnamed parents

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile, Earth-27

First Appearance: Animal Man #28 (October, 1990)

Powers: Nowhere Man's body and mind are molecularly displaced, and when he's not concentrating both his thoughts and his anatomy start wandering in myriad directions. By concentrating Nowhere Man can move and control the separated pieces of his body. For example, Nowhere Man can pick a lock with a detached fingernail, or choke an opponent with a detached finger.

History: (Animal Man #28-30)-Nowhere Man is a resident of Earth-27, a hypertimeline almost identical to our own. When Nowhere Man was an adolescent his mutant powers manifested themselves, causing his mother to abandon him. He was taken in by his uncle Barney and made a star of a circus sideshow as the Molecularly Displaced Freak. After leaving the circus he decided to earn a living as a superhero, teamed up with fellow third-stringers Notional Man andFront Page. They achieved a small degree of success, but their adventures didn't pay the bills, so they began side careers in the pornography industry. Nowhere Man thought the films weren't up to his artistic standards, so he split with the team's money. Front Page and Notional Man swore revenge, and began tracking him down. The C.I.A. then contacted Nowhere Man and recruited him to bodyguard President Eagleton from the Angel Mob, a trio of mutants with immense mental abilities. Nowhere Man was supposed to convince Animal Man (who was currently displaced from his own timeline) to join this mission, but when they met Front Page and Notional Man suddenly appeared. Nowhere Man's former friends were killed by Animal Man, and the time had now come to protect the President. The team of Nowhere Man and Animal Man successfully protected the presidents' life, but the Angel Mob escaped unscathed.

(Animal Man #31, 32)-Nowhere Man was again called to defend the President, this time with the Green Cigarette as a partner. Only the timely intervention of Animal Man saved Nowhere Man and the Cigarette from being killed by the Angel Mob. After Animal Man captured the Angel Mob, the C.I.A. turned on him and tried to arrest him. Nowhere Man helped Animal Man escape, and Animal Man explained that he was trapped in a world he didn't belong in. Together they found Lucinda of the Angel Mob and devised a plan to return Animal Man to his own Earth. Lucinda also cured Nowhere Man's mind so that it was no longer molecularly displaced. After a tearful fairwell, Animal Man returned to his Earth. The final fate of Nowhere Man is unknown.

List of appearances: Animal Man #28, 29

Comments: Created by Chas Troog & Peter Milligan

Last updated: 3/23/2002

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