Real Name: Unknown

Class: Extratemporal human mutate?

Occupation: Superhero, porn star

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile, Earth-27

First Appearance: Animal Man #28 (October, 1990)

Powers: Front Page carries rolled up newspapers made of solid steel that can be used as projectile weapons. His skin resembles newsprint, and he can change the words on his flesh into any headline he can think of, usually indicative of whatever he is thinking of at the time.

History: (Animal Man #28)-Front Page is a resident of Earth-27, a hypertimeline almost identical to our own. His history and origin are unknown, but as some point he decided to earn a living as a superhero, teamed up with fellow third-stringers Notional Man and Nowhere Man. They achieved a small degree of success, but their adventures didn't pay the bills, so they began side careers in the pornography industry. Front Page and Notional Man eventually became lovers, but Nowhere Man ended his buisness relationship with the others, running away with the teams' money. Front Page and Notional Man swore revenge, and began tracking him down. They found Nowhere Man in the company of Animal Man, a hero displaced from his own timeline. In the ensuing battle Animal Man accidentally killed Front Page, and the last headline Front Page would have plastered across his body was "Animal Man Slays Front Page!" In an effort to conceal their actions Nowhere Man and Animal Man tabooed over the headlines on Front Page's corpse and dumped his body at a hospital.

List of appearances: Animal Man #28

Comments: Created by Chas Troog & Peter Milligan

Last updated: 3/23/2002

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