Membership: Lady Liberty, Major Victory, Mayflower, Silent Majority, Sparkler

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1(1984)

History: (Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1)-The Force of July were organized by B. Eric Blairman, director of the American Security Agency, in order to eliminate subversive activities in the U.S. The team is comprised of five super-powered individuals and led by Major Victory. The Major derives his powers from the suit he wears, but it is unknown if the same holds true for the other members. They are all fervently patriotic, sometimes to a fault. Their first known mission was a break-in at S.T.A.R. labs to steal a computer chip for a top-secret government project. The project involved launching a satellite that would enable the government to monitor people through television screens. Batman and the Outsiders foiled this plan, and henceforth the Force of July viewed them as subversives.

(Outsiders vol. 1 #2-4)-The Force of July is sent on a mission to capture the international criminal Bad Samaritan. They begrudgingly team up with the Outsiders, who are also pursuing the Samaritan. They are briefly captured by the Samaritan, who gathers data about them that will enable his current employer Gorbachev to create his own team of super-humans.

(Outsiders #23)-The Force of July again teams up with the Outsiders, this time to stop a terrorist named Fusion from blowing up the Statue of Liberty.

(Infinity, Inc. Special #1, Outsiders Special #1)-Eric Blairman was replaced by Abraham Lincoln Carlyle as the Force’s supervisor. His highly suspect presidential campaign attracted the attention of both the Outsiders and Infinity, Inc. He used the Force as his unwitting pawns to fight these super-teams, but they were soundly defeated.

(Suicide Squad vol. 1 #27, 30)-The terrorist Kobra tricked U.S. agents the Suicide Squad into believing that the Force of July were secretly traitors. The ensuing conflict ended in the deaths of Mayflower and Sparker. When the truth is revealed, the Force of July seeks revenge on Kobra. They are victorious, but at the cost of Lady Liberty and Silent Majority sacrificing their lives. Soon after the demise of the team, Major Victory joins the Suicide Squad.

List of appearances: Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1
Checkmate #18
Infinity, Inc. Special #1
Outsiders vol. 1 #2-4, 23
Outsiders Special #1
Suicide Squad vol. 1 #27, 30

Comments: Created by Mike W. Barr & ?

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