Real Name: Unknown

Class: Human villain

Occupation: Unemployed, former super-villain

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives:None

Aliases: Vegetable King of Crime

Base of Operations: Metropolis

First Appearance: Plastic Man vol. 2 #12 (April-May, 1976)

Powers: Carrot-Man has studs on his costume called resistors that can force away anyone that tries to touch him. Carrot-Man is limited only by his incompetence.

History: (Plastic Man vol. 2 #12)-The future Carrot-Man was a nobody and a loser, having no friends and never able to hold steady work. That all changed the day he dressed up in a big, stupid carrot costume to be a contestant on the gameshow “Let’s Make a Steal.” One of the other contestants won a blender, and in her excitement it slipped from her hands and his Carrot-Man on the head. He lay unconscious for hours in the TV studio with no one bothering to help him, and it wasn’t until the eleven o’clock news was being filmed that he woke up. The hit on the head brought out the hidden evil side of his nature, and he made up his mind to become the Vegetable King of Crime. After throttling the news anchors he commandeered the show to introduce himself to the public. He detailed his plan of stealing the famous Springs-Eternal Diamond from the Museum of Mundane Art, and then challenged Plastic Man I to stop him. Plastic Man wasn’t overjoyed to leave a new year’s eve party to deal with Carrot-Man, but they did meet up at the museum. One konk on the head later and Carrot-Man was off to jail, protesting that he was a very important super-villain.

(Plastic Man vol. 2 #15)-Carrot-Man escaped from jail by hiding in the prison garbage. Plastic Man was too busy to recapture him, so the N.B.I. put Woozy Winks on the case. Woozy chased him to a rooftop and foolishly tackled him over the edge. By a strange twist of fate Carrot-Man landed on top of Snuffer, an evil cyborg that was about to kill Plastic Man. Reporters arrived on the scene and made a hero out of Carrot-Man. Carrot-Man’s rough landing also caused him to lose his memory of being a super-villain, and all charges against him were dropped.

List of appearances: Plastic Man vol. 2 #12, 15

Comments: Created by Ramona Fradon & Steve Skeates

Last updated: 3/23/2002

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