Real Name: Patrick "Eel" O'Brien

Class: Altered human

Occupation: Superhero, formerly criminal

Group Affiliation: F.B.I., JLA, formerly Justice League of Anarchy

Known Relatives: Ernie Luke McDunnagh (Offspring, son), unnamed parents (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mammoth City, formerly Capitol City

First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (Quality Comics) (August, 1941)

Powers: Plastic Man’s body was totally malleable; he could stretch any part of his body to incredible lengths, or compress it enough to pass through a paper-thin opening. In addition he could disguise himself by changing his facial features or alter his shape to pose as various types of objects. His body was extremely durable, bullets and most blunt attacks simply bounced off of Plastic Man. Flames and solvents could more readily damage his body, but even if reduced to a molecular state Plas could eventually reform his body.

History: (Plastic Man III #1 (fb)) - Eel was considering giving up his life of crime at his fiancé Nancy’s insistence, but he wanted to pull one last job.

(Police Comics #1-12) - Eel O'Brien and his gang attempted to rob the Crawford Chemical Works, but their plan went awry when Eel was shot by a guard and knocked into a vat of chemicals. Abandoned by his friends, Eel escaped and made his way to a mountainside before he collapsed. Upon awakening, Eel found himself in a monastery named Rest-Haven. The monk who was caring for him had turned away the police because he believed Eel to be good at heart. Touched by this, Eel promised he would reform. The chemicals he was exposed to had given Eel fantastic powers, so he decided to use them to fight crime as the super-hero Plastic Man. In his first case Plastic Man captured his former gang, and he also decided to keep his identity as criminal Eel to gain underworld secrets.

(Police Comics #13-20)-Plastic Man managed to reform another criminal named Woozy Winks, and for years Woozy would serve as his sidekick. Plastic Man dropped his criminal alter ego when he was offered a job on the police force. After a number of successful cases he was appointed to the F.B.I.

(Police Comics (Quality) #21) - Plas’ friend Pulman Coach asked him to find his missing business associate Sylvester Smirk. Plas found him being squeezed by Bobo the boa constrictor. Hardwich hired Madame Serpina to kill his business rival Smirk. Plas killed the snake and fought off Serpina’s circus strongman admirer Mammo, saving Smirk and helping him close his business deal.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #1) - Plas busted up the Chance Club, a gambling den where the games all involved animals being killed or fighting to the death. Woozy found the body of James Towne in the basement and panicked, distracting Plas and allowing the Chance Club operators to escape. Plas met Towne’s fiancée Yvette la Rue and learned the Chance Club was connected to a sect of blood worshippers, and that she convinced James to quit the cult, resulting in his death. The worshippers shot la Rue, but didn’t see her body, so Plas disguised himself as her and found the worshippers headquarters and their leader the Mystic One. He revealed himself and the cultists fled, but their leader directed them to an address which was near the F.B.I. hq, ensuing they’d be caught. Plas unmasked the Mystic One, and found Woozy under the hood. He’d knocked out Mrs. Towne, the real leader so he could catch the cultists.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #1) - Plas and Woozy presented a camouflaging device created by Professor Topps to the military. The general was interested, and when they went to Topps’ lab to get the plans they found Japanese spies had abducted him. The spies managed to drug Plas and steal the plans. They brought Plas to Tokyo and tried to torture him into becoming an agent for them. Plas smashed up his torturers, stole back the plans, and returned to America with the help of a U.S. pilot.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #1) - Plas investigated a series of kidnappings and almost caught the kidnapper, but Woozy jumped him the same time as Plas and they collided. Plas found that Professor Goodman tricked his slow friend the Goon into kidnapping people to operate a super boring machine that caused a volcanic eruption in the heart of the city. Woozy made a radio broadcast that warned the populace and allowed them to evacuate, and the Goon killed Goodman when he realized he was evil.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #1) - Plas read a story in the Tecos Gazette and learned that Woozy, who was on a fruitless chace for gold in the west, was going to be lynched as a cattle rustler. He hopped a plane, rescued Woozy and learned that Dade framed him and his enemies the McAnders family to hide his own guilt.

(Police Comics #27) - Plas got a call from industrialist Randolph Pearson saying his life was in danger. By the time he got to Pearson’s he was dead, and the only other person there was his business partner James Sterling. Plas handed over Sterling to the F.B.I. and attended his trial. Woozy wormed his way onto the jury and found out that fellow juror Allan Pearson was the real murderer, he’d been leeching money from his brother for years, and killed him when he refused to take a government contract that would have made both of them rich. Allan threatened Woozy, but Winks got the word to Plas, who subdued Allan and made him confess to the judge.

(Plastic Man #2 (Quality) #2) - Plas and Woozy investigated the disappearance of the Slade brothers, all hardened criminals. They came across Slimy Slade, who was dressed in gay nineties fashion and confessed his brothers were hiding in No Place before his brother Slippery shot him. Plas learned from the chief of the F.B.I. that No Place was a hidden city that cut itself off from the rest of America during the 1890s’. Plas apprehended Slinky Slade, disguised himself as him, and went to No Place with Slippery. He confronted Slippery, who was about to name his inside man in No Place when his partner shot him and fled. Plas and Woozy were taken in by the police for being outsiders, and Plas deduced that the mayor was the Slade’s man. He got the mayor to confess that he was going to set up No Place as a haven for criminals and sell the valuables at No Place as antiques. The citizens were grateful to Plas for being saved from their mayor and agreed to rejoin America.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #2) - Plas and Woozy pursued gangster Tony Toppo when Elmer Body switched minds with Woozy and then with Plastic Man, because he thought being a crimefighter would be exciting. He lacked Plas’ control over his powers and was nearly killed by Toppo and his gang before Plas, in Woozy’s body convinced him to switch minds again. Plas defeated Toppo and got Elmer to return to his own body after suggesting he go find the President.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #2) - Plas stopped Fargo Freddie from robbing Capitol City National Bank, but to avoid capture Fargo stole a plane to fly to Mexico. Plastic Man briefly captured him, but he leapt from the plane into an active volcano. Fargo was turned into Lava Man, and nearly melted Plas before he lured the villain into a railroad refrigerator car. Lava Man froze and Plastic Man smashed him to pieces.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #2) - Plas and Woozy went to Coroner’s Corners where every citizen had become a murdering loon bent on killing outsiders. They knew there was one sane person they could contact but didn’t know their identity. They split up and Plas was fooled by Dr. Dewey Ditt, who appeared sane, but was actually a mad hypnotist responsible for driving the town crazy. His niece, Dada was the sane one, and after giving Woozy an antidote she saved him from a murderous Plas by squirting Plas in the mouth with the antidote. Plas came to his senses and thrashed Dr. Ditt.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #7) - Plas and Woozy foiled a bank robbery by Little Moron and his gang, but Moron was struck dead by lightning by Dr. Volt who also had his eye on the bank. Volt escaped, and Plas warned Woozy that Volt was extremely dangerous, and asked him to sit the case out. Woozy didn’t listen and did some detective work to locate Volt’s hideout. Volt set a deathtrap for the heroes, but ended up destroying his own lab. He fled into the stormy night and was killed by a bolt of lightning.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #7) - Woozy was among a group of people shanghaied by Gilda, Bowlegs and Whiskers to help them recover gold bars from a sunken government ship. Plas turned himself into a kite to follow the ship, helped Woozy recover the gold so it could be returned to the government, and beat the crooks. The shanghaied workers made the crooks do they heavy work to get them back to shore.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #7) - Plas and Woozy had a fight after Plas asked his pal to look for a real job. Plas save a sign painter, who’d fallen from a billboard after an encounter with a masked man. The billboard advertised Mr. Yall’s Hava Cola, and his competitor Mr. Holler of Coola Cola was the prime suspect. Woozy was hired as the new sign-painter, and Plas saved him from the masked man, who turned out to e Mr. Meek, the junior associate of the sign company, who wanted the business for himself.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #9) - Holdup artist Rocky Twitch complained to Plas that when he tried mugging Clarence Skidd the King of Zing, Skidd ended up taking his money. Plas brought Twitch into custody and met Skidd, the inventor of the world’ slipperiest oil, who said he enjoyed taking Twitch’s money so much that he was turning to a life of crime. He dared Plas to top him from robbing the 13th National Bank. Plas stopped him after finding that a soapless detergent counteracted his slippery oil.

(Platic Man (Quality) #9) - Plas set up a trap for Phoney Fink, the notorious counterfeiter who was selling counterfeit stamps to Mr. Atlas. Plas learned that Atlas knew the stamps were phony, he wanted counterfeit to compare to the genuine article. Plas couldn’t arrest Fink, but ruined Fink’s business when he posted a notice that Fink’s phony were counterfeits of genuine counterfeits and not worth the price he was charging. Fink decided to go back into business selling genuine counterfeits he would pass off as the real deal, but Plas broke into his hq. Fink had his goons run Plas through a printing press, and destroyed the evidence. Plas was still able to convict him because when he was run through the press Fink's signature counterfeits were printed on his body.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #9) - Plas and Woozy investigated the Acme paint company run by Mr. Heintz, and found they were killing people by infusing radioactive material into the paint they used on houses. Plas rounded up the crooks.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #9) - Plas and Woozy tried to figure out why millionaire J.K. Dartmoor mysteriously took ill. They wondered in someone caused his illness, and ran down false leads including his ex-butler Paramus and his daughter’s suitor Diggory before finding Cauldron, the real culprit. He was using a voodoo doll to slowly kill Dartmoor, and when he tried to flee on a broomstick, Plas burned his spellbook, removing Cauldron’s powers and causing him to fall to his death.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #10) - The F.B.I. Chief sent Plas to the Mirabi Desert because Shiek Ali Krim and his men were after an experimental supersonic rocket. Krim accidentally launched the rocket while trying to steal it, and Plas followed him into the air and brought him to ground safely o the F.B.I. could have a chat with him.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #10) - Plas and Woozy went to Luxury Springs when they got word the Nitro Noonan gang was staying there. The gang really was on a law-abiding vacation, and Plas got tossed from the resort by the house detective for being a nuisance. He stayed in a barn, where he met a woman who needed a jockey for the Luxury Springs Stakes, and Pla agreed to ride her horse Nosebag. Plas won using his stretching power, and the takes cleaned up because everyone bet on Black Beauty. The Noonan gang ended their vacation to rob the takes, but had to fight the Pistol Packer mob, which came from the city with the same intention. Plas interrupted their scuffle and apprehended the lot of them.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #10) - Plas took Woozy on a hunting trip on Mackinac Island on Lake Superior, but Woozy was frightened of ghost and generally unhelpful. Plas left Woozy at camp and chased a moose. The moose ran into a bear at camp, and Plas bagged them both. He gave Woozy credit for keeping the bear from swimming away, because Woozy was already in the water kicking up a commotion at the sight of the bear.

(Platic Man (Quality) #10) - Plas and Woozy cornered racketeer and inventor Wheel at a machine expo, but before they could bring him to justice he was killed by his companion Electra. They pursued Electra to Wheel’s shop, where she voiced her plan to destroy humanity, before destroying the shop to evade them. During their next encounter Electra revealed herself to be a robot and destroyed herself.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #12) - Plas captured members of Spadehead’s gang, frustrating the criminal. He challenged Plas to meet him during a bank robbery, and when they fought Spadehead tricked Plas into drinking an anti-rubber serum developed by Doc Vineyard. Plas had to recover at home, having lost his elasticity. Woozy found Vineyard, who’d long ago ceased to care about anything but booze after a patient died. Woozy told him the patient George Pappas had a heart attack before he operated, so Vineyard could return to real medicine instead of being an underworld quack. Vineyard gave Plas the antidote, and Plas easily captured Spadehead.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #12) - Plas and Woozy offered to help Lorraine Miller, who ran the South River Tunnel Project. Work had stopped because workers kept getting murdered, so Woozy went undersea to draw out the culprit. The monstrous Riverman didn’t want humans in his domain and tried to kill Woozy, and although Plas saved him he failed to catch Riverman. Riverman went on land, disguised himself as a worker, and tried to dynamite the tunnel, but was apprehended. As he told Plas his history he died because he’d been out of water too long.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #12) - The Forest Service borrowed Plas from the F.B.I. after a bad year of forest fires in the Los Padres National Forest. Plas was there to make sure people weren’t starting fires, and it didn’t take long before he caught the Runyam family, who nearly burned themselves to death with their own campfire. Plas gave them a good talking to, reminding them that fire signs prohibiting campfires were there for their safety.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #12) - Gangs were massacring each other and bookies and horse trainers were being threatened because someone was fixing races, but no one knew who it was. Plas went to the races, and met Horseface, who could communicate with horses and hypnotize them. Plas ended his winning streak by disguising himself as a horse that Horseface couldn’t control. Horseface flipped out at the idea of losing his bet, so he shot at Plas the horse. Plas had a first-hand account of hypnosis that he used on horses, which was enough to charge Horseface with fixing races.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #13) - Plas was tipped of by one of Mr. Hazard’s henchmen that the villain was going to rob the steeplechase horse race. Hazard bet his flunkies he could do it, so the stoolie called Plas to win the bet. Hazard failed to rob the race thanks to Plas, and when he found out he’d been ratted on he killed the stoolie and made a new bet, that he could execute Plastic Man. He captured Woozy Winks to use as bait and caught Plas in a glue trap and threw darts tipped with chemicals that dissolved rubber at the hero. Plas escaped thanks to Woozy, and Hazard was sentenced to 199 years in jail.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #13) - Jets watched out for criminals carrying out robberies, distracted the police with his flying so the crooks wouldn’t get caught, then robbed the crooks themselves. Jets stole from the robbers of the Dreamditch art auction when Plastic Man caught up to him. Jets flew off with Woozy as a hostage, but Woozy fell, was caught by Plas, who turned into a trampoline, and sailed through the air, knocking out Jets. Jets fell into a body of water, and his water-clogged flying boots were useless, making him easy prey for Plas.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #13) - A dope ring had the F.B.I. confounded, so Plas had Woozy pick the pockets of suspects. This plan didn’t pan out, but Plas found that the dealers were tying dope to carrier pigeons, and busted up the ring.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #13) - On a drive through the country Plas and Woozy picked up the gorgeous and persuasive Artifice, who was on the run from the Seventy-Seventh Street gang. While Plas dealt with the gang she took Woozy to her country hideout and forced him at gunpoint to serve her. She called up Grizzles and promised him information on her other gang, the Eighty-Eight Street Gang, if he made her part of his team. Plas intercepted Grizzles and disguised himself as the crook. He got a confession from Artifice about her gang dealings, but she fled to the hills and rolled a boulder over Plas. Plas survived, Artifice fainted and was taken to prison.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #14) - Woozy couldn’t figure out a basic crossword puzzle question, and although Plas knew the answer was “words” he wanted Woozy to figure out the answer for himself and get a better education so he took him to a museum exhibit of dictionaries. They met the crook Words and his gang, who escaped with a Samuel Johnson dictionary. They met Words again at a screening of “Dark Adventure,” Central Studios first talkie, and Words got away with the original film reel. Words tried to unlock the vault of the late socialite Mr. Grenville, which was voice activated. He got frustrated because the phrase ”Veni, Vidi, Vici” failed to unlock it, giving Plas time to capture Words and explain that the vault only responded to Grenville’s voice or a recording thereof. Plas felt sorry for Woozy, and helped him finish his crossword.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #14) - Plas and Woozy were at the opening of an interstate bridge when it collapsed because mobster Cargill, who’d been contracted to provide the concrete, gave the workers an inferior product. They went to arrest Cargill, but he escaped thanks to his underling Doc. Doc gave Cargill the invulnerability and strength of concrete, making him into Concrete Cargill, and he showed up at the F.B.I. office to give Plas a beating. Plas disguised himself as F.B.I. secretary Miss Duff, whom Concrete showed an interest in, and showed up at his hq. As Duff he got close enough to Concrete to replace the premium concrete in the solution he used to retain his superpowers with the inferior grade the mobster gave the state. The weakened Concrete was easy pickings for Plas.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #14) - The F.B.I. sent Plas to the country to locate a counterfeiting ring, and Plas took Woozy so he could rest and enjoy nature. They heard stories of a haunted house, and found crooks dressed as ghosts to scare the curious away. Plas took care of them, and promised Woozy a real vacation.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #14) - Bloodhound Bud Bickram, a correspondent school detective, foisted himself on Plas and Woozy. To distract him Plas sent him to the hideout of the Humdrum Heisters, whom Plas knew left town. Unfortunately they arrived back in town just in time to meet Bickram, and take him hostage when he mentioned Plas’ name. Plas pursued the gang to an alternate hideout, and then the sewer system, finally saving Bickram and capturing them. Bickram was an egotist and thought he helped Plas, although he was never anything but a hindrance. Plas worried about how he was ever going to get rid of Bickram, when Bickram’s father showed up to take him back home to Cow Crossing.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #16) - Plas and Woozy spent a day in the park and saved Nixie Nolan from committing suicide by drowning herself. Her fiancé Jeff Jollup dumped her to marry Gazelle Van Gander, who won him in a poker game. Plas visited Gazelle who told him her uncle Goops left his fortune to her and his butler Swiggins, but stipulated that they had to be married before collecting. Gazedlle’s fiancé was murdered, as was Swiggins’, so people were hesitant to marry them, making her desperate enough to win Jollup in a card game. Plas disguised himself as Jollup and evaded an assassination attempt. Swiggins was the murderer, and wanted to force Gazelle to marry him so he’d inherit the full Goops fortune. Plas exposed Swiggins, freeing Gazelle to marry a number of suitors and Jollup to marry Nolan.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #16) - Plas tried to apprehend racketeer Wriggles Wright, but he shook Plas by hijacking a car. Plas had to make a speech for the Daughters of Chivalry, and saw Wriggles disguised as one of the spinster Daughters. He tried to apprehend him, but the Daughters thought Wriggles was one of their own and fought off Plas. Plas pursued Wriggles, but was confronted by Boy Scouts, who thought he was harassing an old woman. Plas saw that Wriggles was trying to destroy his reputation, so he faked a fight with the Chief, and suicide by jumping off a bridge. He posed as Wriggles disguised as the old woman Plas assaulted, and got a fund raiser going at the Daughters of Chivalry for his injuries. Wriggles didn’t like the idea of someone one-upping him, so dressed as the old woman he confronted Plas, who exposed his schemes.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #16) - Plas and Woozy raided Wally the Weasel’s hq, and Plas was knocked out. Wally, an India-rubber man with limited stretching abilities, packed Plas in a box and disguised himself as the hero. Telling Woozy he had a plan, he fought with the Chief and helped his gang pull off a bank robbery. Plas escaped his trap, and led the F.B.I. to the circus, where Wally was performing, exposing his façade and arrested him.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #16) - Ali Babass, the prince of Dagbad entered America as a diplomat, but the FBI wanted Plas to keep a watch on him because he’d committed all sorts of crime overseas. Plas learned of several bank robberies with the suspect fitting Babass’ description, but he had an airtight alibi. Plas uncovered his secret; he was a quintuplet and hid the existence of his siblings so they could commit crimes. Plas captured them, but couldn’t arrest them because Babass threatened Dagbad would declare war on America. Dagbad had a revolution and a new democratic government, allowing Plas to take Babass and his siblings into custody.

(Police Comics (Quality) #90) - Plas checked in on his old adversary Brainy Rivers and learned he’d reinvented himself as pirate Captain Rivers and had slaughtered the crew of the Mary Scott and stolen their shipment of diamonds. Plastic Man investigated the looting, and after overhearing Rivers’ wharf crew discussing the John Browd, their next target, he got a job aboard the ship. Rivers and his crew tried to board the Browd, but Plas stopped them. On Rivers ship he allowed himself to be captured so he could find where Rivers had the diamonds hidden on his boat. Once Rivers tipped his hand, Plas rounded up Rivers and his crew.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #17) - Plas rounded up the vicious killer Rattler’s gang, but Rattler and his girlfriend Tina escaped when Uno brought them aboard his time machine. Uno was from the year four million A.D. and was looking for people to recolonize the future after a massive plague devastated mankind. Uno also took Woozy aboard his ship, and Plas pursued them, but Rattler convinced Uno that Plas was evil and they tussled. Rattler tried to kill Uno, and used Uno’s disintegrator ray to turn Plas into a puddle, revealing his true colors. Uno reversed the beam to restore Plas, and the restored Plas captured Rattler. Tina left Rattler to go to the future with Uno, but Woozy decided to stay in the present with Plas.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #17) - Plas and Woozy foiled a bank robbery, but the crooks squirted Plas with a solvent, making him vulnerable to their handguns. The injured Plas was patched up by Gordon Gray, chief chemist of Amalgamated Products, who’d seen to Plas’ health in the past. He recognized the solvent as an invention of his that Plas convinced him to turn over to the government. His ex-assistant Doctor Pipette stole it, so Gray gave him a treatment that would make Plas immune to it. Plas confronted the robbers and Pipette, and after they found their solvent didn’t affect him they were easy pickings.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #17) - Plas helped a mugging victim, and suspected Enterprising Willie in the robbery but couldn’t prove anything. Willie took over Osgood’s Rubber Lab by force and sold girdles, suspenders, and other products that his ads claimed were made from the same rubber as Plas. The items were created from Osgood’s experimental rubber, and although they were durable they soon wore out. A mob formed and blamed Plas, but he proved that he was never in business with Enterprising Willie. Willie’s mugging victim identified him, and Plas sent the crook to jail.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #21) - Plas and Woozy attended a performance of the mind-reader Kra Vashnu. Impressed that he was the real deal, Plas wanted to ask him to assist the F.B.I. on cases, but found Vashnu over the body of his murdered lover Diana. To avoid suspicion Kra faked a suicide attempt, and later told Plas that he suspected Harry Edmonds, who was actually the man Diana was going to run away with. Plas found Edmonds dead, and although it looked lire a suicide Plas deduced that Kra was the culprit. He made a very public show of exposing Kra as a murderer, so the villain went into hiding. He kidnapped Woozy, but Plas knew it was a trap so he sent a fellow F.B.I. agent disguised as him. Kra locked him in a carwash where the water nozzles were loaded with a solvent to dissolve Plas, but the agent was unaffected. Plas arrived, but couldn’t capture Kra because he could anticipate his moves. Plas thought about Woozy having a gun and having the drop on Kra, frightening him, and allowing Plas to knock him cold.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #21) - Plas and Woozy were sent to a salt factory that a supposed lunatic had broken into so he could consume vast quantities of salt. The guard swore the perpetrator was Woozy, so Plas was forced to lock him up. The culprit was actually Amorpho, an alien capable of assuming the shape of anyone he encountered, but who needed to consume salt to survive. Plas found Amorpho, who escaped, disguised himself as Plas, and stole more salt. Amorpho and Plas fought, and Plas tied him in knots, forcing him to surrender. Amorpho agreed to return to outer space, and Woozy was freed, but only forgave Plas after his friend treated him to ice cream sodas.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #22) - Plas and Woozy pursued Mugs Merkle, who’d stolen valuable bonds. Merkle was meeting his conman friend Pitch Penny, who’d invented Plasticizer that turned anything it was poured on to rubber. Woozy interrupted the meeting by running into Pitch, and the Plasticizer broke and seeped into the city’s water supply. Suddenly everyone in town had the powers of Plastic Man. Plas dealt with would-be crimefighters and super powered crooks until the effects of the Plasticiser naturally wore off.

(Plastic Man #22) - Syko Case robbed a delivery of breakfast cereal and tampered with the city’s scales, making people believe they were starving to death even when they were full. He presented his Zingo Zowies cereal as the only food capable of keeping people alive, and the public fell for it. Plas uncovered the plot, disguised himself as one of Syko’s scales, and once inside Syko’s hq he apprehended the criminal and his gang.

(Police Comics (Quality) #101) - Plas tailed the Genius, who'd just been released from jail, and found he was u to his old tricks. Plas played tricks on him to make his gang thing his time in jail ha left him feeble-minded, and after the Genius revealed the plans for his next time Plas brought him into custody.

(Plastic Man #27 (Quality)) - Plas was trying to get dirt on crook Corkscrew Collins, and caught him posing as a sorcerer and swindling millionaire Winthrop Snavely with the help of his girlfriend Devastating Dinah. He produced a magic potion and made Dinah seem to appear from thin air, convincing Snavely to give him $50,000 for the formula. Plas pursued the crooks, but Woozy kept getting in his way because he was smitten with Dinah. Plas chased them from their hideout, and they returned to Snavely to get more money to leave town, but Snavely, knowing he’d been swindled, threw the potion in Collins’ eyes, blinding him and allowing Plas to apprehend him.

(Plastic Man #27 (Quality)) - Chief Brenner showed Plas and Woozy around the government’s new top-secret department Project X. Woozy recognized one of the workers as Wilberforce, a performer at county fairs with a photographic memory, and suspected him of being a spy. He dragged Plas to the Scarlet Sarong nightclub, where Wilberforce requested a song from the singer Gigi. She began the song, which contained the word Cairo in the title, and Plas saw two suspicious types leave, so he followed them and watched them give a message to the espionage artist the Leader involving Cairo. Wilberforce appeared, knocked out Plas and Woozy, and killed the two hoods for leading Plas to the Leader. Plas’ only other lead was Gigi, so even though she was an unwitting part of the Leader’s plans he tried to have her killed. Plas made the save and uncovered the Leader as Wilberforce, who was transmitting code to himself to test the loyalty of his henchmen.

(Plastic Man #27 (Quality)) - While chasing a girl Woozy ran into the hypnotist and jewel thief Hypno the Great, who mesmerized him and gave him directions to a house on Laurel Drive. He sent Woozy to bring Plas there, and rigged the house full of explosives, hoping to eliminate Plas so he could move his jewels without interference. Plas avoided the trap, and disguised himself as a jewel on Hypno’s finger, and when the time was right revealed himself and took out the crook.

(Plastic Man #27 (Quality)) - Plas confronted the crook Spats Spiro and warned him not to try the job he was planning on the Horgan Trust. Spats wasn’t frightened, and took a taxi to the bank, not realizing his driver was a disguised Woozy, who was keeping Plas informed of the ongoing situation. Two of Spats henchmen blasted their way into the bank, and Plas apprehended them, but Spats laughed that Plas couldn’t pin the job on him. Knowing that Spats suffered from motion sickness Plas made himself into a hammock and rocked the crook until he confessed.

(Plastic Man #27 (Quality)) - Gat Gatsby robbed the city bank in broad daylight by distracting the public and guards with a plane modified to look like a U.F.O. Woozy’d gotten a camera for his birthday from Plas, and had stumbled across Gatsby’s goons mocking up the U.F.O. while looking for photo subjects. He wasn’t taken in by the fake and followed the goons to Gatsby’s hq in an attempt to round them up. He was nearly killed, but fortunately Plas was following him and saved the day.

(Plastic Man #28 (Quality)) - Plas and Woozy were assigned to guard a priceless French statue being taken by Jacques Gasteau from America to France by boat. Femme fatale Shasta stole the statue and tied up Woozy, but when she took on Plastic Man she met her match. When gunning him down didn’t work she threw the statue overboard, not wishing anyone to have it, but Plas extended his harm to save it.

(Plastic Man #28 (Quality)) - Plas and Woozy busted up the crime enterprise of Hoko, who stumbled upon a chemical that made glass disappear, and had his gang pose as window washers to rob stores in daring daytime robberies.

(Plastic Man #28 (Quality)) - Smuggler Dutyfree Schultz evaded Plas due to his hi-tech gadgets, and when there were spottings of the legendary Monster of Llendwymorra in the Atlantic Plas guessed that Schults was involved. Woozy made a bet with a man from Llendwymorra that he could disprove the creature’s existence, and stumbled up the alleged creature, actually a submarine built by Schultz. Plas rescued Woozy from Schultz and brought the smuggler to justice.

(Plastic Man #28 (Quality)) - Innundo was draining the city reservoir, and demanded one million dollars or he’d make sure the reservoir was boner dry. Plas and Woozy investigated and found a pipeline pumping reservoir water straight into the ocean. Plas found Innundo’s hq and brought him to justice.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #33) - Plas and Woozy encountered a gang robbing warehouses on the waterfront, using movie projected criminals on a different warehouse to distract any potential witnesses. Plas followed them back to their hideout and met Professor Valence, their leader, who wanted to become the Overlord of Crime, and intended to do away with Plas. He tried to melt Plas in a chemical solution, and when that failed froze him stiff. Woozy warmed up Plas with his body heat before Valence could shatter Plas with a hammer. Valence was about to use a lightning generator on the heroes when Plas knocked him out and sent him to jail.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #33) - The Chief sent Plas and Woozy to Midville, where regional crime syndicate bosses were having a meeting. No one knew the identity of the east and west leaders, so their assignment was to take pictures of them. Unfortunately Woozy used up the whole role on a pretty switchboard operator that he convinced to pose for him. Plas tried to take pictures of Baxter and Wheel, the bosses, but they spotted him and pursued Plas. When Woozy told Plas of his error he knew he’d actually have to bring the bosses in to the police. Plas disguised himself as a camera, and when the bosses tried to destroy it Plas caught them.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #33) - The Chief sent Plas and Woozy to Lavish Park to guard young heir Phil T. Rich II, whom kidnappers had made attempts on. The Terrible Two and a Half Gang snatched Phil, switching him with Stretch, the midget of the gang. Plas was wise to them, followed them to their hideout and rescued Phil.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #34) - When smugglers continued to evade the coast guard they asked for volunteers to patrol the shore, and Plas and Woozy gave credentials to private yacht owner Van Victor and his secretary Dotty. Woozy ripped his pants, and out of modesty ran into a building on Victor’s estate, but Victor dragged him out, telling him it was unsafe. Woozy told Plas he saw cargo in the building, and Plas was suspicious enough to scout the Victor place at night. Plas allowed Victor to capture him, and learned that he ran the smuggling ring. The smugglers arrived in a submarine, and they prepared to throw the heroes overboard when Plas made himself into a steering wheel and brought the sub to the coast guard.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #34) - Plas and Woozy went on vacation to a north woods lumber camp run by Mr. Armstrong. Plas found the latest mauling victim of the Wolf Men, and Armstrong told Plas that most of his workers were planning to quit in fear of being attacked. Plas discovered that the camp’s foreman Waldo and his underlings were dressing as wolves, and making attacks with trained wolves to wrest control of the camp from Armstrong. The heroes exposed Waldo and defeated him.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #34) - Chief Brandon sent Plas and Woozy to investigate the steep drop in military enlistment in Rinald County. Plas talked to the recruitment officers, while Woozy got invited to a party by a pretty girl. Subversive Ivanov threw his decadent parties full of beautiful women to convince men they’d be losing out on all the fun of they went into the army. He recognized Woozy, and guessing Plas had found him out he kidnapped Woozy and sent a ransom note demanding that Plas leave town. Plas disguised himself as a potential army recruit to get one of Ivanov’s girls attention, and armed with Ivanov’s address he busted up the subversive ring and freed Woozy.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #35) - Plas and Woozy investigated a UFO in Corn Flats after objects started disappearing from the area. The aliens were the Invisible Invaders, who tried to kidnap Woozy and others because they needed to study humanity before invading Earth. Plas boarded their ship and forced them to flee back to Saturn.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #37) - The Chief sent Plas and Woozy two find two missing atomic scientists, and while on the road the heroes stopped to have a picnic and were assaulted by giant ants. They fled and met the atomic scientists who’d created them to conquer civilization. They told Plas they didn’t count on the ants gaining human intelligence and rebelling. Plas made himself up as a giant anteater, causing the ants to run over a cliff in terror, falling to their death. The scientists decided to make Plas and Woozy their new test subjects, but Plas scared them by shaping himself like a giant ant, and they were terrified enough to be captured.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #37) - Plas and Woozy went to Mexico to investigate a ring smuggling illegal immigrants to America. They posed as Mexicans, made contact with the ring, and arranged to be brought over the border so they could see how the operation worked. Woozy blabbed that they were F.B.I. agents to impress a girl, but she was part of the ring and informed her boss. The ring put Plas and Woozy on a plane and threw them out, but Plas made himself into a parachute. He posed as Woozy’s ghost and got the girl and the boss of the ring to confess.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #37) - During a drive in the country Woozy stopped to pick flowers and fell down a hole. Plas followed him down, and it led to a deep subterranean city inhabited by Inner Earthmen. They planned an invasion of the surface world, and had a bomb ten times more powerful than the atom bomb as their secret weapon. They wanted to use Plas and Woozy as test subjects for their weapons, but the heroes escaped. Plas stole the Inner Earthmen's bomb, and used it to destroy their civilization.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #45) - Plas captured the brutish thief Ogre, but Ogre was freed from custody by Marloff, who performed scientific experiments on Ogre and made him superhuman. Plas fought the duo, but found he was no match for Ogre physically. He surprised Marloff and Ogre by hiding in an armored car they tried to rob, and then tied Ogre to an electric generator, reversing Marloff’s process and leaving Ogre powerless.

(Plastic Man (Quality) #45) - Plas learned of a Tong plot to kill Lotus Lantern, who witnessed one of their hits. She refused his protection, seeing no reason for it, but he followed her and saved her from several Tong hatchet men. Plas realized she was waiting for new contact lenses, and was never aware that she witnessed a hit or that the Tong was after her.

(DC Comics Presents #39) - Plastic Man and Woozy were excited when Superman came to town, but he didn’t have much time for them, as he was keeping an eye on reformed villain Toyman, who was showing his wares at the Acme City toy expo. Acme City villains Dollface and Fliptop stole Toyman’s toy Waldo, the Wind-Up Woofer, which coincidentally barked at a frequency that unlocked a nearby vault. Toyman went over the edge, and teamed up with the villains to rob the vault, but Superman teamed up with Plastic Man to defeat them.

(Swamp Thing II #46) - Plas was among the number of heroes teleported to the Monitor’s satellite by Alexander Luthor, Jr., who explained his plan to make sure reality survived the Crisis.

(Superman II #110) - Plas and Woozy were behind on rent for their New York detective agency, so they eagerly accepted a job from Treasure Hunt, who claimed her brother Tiger Hunt was going to use an atomic atomizer to kill Superman, and asked Plas to stop him with a nullifier she gave him. Plas and Woozy went to Metropolis and met up with Superman, who also had a nullifier, given to him by Tiger Hunt, who told Superman Treasure Hunt was going to kill him with an sonic atomizer. The nullifiers were actually robots that fought Plas and Superman and stole Superman's cape. The Hunts were bored and rich, and engaged in competitions to win valuable objects. To teach them a lesson, Superman caught up with Treasure's robot and took back his cape. He had Plas disguise himself as the cape, and Treasure proudly hung him up in her trophy room. When she was gone Plas snuck off.

(JLA #5) - Plas showed up for the JLA membership drive at the JLA Watchtower.

(JLA #11, 15) - Batman, as Matches Malone, recruited Plas, in his underworld Eel O’Brien disguise, for the JLA. He infiltrated the satellite hq of the Injustice Gang disguised as Joker, and helped the JLA defeat the villains, while taking time to aggressively flirt with Circe.

(JLA #16, 17) - Plas was invited to join the JLA as part of their new lineup. The JLA invited the press to the Watchtower to introduce the new team to the public, and had a “join the JLA for a day” contest that a man named Retro won. Retro was killed on his way to the Watchtower and replaced by Prometheus. Prometheus set fire to the hydroponic systems that provided the Watchtower with air, and defeated Martian Manhunter, Steel, Huntress and Batman as Hippolyta tried to evacuate the press. Prometheus threatened to kill the press unless Superman committed suicide, but Catwoman, who’d been disguised as reporter Cat Grant, defeated him and he was forced to flee. Prometheus had methods of defeating every hero on Earth, but didn’t keep files on villains, so the newly reformed Catwoman was capable of besting him.

(JLA #18, 19) - Julian September unhinged the universe’s laws of probability with his engine of chance, briefly warping history so that everything worked in his favor. He became President and Plas and the JLA saved him from seven supervillains that tried to kidnap him. Batman destroyed the engine, leading to Julian’s disappearance, and several JLA members blinked out of existence. The universe fought against the probability cancer Julian unleashed, with disastrous results associated with the number seven. Atom, the seventh hero to join the Justice League met with the JLA by coincidence, and Oracle unlocked September’s research notes. He split seven photons to create the Engine of Chance, so Atom shrunk the team to subatomic height and repaired the photons, undoing all the Engine’s effects.

(JLA #21) - Plas and Zauriel couldn’t find their JLA teammates in the Watchtower. The JLA appeared, telling Plas and Zauriel they’d been on Rann, and saved the planet from the En’Taran Slavemasters.

(Flash II #140) - Plas and the JLA attended Linda Park's funeral.

(Green Lantern III #103) - Plas and the JLA were introduced to time-traveling Green Lantern Hal Jordan by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. Hal was welcomed as a new inductee into the JLA.

(DC One Million #1-4, JLA #1,000,000) - Justice Legion A invited Plas and the JLA to travel with them to the year 85,271 to compete in Olympic-style games and celebrate the return of Superman Prime to Earth. Plas volunteered to stay behind and monitor the event but when Hourman sent the JLA to their time, he was unable to retrieve them, because he’d been implanted with a virus by Vandal Savage and Solaris.  The virus spread across Earth, infecting machines and humans alike, turning them hostile. Zauriel asked Steel to create a time machine to retrieve the JLA. The Hourman Virus, which Starman helped bring to the past because he’d sided with Solaris, was actually a computer program looking for a system, Solaris itself. Using Epoch’s notes Steel, Big Barda and the remaining members of the JLA constructed a time engine to find their timelost teammates. Justice Legion A arrived at the Watchtower, and the JLA battled the Legion, assuming they were under control of the Hourman virus, but the Legion explained they needed the time engine to power the Solaris computer they’d constructed, and the teams joined up to complete Solaris’ construction. The virus left Earth to create Solaris’ A.I. Starman regretted his betrayal of the Justice Legion when he met Ted Knight, the original Starman. To redeem himself he stopped the newly constructed Solaris from destroying Earth by opening up a black hole in its computer brain. The Justice Legion were able to return to their own time when Superman 1,000,000 punched through the time barrier. In their time they helped the JLA put an end to Solaris before sending the JLA home.

(JLA #24-26) - Plas and the JLA got a report of a alien invasion in Phoenix, Arizona, but when the team showed up in Arizona the invasion turned out to be a ruse. They were confronted by the Ultramarine Corps, who were under orders from General Wade Eiling to execute the JLA. The fight went badly for the JLA until Superman convinced the Ultramarines that Eiling had gone insane, and his orders no longer carried presidential approval. The JLA and Ultramarines fought Eiling, who had transferred his consciousness into the indestructible body of the Shaggy Man. Although they couldn’t defeat him, they transported the General millions of miles into uninhabited deep space.

(JLA #27) - Professor Ivo placed an upgraded Amazo in the Florida Everglades to free him from Belle Reve prison. Amazo instantly duplicated the powers of any active JLA member and defeated Plas and the JLA, and when they called in the reserves, his power only increased as he duplicated the abilities of the reserves. Superman temporarily disbanded the JLA, causing Amazo to lose his powers and shut down.

(JLA #28-31) - The 5th Dimensional invasion began, with genie Lxz causing havoc around the world. Plas and the JLA teamed up with the Justice Society of America, and tried to find J.J. Thunder, who was in possession of the 5-D genie Thunderbolt. Lkz tried to stop them by animating the buildings of Keystone City and killing citizens. The heroes fought him off the best they could, with Plas being taken out of the fight when Lkz turned him to stone. It came down to J.J., who, after some prodding, summoned the Thunderbolt, who began a titanic battle with Lkz. Qwsp revealed himself as the instigator of the battle between Lkz and Thunderbolt, a battle that threatened to throw the 5th Dimension into chaos and destroy Earth. Representatives of the 5th Dimension arrested Qwsp, because only mischief was allowed in the 3rd Dimension, and he’d gone way past that. Captain Marvel and Green Lantern convinced Thunderbolt and Lkz to merge into one being, ending their war. Flash and Jay Garrick  sped up Plas’ molecules, turning him back to normal.

(Martian Manhunter II #7-9) - Plas and the JLA asked Manhunter to surrender to them because they suspected him committing crimes against humanity. In truth Malefic that was responsible, and he’d framed Manhunter by shapeshifting and impersonating him. The JLA questioned Manhunter at the JLA Watchtower, and Malefic turned himself invisible and attacked the JLA. They assumed Manhunter was responsible, leading to a huge fight. Manhunter tried to extricate himself by flying off in a JLA shuttle, but Malefic had anticipated this, and rigged it to go up in flames. Malefic then started hunting down the individual members of the JLA. Manhunter revealed that he’d survived and challenged his brother to a one-on-one confrontation on Z’Onn Z’Orr. Manhunter piloted Z’Orr into the sun and left Malefic behind to burn alive. The JLA apologized to Manhunter for ever having doubted him.

(Resurrection Man #21) - Superman invited Resurrection Man to the JLA Watchtower and introduced him to Plas and the rest of the JLA.

(Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #2) - Plas was enjoying a drink at Warriors when the demonic Kraggadoom escaped from a puzzle box in Guy Gardner’s souvenir case. Plas quickly got his check and left.

(Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #2) - While on monitor duty for the JLA Plas and Green Lantern IV tried to out-do each other with demonstrations of their powers. Martian Manhunter got in on the fun by shapeshifting into a number of alien lifeforms for them to combat.

(JLA #32) - Plastic Man and the JLA discovered that Locus was conducting disturbing gentic experiments in No Man's Land Gotham City. The JLA waged war against Locus to force them out of Gotham.

(Martian Manhunter II #12) - JLA Watchtower; Martian Manhunter put Plas on monitor duty while he dealt with the Justice League of the amend. Pas complained but did as he was told.

(Hourman #5-7) - Amazo turned Plas and the JLA into androids. When Hourman III temporarily lost his mind and destroyed Tyler manor the JLA apprehended him, but their newly computerized sense of justice determined that his punishment should be immediate dismantling. Amazo arrived to save Hourman for himself, and defeated the JLA. Amazo later locked the JLA in cylinders that pumped contradictory information into their computer brains to slowly destroy them. They were rescued and turned back into human form by Hourman.

(Day of Judgment #3 (BTS)) - Asmodel unleashed Hell on Earth and Plastic Man was charged by the JLA with closing a gateway to Hell outside Belle Reve. Fortunately Plas knew some of the Belle inmates from his days as a crook and recruited them to help him.

(JLA #33) - One of the White Martians brainwashed to think it was a human acted as a secretary in WayneTech until he went down in a plane crash in the Andes. This fractured his mental blocks, and unsure of his identity he adopted Bruce Wayne’s and went on vacation in France. Batman sent Plas and the JLA to apprehend him, fearing his mental blocks would break down again. The JLAers assigned to “Wayne” provoked him, and he reverted to his White Martian form, but they defeated him before he could telepathically free his fellow Martians.

(JLA #34) - Mageddon approached Earth, and sent a remote sender to Belle Reve prison, driving the prisoners berserk with rage. Most of the JLA was occupied, but Zauriel, Plas, Green Lantern and Aquaman quelled the riot while Orion dispatched the remote sender.

(JLA #35) - Anguished by his new life, the Spectre grew to gigantic proportions and started screaming, attracting the attention of Plastic Man and the JLA. Initially the JLA did not recognize Spectre as their old friend Hal Jordan, because it was part of the plan of the Presence that no one should recall the Spectre’s old identity. Thanks to the angel Zauriel the JLA could, for the time, see Spectre as Hal. Confused by his new role as the spirit of vengeance, the Spectre showed the JLA the sins of their past as well as the dark parts of their psyche, citing these as reasons they could soon be targets for his mission of vengeance. In an effort to help Spectre, Martian Manhunter took him inside Joker’s mind and showed a very small part of the killer’s mind that showed the light of the Presence, and therefore the possibility of redemption. Spectre considered turning away from vengeance and becoming the spirit of redemption.

(JLA #36-40) - Mr. Miracle called an emergency meeting of Plas and the JLA and informed them of Mageddon’s arrival and explained its origins. It was a doomsday weapon of the Old Gods, and it would cause a massive outbreak of wars on Earth, the hatred it spread would keep going until everyone on the planet was dead. As the JLA formed a battle plan, the Watchtower was attacked by Lex Lkuthor and his New Injustice Gang, who set off a number of explosions that damaged the Watchtower. Luthor was under the influence of one of Mageddon’s remote senders, and tried to keep the JLA from interfering with the wars Mageddon caused on Earth. The fight went badly for the JLA, and an army of Queen Bee’s drones attacked the Watchtower. The Queen set up a hive in NYC and Plads, Wonder Woman, Huntress and Big Barda infiltrated it. Plas said he had invaluable knowledge of bees because he used to have drinks with the WWII era hero Red Bee. They defeated her, and the rest of the JLA defeated the Gang but the threat of Mageddon continued as war escalated across Earth.

(Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1) - Plas and the JLA were among the superheroes that attended Young Justice’s Justice for All rally in Washington. It was interrupted by Klarion, who magically de-aged Plas and most of the heroes into children. Doiby Dickles pulled out an extraterrestrial aging gun to return the heroes to their proper age, but another of Klarion’s spells intercepted his shot. The result was that the younger heroes present were aged to adulthood, but the other heroes remained children.

(Sins of Youth: JLA, Jr. #1, Sins of Youth Secret Files #1) - The de-aged Plastic Boy and JLA fended off an attack by the Point Men, and returned to the Watchtower with Anarky's help. At Captain Marvel's suggestion they visited the wizard Shazam, but he couldn't undo Klarion's spell. They traveled to Young Justice's Justice Cave, where the JLA and JSA's childish tempers erupted in a battle that lasted hours. After everyone was too tired to fight, the heroes made up and decided to split up to find a way to reverse Klarion's magic.

(Young Justice: Sins of Youth #2) - Doiby tried using his new raygun on Plas and the other heroes affected by Klarion’s spell but it had no effect. Since the heroes’ ages were skewed by a combination of magic and science, they would need Klarion’s cooperation to undo the transformation. The heroes attacked Agenda’s headquarters in Alaska, where Superboy, Superman, Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman were being held hostage. The hq was defended by the Junior Injustice Society, but the heroes prevailed, forced the Agenda to flee, and freed the prisoners. They then forced Klarion to team with Doiby and return everyone to their proper age.

(Green Lantern: Circle of Fire #1, Green Lantern / Power Girl #1, Green Lantern: Circle of Fire #2) - Adam Strange informed Plastic Man and the JLA that a villain named Oblivion had devastated Rann and was headed towards to Earth. The JLA went to intercept Oblivion before he reached their planet, but they were defeated and put in suspended animation inside a giant yellow crystal. Green Lantern defeated Oblivion, and as a result the JLA were freed from the crystal. Green Lantern admitted to the JLA that he had accidentally unleashed Oblivion; the villain was actually an aspect of his subconscious, and resigned from the League. The JLA refused his resignation, telling him they were proud he confronted his inner demon and triumphed.

(Justice Leagues: JL? #1, Justice Leagues: Justice League of Amazons #1) – The Advance Man crashed a number of planes using his cell phone, and Plastic Man and the JLA rushed to the rescue. The Advance Man then made the world forgot that the JLA ever existed, but the individual members still had a vague memory of the team and formed their own Justice Leagues. Plastic Man formed the Justice League of Anarchy. The League of Anarchy went on a mission to track down a radioactive wetsuit and a bucket of soapy frogs.

(Justice Leagues: JLA #1) - With the help of Hector Hammond, Batman made the world remember the Justice League of America. Plastic Man joined the reformed JLA, and together they forced Plura and Advance Man away from Earth.

(JLA #43-46) - Ra’s al Ghul stole Batman’s secret files, files he had hidden from even his own JLA teammates, which detailed ways to neutralize every member of the JLA if they ever went rogue, and began using those plans against the team. Ra’s agents froze Plastic Man, and then shattered him to pieces with a hammer. Flash was able to put him back together at superspeed, and after more attacks by Ra’s servants the JLA regrouped at the Watchtower. Plastic Man saved Wonder Woman’s life, digging his pliable fingers into her ear and removing a piece of nanotech created by Ra’s that had lodged in her brain and was killing her. The JLA had to return to Earth, because Ra’s had activated the Tower of Babel, a device that scrambled the language center of every human mind on the planet, and the result was worldwide chaos. The JLA located Ra’s stronghold thanks to Batman, and Superman destroyed the Tower, but Ra’s had already accomplished one of his goals. While the Tower was in use Turkey and its neighbor Rhapastan went to war, and Ra’s agents in Rhapastan were ready to unleash biochemical weapons on Turkey. Plas and the JLA stopped Ra’s agents and confiscated the biochemical weaponry. Back at the Watchtower Superman called a meeting to decide if the JLA should expel Batman for keeping secrets and making plans that Ra’s was able to exploit to nearly destroy the JLA. Plas acknowledged that he owed Batman for bringing him aboard the JLA, but the mere remembrance of his body being shattered by Ra’s thugs was enough for him to vote for expulsion. After the votes were tallied Batman was expelled.

(JLA #47-49) - The Queen of Fables transformed Manhattan into a medieval forest and kidnapped Wonder Woman, so Plastic Man and the JLA entered the forest and rescued their teammate. Batman arrived in the forest and gave the JLA the enchanted tome from which the Queen escaped, and which could trap her once again. The JLA didn't want to subject the other citizens of the enchanted book to the Queen, so they made her realize that outside of her enchanted world she would age and die, then when she tried to renter the enchanted book Flash III switched it at superspeed, leaving her trapped in United States Tax Code Manuel. With the Queen trapped Manhattan returned to normal.

(JLA #50) - While battling Dr. Destiny’s dream-self, Plastic Man and other members of the JLA who voted Batman off the team argued with their teammates who voted for Batman to stay. The JLA defeated Destiny, but Superman realized that the team was in discord ever since Batman left; they no longer trusted each other. To solve this Batman was readmitted, but only after sharing his secret identity with the rest of the team. As another show of faith Plastic Man and the other JLAers all bared their civilian identities to each other.

(Green Lantern III #134-136) - Green Lantern Kyle Rayner assembled Plas and the JLA to confront Nero. He warned them that it might be impossible to stop someone as powerful and insane as Nero without killing him. Nero unleashed a demonic army across NYC, and the JLA dealt with them all. Nero then attacked Times Square, but was defeated by Kyle Rayner.

(JLA #51-54) - The Cathexis unleashed the sentient energy Id on Earth, which transformed wishes into reality, causing havoc all over Earth. When Superman wished he could separate his superhero and private lives the Id split him, Plastic Man and the other members of the JLA in two. Plas and “Eeel” O’Brien were now two separate people. The JLAers found the situation disastrous, as a civilian "Eel" O'Brien felt a strong urge to return to his criminal ways, and Plas needed a civilian side as an anchor. The JLA realized they had to figure a way to reunite their civilian and superhero selves. The JLA captured the Id, recombined their identities and sent the Cathexis packing back to the sixth dimension.

(JLA #55-58) - When the JLA fought Id Martian Manhunter had a fleeting wish about not wanting to be lonely, so Id woke up Earth’s White Martians. They created a power base and kept the JLA busy with a number of distractions, including activating a nuclear power station in Murmansk while Plas and the JLA were there handing out food. Green Lantern contained the explosion, and Batman found the Martian’s lair in Phoenix, Arizona. The Martians captured both Batman and Martian Manhunter. The Martians set up Ion Stations that introduced viral subatomic particles into the atmosphere that attached to oxygen atoms and set them at slow combustion so there’d be no fire on Earth, eliminating the Martians one weakness. Superman located one of the stations, but was attacked by the Martians. Martian Manhunter escaped the Martians and destroyed the Ion Stations, but it would take time for the atmosphere to heal. The JLA took a stand at Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, using the armaments Superman had stored there. They were defeated, and tricked the Martians into exiling the JLA to the Phantom Zone using Superman’s projector. Here they came up with a plan to defeat the Martians without being scrutinized by their telepathy. Atom was hidden at microscopic size in the Fortress, and freed the JLA. The JLA lured the White Martians to the Moon, and a number of heroes with sorcerous abilities created an oxygenated atmosphere on the Moon so that the JLA could create fire there to use against the Martians. Martian Manhunter sent the defeated Martians into the Phantom Zone. Manhunter was badly injured in the exchange, and Batman reminded him that he was never alone, despite being the last Green Martian, because the JLA was always there for him.

(Action Comics #780) - Plas and the JLA went to Metropolis when Darkseid and his forces gathered in Apokolips. President Luthor assured them Darkseid was an ally in the coming war against Imperiex, and told the JLA they'd have their part to play in the war.

(JLA: Our Worlds at War #1) - Plas and the JLA fought a group of Imperiex Probes in space, and although victorious the explosions caused by the defeated Probes severely injured the team. While they were recovering in the Alien Alliance's space ark Imperiex seized the opportunity to send more Probes to Earth to hollow out the planet and absorb its energy.

(JLA #59) - The JLA rounded up a number of villains that had been Jokerized and gave them the antidote to the Joker Venom. They fought the Jokerized Dr. Polaris, who had absorbed the electromagnetic energy of the South Pole, threatening worldwide catastrophe. He held them back, until they had Plastic Man, who was not vulnerable to Polaris’ power, confront him. Plas was nearly frozen solid by the cold of the Antarctic, but Superman warmed him with his heat vision and he defeated Polaris, and the JLA gave him the antidote to the Joker Venom.

(JLA #60) - Plas spent Christmas with Woozy Winks and his sister Wanda and nephew Wheezy. Plas told Weezy a Christmas story in which the JLA saved Santa Claus from Neron, who wanted to replace Santa, giving out presents in exchange for boys and girls being naughty.

(JLA #61) - Working out of O’Brien security in Chicago, Plas was called away to join the JLA in fighting an army of creatures from Pandora’s box. Abra Kadabra, who was under the influence of a Burrower alien with mysterious motivations, had awakened all these creatures. Kadabra was defeated, the JLA took the Burrower to the Watchtower to examine it, and the mythic monsters went back to where they came from.

(JLA #62-64) - Eudia and Venelia of the Wonder Woman Foundation helped Ailani flee Jarhanpur and brought her to the JLA Watchtower. Ailani told them her son was being held in Jarhanpur, and Plas and the JLA went there to investigate. They met the country’s leader Rama Khan, who treated them as guests. He explained that Ailani’s son had been chosen to become the new Rama Khan, who connected the people to the land and harnessed the power of the land. If there was no Khan the land would perish and he refused to give up custody of the child. Wonder Woman persisted in Ailani’s right to have custody of her child and forced a fight. Plas complained bitterly because he was loving his treatment as guest, enjoying wine and belly-dancers. Khan harnessed the power of Jarhanpur’s land, and Wonder Woman used her lasso on him, finding that he’d told the JLA the complete truth. Wonder Woman doubted the truth, and her lasso broke. The JLA was sent away, but with the Goddess of Truth’s lasso broken truth became subjective, altering the world. Anything that some people held to be true became true, Earth became the center of the universe, and became flat. The JLA quelled riotes when the South rose again and when Vishnu manifested they kept him asleep so the world would not end. Wonder Woman journeyed to the Land of the Shades to meet the Fates and ask them to repair her lasso. They told her it was her fault it broke, and without truth, fate began to deteriorate. Wonder Woman asked forgiveness of Jarhanpur, the land granted it, and truth was restored. Rama Khan refused to accept this and attacked Wonder Woman and trhe JLA, but the misuse of hispowers caused Jarhanpur to crumble. The JLA reunited Ailani with her son.

(JSA #33, 37) - The Ultra-Humanite used Johnny Thunder’s Thunderbolt to conquer the world, and imprisoned Plas and virtually every other superhuman on Earth in stasis tubes. Plas and the other heroes were freed when the JSA defeated Ultra-Humanite.

(Green Lantern III #149) - Plas attended a JLA meeting to detail the restructuring of the JLA watchtower when the JLA were alerted to a fleet of Crystal Invaders of Karalyx preparing to invade Earth. The JLA scrambled to take out the Crystal Invaders, but Ion told them not to worry, as he'd already sent them back to their homeworld. Ion noticed he was getting some odd looks from his teammates now that he was omnipotent.

(JLA #65) - Plas needed help from Batman because his son Luke was running with a gang. Ten years ago Plas and his girlfriend Angel McDunnah had a child, and Plas ran off, not ready to accept the responsibility. His son was manifesting powers greater than Plas’ and headed for trouble, so Batman terrorized the gang he ran with and frightened Luke into going straight. Batman wanted Plas to meet his son for the first time in his life, but Plas chickened out. Batman told him he would have made a good father if he tried, and left the future of his relationship with Luke up to him.

(JLA #66-68) - Plas and the JLA investigated a rain of deep-sea life that fell over Daytona Florida, when they discovered Tezumak, one of the Ancients who’d traveled from 1,000 B.C. to kill the JLA because the Ancients believed the heroes to be destroyers. His teammate Manitou Raven joined the fight, temporarily taking the JLA out of commission. Green Lantern freed his teammates as Manitou prepared to sacrifice Wonder Woman. With the tide turning against them Manitou and Tezumak returned to Atlantis in the past, revealing a ruined Atlantis above water where the Atlantic Trench was. When Atlantis was threatened during the Imperiex War Tempest sent it into the past, and the JLA was determined to bring it back to the present to replace the ruins before them. Tempest cast another spell, sending the JLA into the past.

(JLA #70, 72, 74) - Plas and the JLA found an Atlantis that Gamemnae of the Ancients had rose from the sea floor, and kept themselves hidden among the population because Rama Khan, leader of the Ancients, still wanted them dead. The JLA discovered a mystic pool where Aquaman, who’d been transformed into water, was being held prisoner. He told them his people were underwater, kept as slaves for the glory of the Atlantis above water. The JLA learned that Gamemnae was responsible for Aquaman’s condition, the enslavement of Aquaman’s Atlanteans, and the Ancient’s false belief that the JLA were evil. The JLA confronted the Ancients, but were slain in battle with them, except for Plas, whose body was shattered and tossed into the sea. Manitou Raven realized that Gamemnae was evil, not the JLA, and cast a spell to preserve them, and they were eventually returnedto the modern day and victorious against Gamemnae.

(JLA #76) - Plas spent thousands of years on the ocean floor as scattered pieces. He couldn’t reform his body and went mad. In the modern day the JLA recovered the scattered atoms of Plas from across the Atlantic and pieced him back together, and Martian Manhunter helped heal his mind. He explained the trauma of not being whole for over 3,000 years, and quit the JLA to spend more time with his son.

(JLA / JSA: Virtue and Vice) - Plas attended the first annual JLA and JSA Thanksgiving celebration when the teams were called to Arusha, Tanzania to stop Doctor Bedlam from disrupting the Pan-African Conference on World Hunger. The JLA and JSA defeated Bedlam, but the attack was a ruse on the part of Johnny Sorrow to give him the opportunity to have Despero possess President Luthor, who was at the conference, and to have the Seven Deadly Sins possess members of the JLA and JSA. Plas was possessed by Greed, and when the Seven Deadly Sins took complete control over the heroes they possessed they destroyed JSA headquarters and incapacitated the unpossessed JLA and JSA members. Under Greed’s control Plas robbed Fawcett City blind, and allowed Greed to spread his influence on the citizens of Fawcett. The other Sins also spread their influence across the globe. The JLA and JSA freed Plas and the other possessed heroes from the Sins’ influence, and returned the Sins to captivity in the Rock of Eternity. Plas and the others defeated Johnny Sorrow and freed Luthor from Despero.

(JLA #87, 88) - Plas underwent hypnotherapy to forget about his powers and years as a hero, and as civilian Ralph Johns he was a father to his son Luke and a companion to Luke’s mother Angel. When Martian Manhunter was consumed by the Burning and launched a nuclear strike against America Batman contacted Plas, because he was the only person powerful enough to defeat the Burning. Plas refused to accept responsibility, but Luke convinced him that it was time for him to once again be a hero, not a father, and promised to write his biography if he died in battle. Plas fought Burning to a deadlock because his mind was non-organic and not vulnerable to telepathy. Thanks to Manitou Raven, Martian Manhunter separated himself from the Burning, and Scorch sacrificed herself to sap the Burning’s flame. Manhunter confronted the Burning and destroyed him with his Martian-vision.

(JLA #91-93) - Plas alerted the JLA when a meteor storm ripped holes in the JLA Watchtower. Plas plugged the holes with his body as a stopgap until the JLA arrived to make repairs. The storm was caused by a rip in spacetime when an alien ship arrived near the moon. The JLA investigated and met the alien Pe-Paey, who told them he monitored Earth’s progress from time to time and needed to locate specimens of the silver-masked monkey. The JLA traveled with Pe-Paey to South America, but found a construction crew demolishing the monkey’s last habitat for grazing land. Superman spotted a silver-mask and tried to save it, but the crew’s explosives were already set and the blast killed the monkey, probably the last of its species. Pe-Paey was upset; his people’s Book of Lol predicted the silver-masks would become Earth’s dominant species. He asked to see all of Earth, and the JLA obliged, taking him to monuments, museums, an in the interest of full disclosure, and at Superman’s request, strife ridden countries like Santa Prisca and Minglia. The JLA foiled insurgents and terrorists in Minglia, and asked Pe-Paey what he thought. Pe-Paey assured them the silver-masks should have been the dominant species, and that humanity was choosing to become extinct, so he would help. He used his ship to bring meteors crashing toward Earth, but the JLA stopped any damage and told him their race was confused, not suicidal. Disheartened by the inaccuracies in the Book of Lol, the only thing he believed in, Pe-Paey returned to his ship and blew it up, killing himself.

(Plastic Man III #1) - The FBI called on Plas to investigate a homicide at City Hall. They found a wallet at the crime scene belonging to Eel O’Brien.

(Green Arrow III #33) - Aboard the JLA Watchtower Plas was feeding a Starro spore when he decided it was cute and would make a good pet. It latched onto him, and he pried it off but it possessed Superman. It took enough time to boast of its abilities for Green Arrow to kill it with an arrow.

(Plastic Man III #2) - He was teamed with Agent Morgan to capture Eel, but the duo were sidetracked by Plas’ old enemy the Red Herring, who lured them into a Victorian house rigged with a deathtrap. Plas captured Herring, but soon found himself in trouble when Morgan and the Chief pieced together that Plastic Man and Eel O’Brien were one and the same.

(Plastic Man III #3) - Agent Morgan and the Chief stuffed Plas in a bodybag. They handed him off to two policemen with orders to bring Plas to the meat-packing district and freeze him. On the ride there one of the officers got worried that Plas couldn’t breathe and opened the bodybag, giving Plas the opportunity to escape.

(Plastic Man III #4-6) -Woozy was kidnapped by Agent Morgan and killed. Plas attended his funeral, and returned to Rest Haven to become a monk. Morgan tracked him there, and revealed that she was Nancy, his ex-fiancé. She framed Eel for murder to get back at him for abandoning her. Plastic Man showed her that he still kept her old picture in his wallet, and all was forgiven. Also Woozy was resurrected by the Ephemeral Monk.

(Plastic Man III #7) - Plas helped Woozy find a date for the night, and treated the happy couple to a sea-cruise by transforming himself into a boat.

(JLA #100) - Manitou Raven sensed a disturbance in the Earth, and there were several volcanic eruptions, the hole in the ozone layer opened further, and other geothermal events signaled an extinction level event. Gaea, speaking through the earth-powered Major Disaster damned humanity for their abuse of her and their failure to get along. Sister Superior of the Elite v.2 had also realized that Gaea was ready to destroy humanity, and proposed a plan to Plas and the JLA, and although they doubted her trustworthiness they agreed. The Elite stormed Washington, demanded all governments dissolve and declared themselves rulers of Earth because humanity had proved themselves unfit to rule. After UN meetings and a staged defeat of the JLA by the Elite, every nation on Earth put aside their differences to tackle the Elite. Gaea once again believed in humanity, seeing them unite against a common enemy, and held back her wrath. The Elite allowed themselves to be defeated, and the cover story was that the JLA had them imprisoned on the moon. Sister Superior discussed forming a Justice League Elite, a black op force to make preemptive strikes. Batman had long considered the possibility, but didn’t trust Superior, and neither did Superman, who was an archenemy of her brother Manchester. Flash spoke out, saying she deserved a chance to be heard out.

(Enginehead #6) - Bones and the DEO were tracking new unpredictable metahuman Enginehead, who continually slipped away from them. Enginehead, trying to fix the flaw in humanity, had taken a woman whose car accident he'd caused and rebuilt her as a cyborg. Bones sent the Metal Men and JLA to battle Enginehead. Enginehead needed a final spark to create what he saw would be a new world that was without the flaws of the old, and after showing Tin his vision of the universe, agreed to give him his spark. Tin felt overjoyed and brave, telling his teammates he'd just saved the world. Enginehead ended up sacrificing part of himself to build Irontown, a new kind of engine and home for the disaffected of the world. The woman he transformed became one of the first residents.

(Plastic Man III #10) - During a vacation getaway Plas and Morgan encountered a vampire and destroyed him. The vampire’s stepdaughter Edwina, Mistress of the Undead lamented the fact that she was now an orphan, so they took her into their home.

(Plastic Man III #11) - Plas, Morgan and Woozy were sent to Washington to help President Luthor, whose mind had been put into a cat when his assistant’s brain-swapping ray misfired. Woozy made matters worse when he ran into the ray; Plas’ mind ended up in a fly, and Woozy’s mind ended up in Plas. The situation was sorted out, and everything went back to normal.

(Plastic Man III #12) - Plas captured a serial killer who was trying to obtain the only three known copies of the Book of Ftthpthktksk, a tome that revealed the killer’s crummy family recipes. Plas also sent a young girl named Emily Hennenlotter to jail for illegally downloading songs off the internet.

(JLA #109) - Plas and the JLA fought a water creature in Madagascar, a seismic creature in the Arctic and an energy creature in Illinois, all manifestations of the aftershocks caused by the cosmic shift Krona was responsible for.

(Plastic Man III #14) - Plas’ was bothered by a mouse in his house, but after almost killing it he felt pangs of regret. He revived it, and gave it to Edwina as a pet. Edwina promptly fed it to her pet snake.

(JLA #111-114) - The Crime Syndicate of Amerika, who’d been posing as the JLA, revealed themselves and attacked the heroes. Plas and the JLA were battered and forced to retreat. The essential differences between the anti and positive-matter universes that prevented the Crime Syndicate from ever being victorious on the JLA’s Earth no longer applied after Krona tampered with the universe, meaning Earth was theirs for the taking. The JLA knew there only advantage was that the Syndicate was small because they had a tendency for in-fighting and back-stabbing, so the JLA would raise all their reserve members. Qwardians traveled to the positive-matter universe and blamed Earth for the reality altering wave Krona unleashed. They prepared to attack Earth with the doomsday weapon Erdammeru. The JLA and their reserves split into three teams, one to fight the Qwardians, one to battle the Syndicate, and one to travel to the anti-matter universe to shake up the Syndicate’s Earth. Plas was on the team that went to the anti-matter universe. The JLA on Earth informed the Qwardians that Krona was responsible for Qward’s destruction, and had been defeated by the JLA. The Qwardians returned to the anti-matter universe, but vowed to destroy the Crime Syndicate’s Earth for having dared try to invade their planet. Batman had planned for this to happen, and set his team on the anti-matter Earth into motion. The rest of the JLA entered the anti-matter universe, and forced the Syndicate to ask them for a favor, help in defeating the Qwardians. This was broadcast to the populace of anti-matter Earth, and once the Qwardians were defeated, the people saw that the Syndicate was not invincible and began to rise up against them.

(Blood of the Demon #3) - Zatanna sent a distress call to Plas and other members of the JLA when Batman confronted the Demon, but they were all occupied.

(JLA #120) - Aquaman invited Plas and other JLAers to Happy Harbor, where the League began, to finalize the team's dissolution. Aquaman hoped that the disagreements and lack of trust that led to the dissolution wouldn't last forever, and reminded them what the JLA once stood for. Everyone tossed dust into the wind as an act of cleansing and left.

(Villains United: Infinite Crisis Special #1) - When the Society broke out virtually every incarcerated supervillain around the world Oracle sent Plastic Man and a number of other heroes to quell the breakout at Blackgate, but a number of villains got past the heroes.

(52 / WWIII Part Four: United We Stand #1) <Week 50, Day 7> Black Adam arrived in China, and prepared to destroy the entire country. He defeated China's superhero team the Great Ten before China allowed the American superhero community to square off against him. Offspring told his dad he'd tried to distract him with jokes, but that hadn't worked. Plastic Man told him to be funnier. Black Adam was a god with nothing left to lose, and each punch he threw was intended to kill. His savagery was winning the day until Martian Manhunter reappeared and flooded his brain with his own loss, the death of the entire Martian species. Black Adam was distracted long enough for Captain Marvel to hurl a Shazam bolt at him. Theo Adam was powerless, and left with amnesia. He staggered away unnoticed from the end of WWIII.

(Green Lantern IV #25) - The Sinestro Corps War raged on Earth, and while Plastic Man and an army of superheroes battled the Corps the Anti-Monitor prepared to unleash an anti-matter wave to destroy Earth. With Earth’s destruction, the entire 52 would fall, and he would once again rule all that was. The GLC ruptured the heart of Anti-Monitor’s Warworld, the Sinestro Corps central power battery, and created a shield around Warworld and the Monitor. The ensuing blast nearly destroyed the Anti-Monitor, and he was finished off by Superman-Prime, who betrayed him for having destroyed his home, Earth-Prime. GL Hal Jordan defeated Sinestro in personal combat, and the Sinestro Corps, lacking any leadership, fled Earth. The heroes rejoiced and began rebuilding the damage the Sinestro Corps did.

(Titans II #38) - Plastic Man and the rest of the superhero community attended the funeral of Atom Ryan Choi

Comments: Created by Jack Cole.

In pre-Crisis DC continuity there were versions of Plastic Man on both Earth-1 and Earth-2. The Earth-2 Plastic Man was active in the 1940s' and the Earth-1 Plastic Man started his career in the modern era. The post-Crisis Plastic Man's history incorporates the careers of the Earth-1 and Earth-2 counterparts. It was unclear for a number of years exactly when the post-Crisis Plas began his career. In Plastic Man III #3 Plas expressed confusion about the Chief’s discovery that he was really Eel O’Brien. Plas recalled the 1940s’ era Police Comics story in which the Chief and the FBI found out his secret identity. The Chief replied that he wasn’t born yet in the ‘40s and Plas admits he was probably thinking of some parallel universe. This probably (maybe?) puts to rest the idea that post-Crisis Plas’ began his career in the ‘40s. Later in the same issue there are flashbacks from other Police Comics’ stories, so even if they didn’t occur in the ‘40s some, if not most of the stories are still canon.

In the pre-Crisis DCU Plastic Man was a member of the All-Star Squadron.

Pre-Crisis there was also an Earth-12 Plastic Man whose legacy was continued by his son Plastic Man II.

Plastic Man received profiles in JLA-Z #3, Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #18 and Who's Who in the DC Universe #4. Plastic Man received profiles in JLA-Z #2 under the JLA (“The Magnificent 7” Era) and JLA (Current) entries. He received a profile in Sins of Youth Secret Files #1 under the JLA, Jr. entry.

Plastic Man was originally published by Quality Comics, which DC obtained the rights to in 1956.

Bizarro-Superman wrote and illustrated a comic book titled “Captain Marvel and the Sham Shazam” featuring Plastic Man in Bizarro Comics #1.

Plastic Man had cameos in Aztek: The Ultimate Man #8, Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1, Green Lantern III #146, Justice League of America II #7 and R.E.B.E.L.S. #13.

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