Mommy's Menstruation

              Again I pretend
           to have to take a Shit,

          So I can search the trash
     for leftover liqiuds from her Clit.

         Bloody toilet paper is okay,
           if there is enough red.

       The true treasure is the tampon,
      they captured every drop you bled.

             All I find is a Maxi,
           covered in clots, I chew
           the taste of iron in you.

        The Waste that made the waste,
         is the most addictive taste,
          chemicals from my creator
        stain my soul, mouth, and face.

           Time to check the sheets.

       Alot of blood escapes during sleep.
          Blessed, they hold a puddle!

        So much serenity is in the suck,
               But the surprise, 
           is really in the closet.

          When she calls from inside
                Ready to Fuck
            Just like last month.

             I LOVE YOU, MOM!!!

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