Need Necro From Negro

      All I wanted was the rock.

        Next thing I knew,
    I was chewing a severed cock.

      Next I notice the corpses
       sprawled out on my floor.

     These two black strangers,
      found my Demons for sure.

      And soon they will find,
          SO much more,
      than any living nigger,
      or any breathing whore.

       Bath time begins.

       Slicing and draining,
      the tub fills with blood.

      Naked, I wash my face.

      Now you're returned
     to the fate of your race.

     Again you are a slave,
     A prisioner of my Hate,

     Next I prepare the bed.

    From the sixty-nine position,
     dead lips give me head.

     Bruised black flesh,
     dyed white with cum,
      Tears in my teeth,
      touching my tounge.

      Feeding on the face,
      the ultimate disgrace.

      Somewhere in those dead eyes
     I can hear as your soul cries.

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