The Worldwide Armor Of God Website International Visitors

Below is a listing of some of the countries represented by visitors to the AOG website. It never ceases to amaze me how something as simple as what I started out to accomplish has grown. However, I have just been a tool; without His love, gifts and direction, this website would not exist. Please do check back from time-to-time, and thank you for visiting.

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium

Bermuda Brazil Canada Cayman Islands Croatia

Chile Cocos Islands

Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Egypt Estonia Finland France

Germany Greece Guinea-Bissau Hong Kong

Hungary India Iceland Iran Ireland Israel Italy

Japan Jordan Kenya Republic of Korea Lebanon

Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Namibia

Netherlands New Zealand Niue Norway

Oman Pakistan Philippines Poland Portugal

Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Spain

South Africa Sweden Switzerland Thailand

Trinidad &Tobago Togo Turkey United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom United States Zimbabwe

Page Last Updated January 15, 2013

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