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The Armor of God Stop Smoking Method involves the acceptance of certain truths, as follows:

1. Smoking IS an addictive habit that relies upon the drug nicotine for effect.

2. Smoking WILL cause you to experience health disorders at some point in your life.

3. Smoking IS expensive.

4. Smoking HAS, in addition to physiological health disorders, been shown to have a possible causative relationship to depression.

5. Smoking HAS a negative effect on the majority of people with whom you interact on a day-to-day basis, as to their perception of you as a person, in both business and personal situations.

6. You CAN quit smoking.

7. You WILL feel better, physically and mentally, when you quit smoking.

8. You WILL have a better appreciation of life as a non-smoker.

9. You WILL probably always have cravings for whatever forms of tobacco you consumed.

10. You CANNOT and SHOULD NOT fight this addiction by yourself alone.

If you can accept the above 10 truths, then you have taken the first step toward becoming a non-smoker. The next step involves the development of your own plan of action.

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