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Hi ya'll! As you can see I've redecorated and renamed my place.
I thought maybe it was time for a change.

I'm sure it's safe to say change is hard to handle in certain areas
of our life. Some changes are welcomed as in for example web pages.
However, that really doesn't affect out life. What about those changes
that do? A new job, a new school? I've changed in both those areas,
it was hard especially school. I hated changing schools!

The most difficult I guess, would be churches. It's hard to start
in a different church. There's one thing though that should make
it more comforting. When God truly is the change then we ought
to be a comfort. A very good friend of ours, Rev. T. Carter wrote a
song titled, "I'll Never Be A Stranger In My Fathers House Again."
So, if God instructs us to change to a different church, for
whatever reason, it should be a feeling of knowing that you're
walking in His way. Wherever the church is. It's the Father's House,
Be Comfortable.

Well I am sorry about the rattling above, but if you knew my hubby
you know that when you are around someone like that, well,
you tend to pick up stuff. :)

† God Bless †

Happy is the family that knows God's will.
For the will of God is found in loving and helping one another--
not in turning aside to admire God, while forgetting the people
who are the crown of his creation. God has given us the
commandment that we should Love One Another, this
applies to the people who live at home with us. When we
love one another, we are doing the will of God.


You don't grow a Christian family by going through a daily ritual.
But neither do you grow one without planning and definite cultivation.
Here are some proven activities that help a family to grow spriritually:
  1. Worshiping together regularly.
  2. Attending church together.
  3. Giving thanks to God at mealtimes.
  4. Having fun together.
  5. Expressing love and affection openly and freely.
  6. Undergirding and supporting one another.
  7. Working together; accepting responsibility for doing
    chores and jobs around the house.
  8. Reaching out to others as a Christian family.

Our Daughter

Our Son

My daughter now has her own family,
You can learn about them here!
Along with my new grandbaby :)
Kenny & Julie's Wedding

Mother's Day

This is Pasha...Isn't she adorable?
If you would like your very own stuffed pet visit Cottage Row

I may not deserve these awards, but I am so very proud of them.
But I really can't take the credit for these pages. I couldn't do it without
the help of the Lord. He is my guide and my strength. I pray I can
have a servants heart and to be a willing vessel for him. :-) †

Thank you Grandma George for making me this Welcome Award Graphic...
Only you know how special Suzy is to me =:-)

Would you like my award?
Email me and send me your webpage addy.
I will view it and let you know. Your place MUST be a fun-filled and have
a family atmosphere.

My guestbook is for all my pages, if you like
a particular one, please specify which you enjoyed the most.
Thank you:)†

†My Other Pages†

†..Each page is listed below, and each one has a "Next" button
that will take you to the next page. So you won't have to keep
going backwards to see the others. Have fun..†

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||Lily of the Valley||My Front Porch||NHisArms|

Lily of the Valley is a new page and will tell you
about our Saviour and the Salvation he came to give us. :)

NHisArms will tell you how this all became to be,
and a little about my family and I.
I hope you enjoy it. May God Bless. :)

Grandma's If Only.......

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