(Scene: ELIZAís dressing room at the TV station. ELIZA and RICHARD stand facing STEPHANIE, considering her question.)

RICHARD: Well, as Iím sure you know, Stephanie, Iím a very wealthy manÖ

STEPHANIE: You mean your father was wealthy.

ELIZA: Stephanie!

STEHPANIE: (sneering) Oh, come on, Eliza, you know heís never worked a day in his life.

RICHARD: (angry) I resent that!

STEPHANIE: Well, good, because you were meant to. Now listen up. I donít want money. I want something else entirely.

ELIZA: And just what is that?

STEPHANIE: Oh, Iíll tell you.

RICHARD: Tell us then.


(A long silence. Finally, ELIZA speaks.)

ELIZA: Well what is it already??!!??

STEPHANIE: Oh, right. What I want isÖRichard!

ELIZA: What the hell are you talking about? I canít just give you my boyfriend.

STEPHANIE: One night is all I ask. One night to do with him whatever I please, however I please, wherever I please, whenever I pleaseÖ

RICHARD: Ok, we get it.

STEPHANIE: Yes, well, thatís what I want.

(She crosses her arms across her chest)

So there!

RICHARD: No way! I love Eliza and Iíd never be unfaithful to her.

STEPHANIE: Well, if thatís the case, then I guess she can just lose her job then.

(She moves towards the door.)


(She turns to RICHARD.)

Richard, honey, itís very sweet of you to say those things, but I canít lose my job!

STEPHANIE: Iím going to do it!

(She moves towards the door, then back again.)

Ha! Gotcha!

(She continues to move back and forth.)

Whoop, am I really going to do it now? Oh, not this time! How about now? Nope!

RICHARD: Stephanie, will you cut it out??!!??

STEPHANIE: (pouts) Fine.

(RICHARD turns to ELIZA.)

RICHARD: Darling, you know Iíll always take care of your every need. You donít need a job.

ELIZA: Oh, is that the way it is? Iím just a little woman, canít take care of myself! Well I donít want to live that way. I want to keep my job. And if you really love me, youíll help me to do that.

RICHARD: Fine. Anything for you.


(She pumps her fist in the air, and the scene fades out.)

(Scene: A lonely stretch of highway. ANASTASIA walks slowly with a heavy backpack. Just then, it starts to rain.)

ANASTASIA: Oh, great.

(A car pulls up with dark windows. The window on the driverís side rolls down, and although we see no face, a voice comes from within.)

VOICE: Hello, Anastasia.


ANASTASIA: How do you know my name?

VOICE: Oh, I know all about you. I know how you hate that bitch Violet, and how you yearn to meet your birth mother. I know of your stupid, doddering father who never understands. I know everything. And you know what, Anastasia? I care about you. I love you, like no one else does. Please, come with me and weíll go far, far away from this horrible place.

(ANASTASIA thinks for a moment, then gets into the car. It drives away, just passing out of sight as JOSEPH pulls up.)

JOSEPH: (desperate) Anastasia!!! Where are you? Please come home!

(He begins to cry.)

JOSEPH: (quietly) I love you.

(Scene: VIOLET paces the floor at the Ginger household. JOSEPH enters.)

VIOLET: There you are! Did you find her? Oh God, if this gets into the society papersÖ

JOSEPH: Iím worried, honey. What if sheís hurt? Or scared?

VIOLET: Oh for Godís sake, Joseph, who cares? What you should be thinking about is how this will affect your reelection campaign.

JOSEPH: (suddenly realizing) You really hate her, donít you?

VIOLET: Who, darling?

JOSEPH: Anastasia!

VIOLET: Well, dearest, no offense, but sheís just such a cow.

JOSEPH: How dare you speak about my daughter that way? Youíre bitchier than she is!

VIOLET: (furious) Joseph Ginger, how dare you speak to me like that!

JOSEPH: You were nothing before I married you!

VIOLET: Get out of this house! I donít want to ever see your ugly face again!

JOSEPH: Oh, and how will that affect your precious campaign, eh? Besides, I own this house! You get out, you filthy whore!

(VIOLET gasps.)

VIOLET: (menacing) What did you call me?

JOSEPH: You heard me. I know all about you and Jonathan.

(It suddenly dawns on VIOLET that if JOSEPH leaves her, she has nothing.)

VIOLET: Joseph, that was years ago! Forgive me!

JOSEPH: I forgave you then. I wonít forgive you now. Now I can see that you donít love meóand never did! Goodbye, Violet!


JOSEPH: (coldly) Get out of my house.

VIOLET: I have nowhere to go!

JOSEPH: What do I care?

(VIOLET lets out an animal scream and lunges at JOSEPH with her high heeled shoe. JOSSEPH grabs her arm and restrains her easily.)


(He whips the shoe out of her hand, knocking her to the ground. She lies still.)

JOSEPH: Violet?

(He shakes her, no response.)

JOSEPH: (frightened) Violet? Wake up! Oh GodÖ

(The camera moves to focus on JOSEPH 2, watching from the doorway with his thumb in his mouth. The scene fades out.)

(Scene: JONATHANís office at the hospital. He is working on paperwork when BRIE enters.)

BRIE: (seductively) Hola, Doctor Ginger.

JONATHAN: (pleasantly surprised) Why hello there, Brie. What can I do for you?

BRIE: I feel like I must tell you something.

JONATHAN: What is it?

BRIE: IÖoh, I know this is wrong, but I canít hold back any longer! Iíve only known you for a few short hours, and yetÖ


BRIE: Doctor Ginger, I love you.

(She hides her face in her hands. JONATHAN gets up, walks over to her, and lifts her chin so she is looking at him.)

JONATHAN: Thereís nothing wrong with that. And pleaseÖcall me Jonathan.

(He kisses her passionately. BRIE pushes him down onto the desk and they start making out.)

(The scene switches to a bare room with a fuzzy TV screen showing JONATHANís office. A Hispanic man is watching it intently and grinning.)

MAN: Perfecto! I shall finally have my revenge on Jonathan Ginger!

(He laughs menacingly as the scene fades to the closing credits.)

Same time tomorrow for moreÖPURPLE TWILIGHT!!!

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