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O yah! Check it out! My very-first-or-maybe-second-anime site! Sp00t! So happy...
Beautiful Rantings, Eh? Yes, I am Canadian.

Okay, So back to the Anime. I went to Ota Fest just recently with all my wonderful friends... Okay, just 3 of my friends and one of my friend's friends. But thatís boring.

Because this is my first Naruto website, I'm not quite sure what to put in here, but I'll improvise. Maybe a few character profiles, the manga so far, and a link to other websites or two.

I am a very big Naruto fan. I read the Shonen Jump every month I can get my hands on (Thanks Mary!). I own the Naruto Graphic Novel and Draw Naruto a lot. Just look at my beautiful pictures!

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Paws Off
Okay, so it's only one picture. But hopefully I will get a scanner. If not, my grandpa has one. I'll upload my hand-drawn pictures there.
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Yay for the beautiful character profiles! I'll start with Naruto, of course, and go on from there, in order that they appear. It will be a very slow progress, so bear with me.

Uzumaki Naruto

The trouble-making main character of Naruto. When he was a baby, the forth Lord Hokage defeated the fox demon, and sealed it into Naruto, then died. Naruto now wants to become the next Lord Hokage so the people of the village would respect him. He likes ramen, and playing pranks and practical jokes (He likes Sakura, too).

Lord Hokage

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Now, you're probably thinking "Oh what a useless section! You can find this in any stinking site, and most of the good ones!" and you are write. Absolutely right. Which is why instead of the normal way, I'm going to do it the Japanese way!

I will do this the way that I am doing the character profile things. I will list them as they come into the story, and then write their names for you in Hiragana. If I get it wrong, check out the contact buttion/linkie thing and follow the rules.

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Link to My Site!
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Contact Rules

As one might suspect, I have rules for contact (emailing). They are very simple rules, and I think that they will be easy to understand.Yay.

  1. Think your Mail through. The reason why this has a number on my list is because I don't want to get a million emails with stuff like "OMFG!!!1 You're Site is stupide. Its the most stupidest site in da wureld!!!11". In fact, I don't even really want hate mail. Constructive criticism is nice, especially when it tells me what is wrong.
  2. Be sure to tell me what you are correcting. If you say I have a spelling mistake, or an error in names, and you don't tell me where, I'll ignore you.
  3. No spelling Mistakes please.

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NARUTO (C) 1999 by MASASHI KISHIMOTO. All rights reserved. First Published in Japan in 1999 by SHUEISHA Inc., Tokyo. English translation rights in the United States of America and Canada arranged by SHUEISHA Inc. The stories, characters and incidents mentioned are entirely fictional. No portion of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission from the copyright holders.