Ushicon 2002

Convention Report

Viola! My report for the very first USHICON! :D  I bet you're thrilled, aren't you? ;)  Well, GOOD!  Because it was a GREAT con!  *clears her throat*  I wasn't there on Friday, because my friend (who is now not a friend) Megan was spending the night as we were also working on my Heero Yuy costume. ^_^  But we made it there on Saturday!  And just in time for all the fun!

A day to remember. ^_^  I made some absolutely GREAT new friends!  But first, let's give up a little break-down of what happened.  Me and Megan arrived at about noon-ish (I think) and within 2 minutes we both got our first picture. :D  She was wearing a Qi-pao (Chinese style dress) and I was wearing my Heero Yuy costume... and my Trench Coat. ^_^;  Kind of an odd shot.  But oh well.  After that, we tried to figure out where the con-suite was so that we could drop our stuff off and get a bite to eat.  We found it, put our stuff down, and headed back to the con.  On our way back, a girl dressed as Chang Wufei stopped me to take a picture because I was dressed as Heero.  She was also with a girl dressed as Duo Maxwell (Endless Waltz version).  We sat and talked for a bit while Meg went off to find her friend.  The girl dressed as Wufei is none other than my dear friend Amber Hall.  And the Duo is no longer a friend of mine. ^_^;;  We chatted for a bit, and then went to the Yaoi panel together where Amber showed me her drawings, and we enjoyed the yaoi-ness of the yaoi panel.  After said panel, we headed off to the dealer room for a quick look-around and then off to sign up for the cosplay!  We signed up and then did something else. ^_^;; I don't quite remember what, but I do know the Duo (Holly) went off to Steve Bennett's cell-painting panel.  And then we had to rush to the "cosplay rehearsal" which wasn't much more than telling us how we were gonna be lined up.  After than, we went to hang out in the con-suite to practice our lines and to prepare for the cosplay.  I had Amber and Holly help me to come up with more lines for my cosplay.  It was great.  I was doing "Things Heero would Never Say"  With such great lines as "What do you mean is doesn't come in fuchsia," "Duo I love you," and the ever popular, "That's IT!  I Quit!  I'm going to go become a voice actor!"  ^_^;;  After the cosplay, we went out for food at China Star buffet, and then back to hit the parties and the dance. :D  Especially the dance, because I had two... "Appointments" waiting. :D

Let me explain what I mean...  There were two guys at Ushicon whom were helping the anime club of UTA raise funds by basically prostituting themselves.  One was Brent Wells, dressed as the Great Saiya-man.  The other was Matt Covell, who was dressed as Vash.  Ah, Yes, I can see your lips curling into a grin!  The Infamous Matt Covell. *evil grin*  But there are still some who are confused... so I will explain.  Matt and Brent both were servicing their fans to bring in funds for their anime club.  What would happen is the girl interested would go up to the appointment manager aka Club President, aka Sophie ^_^ and pay for a certain amount of time with Matt or Brent.  The rates went as so- $1 for ten minutes, $5 for an hour.  I bought 30 minutes with each, thinking a full hour was just too much time.  You would pay for a certain amount of time, and pick when this time would occur.  Example: I bought Matt (Vash) for 30 minutes from 10 to 10:30, and then Brent (Saiya-man) for 30 minutes from 10:30 to 11.  It was bunches of fun, and I got to kiss both of them! ^_^  Brent has a tongue piercing. :D  They both turned out to be new friends of mine as well. 

That same day, there was also a girl who kept yelling "JUMP HEERO" to me every time she saw me.  She also became one of my friends, and her name is Kaje.  at Ushicon, I was looking for my friend Kelly because he told me that he'd be at Ushicon.  Ironically enough, I was standing right in front of Brent in line for the cosplay.  And I wound up mentioning that I was looking for a friend with an odd name for a guy.  Brent asked me the name.  And I told him.  Well, it turns out, that Brent and Kelly are like best friends! ^_^;  small world, ne?  And Brent introduced me to his friends Eric and Chris.  Eric whom was dead drunk at Ushicon.  but that's another story for maybe another section.  The night ended on a good note.  I made a bunch of new friends, got a little tipsy at Brent's party, and everything was great!

Sunday, I came back to Ushicon dressed as Yura of the Hair from Inu Yasha!  Boy was it a fun day!  It was a relaxing day for the most part.  I did some more shopping, and hung out with Matt and Brent all day.  Matt wasn't really renting himself out Sunday just because he needed rest, same deal with Brent.  On this day, I believe I fell (wrongfully) in love with Matt.  He was just... so sweet, so seductive, and god-damnit was he ever SEXY!!! o.o;; *coughs* but that's not the point.  He turned out to be really evil.  We broke up on my 16th birthday after I found out that he had lied to me about several things, and he had 12 girls across the state of Texas who thought he was their bf.   Oh yea, and did I mention that this guy's a Christian?  ~_~;;  But that's not the point.  He was evil, and he made my 16th birthday absolutely the worst birthday I've ever had.  But I didn't know that at the time, and he had the most beautiful eyes, too!  I only wish he wasn't an asshole.  Then everything would have been perfect. ^_^;  But, some people never change.  And now he's in the Army.  Go him.  He's away from every girl he's ever hurt and he can't hurt us anymore.  On to a more cheerful topic.  I had a great time at Ushicon 1 and left with some great friends.  Brent, Eric, Chris, Kaje, Matt, and Amber just to name a few!  It was a great con, and I couldn't wait to get to the next con! ;)

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