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Very Kawaii-About the site
This site was created on: December 31,2001 (New Year's Eve!)

Site Owner: Holly of Sweet Sakura Blossoms

I was planning on making this site completely different then it looks now! I was planning to make it purply themed but it somehow turned into this! Funny how my mind works! ^^

Why did I create this site? Well,I noticed the alarmingly increasing amount of Sakura/Syaoran/Sakura and Syaoran shrines (my main site included ^^) and I thought that Sakura and Syaoran (even if he's drool-worthy ^^) aren't the ONLY kawaii people in Cardcaptor Sakura! In fact, there are many characters that aren't even mentioned in sites that are very kawaii! And ::bam!::, the Very Kawaii network was created! I especially thought characters like the Li sisters, Chiharu,Naoko,and Rika were very kawaii! So that's why the very first shrine I made were for the Li sisters!

The Very Kawaii network holds together all my shrines to the very kawaii Cardcaptor Sakura people never mentioned, so don't expect a shrine for Sakura in here. ^^ Yes, i think Sakura and Syaoran are very kawaii and I love them so, but they aren't the only characters I love! -Holly