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[Gwen] Konnichiwa. Welcome to my domain! The Domain of the Goddess!
This is the latest and greatest version of my domain so far
done by my
creator Stephanie. Not to mention we have quite a few new things!

[Stephanie] I hope you enjoy the new version of the site and if there is a problem with the layout of the site for your web browser,
please let me know so I can fix it for your convenience.

[Kaiser] *snort* Because we exist for your convenience. 

[Resiak] That's not very nice...

[Kaiser] I'M not very nice.

[Resiak] No argument there... Anyway, welcome and- *sees the sidebar* Oooooh.... Sexy lady!

[Kaiser] *sigh* Welcome to the site, enjoy, read, and don't bother the dragons.

[Resiak] For you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup!

[Kaiser] *sigh*


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All credit is given to the creators.
However, all original ideas, content, etc featured 

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"The Domain Of The Goddess's" webmistress(me).



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