Part Two: Club Meeting

   My, my, the kittens are popular indeed! The crowd of girls in there is just now reaching its maximum and most frantic. I've been waiting for this moment. I head down the sidewalk towards the Koneko no Sumu Ie, doing a vague scan of the inside of the shop and hopping over the airhead females to find my four opponents. Hidaka is longing to be out playing soccer, Tsukiyono is worrying over flower arrangements, Kudou wants a cigarette, and -ah, there he is!- Aya is occupying his mind with thoughts of his sister's hospital bills. My timing is perfect- the other three are busy.

    I duck into the shop. Tsukiyono is closest to me. He turns from where's he's dealing with his clump of customers, young face bright and innocent. His mouth is open to call a greeting, but the words die on his lips when he realizes who it is that has just entered the shop. Some of his crowd look me up and down, liking what they see. Of course they would.

    "What are you doing here?" the boy asks, mouth still smiling so as to not alarm the girls but eyes dark with anger and suspicion.

    I give him a cocky grin, weaving my way through the crowd away from him, towards my victim. "Buying flowers," I toss over my shoulder, "of course." Now Kudou and Hidaka have seen me. The only one who hasn't is Aya.

    What an inattentive little redhead.

    I place my hands on the counter, leaning close so my head is close to his lowered one. "Saa...Aya-kun," I murmur throatily. He goes stiff as he recognizes my voice, and there is a flash of memory across his mind, about what happened yesterday behind the shop. "You remember. What a shame. I was hoping to remind you."

    He raises his head, eyes narrowed dangerously. "What do you want?" he growls.

    "I'm buying flowers." I smirk at him, letting my eyes trail down and back up his form. "And other things," I add with a suggestive leer.

    Hot humiliation and anger- Aya's flavor for the day. His lips thin to a hard line, and I eye them. He tasted so good yesterday. I want to taste him again. This time, though, I want to taste more than his mouth. There is a brief flit in his mind as he wonders why I'm not just bugging one of his team mates for flowers. I reach up, brushing my hair over my shoulder. "They're busy, Aya-kun. I'd have to wait for them. If you want me to hang around the shop, so be it." I give a shrug, half-turning away. "I'll be gone much quicker, though, if *you* get them for me."

    He weighs the pros and cons. "Which kind?" he finally bites out, moving from behind the counter.

    I hum to myself as if thinking this over, raising my fingers to my lips and running the tips along the flesh there. I take the end of my index finger into my mouth, nibbling and sucking on it as if in great thought while keeping a heated gaze on Aya's face. Aya has seen Yohji do the same thing while telling his stories about sex with women. I'm copying the honey haired man- I saw him do this one day when I was observing them to pick my prey. The mixed reaction from him is amusing. He's embarrassed that I'm using such a gesture, angry that I'm doing it towards him, and also tinging his thoughts is mingled flattery and heat. The first of the last two was to be expected- anyone who's been closed off from society for so long cannot help feeling a bit flattered when someone shows such a strong interest in them, though he's trying very hard to squish that.

    The heat I have been only half-expecting, and am pleased. He's affected by me, which was what I was aiming for. There are still a few more steps in between kisses and sex -one, maybe?- when setting out to seduce a formerly straight or virgin man. If I go to the right places, sex comes first. Seducing people takes an extra step or two. After that is done, and I have successfully pulled Aya from virginity, my work will be done with him and it will be time to move on to whatever next perks my interest.

    A short relationship, but it will last longer than most of mine. Besides, I'm only here for the sex. I can care less what damage or instability he'll suffer from this when I'm done. It will be amusing to see, but his mental state is none of my concern.

    Aya exhales the breath that caught in his throat when I first started sucking on my finger, and asks firmly, "What kind?"

    "Why don't you suggest a kind? Something with a nice smell, that will look nice in my bedroom., I think." I smirk at him, lowering my hand. My back is to the rest of the shop; no one else can see what I am doing. I trail my fingers down my chin, down my throat and to my chest. His eyes are following my fingers as they move downward. I watch him watch me, smirk widening as I lower my fingers to my waistband and let them rest there, playing with the material.

    //Something like you.//

    His eyes jerk upwards as he realizes he's watching me, meeting mine angrily. He hates that I am doing this to him, because he doesn't understand it. He doesn't know what to think, or how to react, or what to do. No matter. I plan to have him in my bed within the next day or two, and I'll teach him plenty of things.

    I trail him around the store. He picks the nearest plants. The small tag labels them as German Irises. How appropriate. They're not red- more a bluish purplish color, but I don't care. I'm not going to keep them. He wraps them up, and I follow him back to the register. He gives me the price and I hand over a large bill so he has to make a lot of change, watching him as he works. He knows I'm watching him, and it makes him uncomfortable.

    Finally he holds out the money. Smirking, I put my hand right beneath his. As he turns his hand over to drop the change into my waiting palm, his hand brushes along mine. I take the change and the flowers, turning away from the register. Three pairs of narrowed eyes are pinned on me. I ignore them. They are just Weiß, insignificant and small. I move towards the door, trailing my fingers along the rows of plants, fingering their blooms as I go.

    "Please don't touch the plants," Tsukiyono says in what others could mistake as a chiding tone, but I hear as a warning. "That hurts them."

    "Does it, now?" I twist the head off a nearby rose, raising it to my nose to sniff it as I train jade eyes on the little boy. We gaze at each other for several long moments, me in amusement, and him because he doesn't want to back down to me. I laugh at him. What a foolish child. The only two people that do not follow my demands are Crawford and Taketori- Crawford because he is my boss, and Taketori because we are supposedly working for him. Even they lean to me now and then, because of my gift.

    I toss the rose head and bouquet of irises in the trash can on my way out, my harsh, amused laughter trailing behind me as I go.

    I am always in control, and I always get what I want.


    I drift through the crowd, sipping absently at the fuzzy looking drink in my hand. I stole it from someone else just a moment ago. They don't even know it's gone, the drunken bastard. My eyes scan across the dancing people, always returning, however, to the two men sitting at the barstool. Kudou is one of them, dressed for this type of club in a glittering, translucent top and tighter than skin tight pants. His companion is a very peeved looking Aya. Ah, what I would give to know how Kudou managed to get Aya here on this mission with him, in a place like this. I give little thought to the mission they are on- I picked through Tsukiyono's mind just half an hour ago. One would think Kritiker would give their tactical man a way to guard his mind against intruders, but no.

    Not that I care. It's Kritiker's mistake, and besides, we of Schwarz don't care about this mission Aya and his team mate are on. They're after some drug lord that Taketori would prefer dead anyway.

    No, my mind is more occupied with the redhead seated at the bar. He's wearing a tight sleeveless black shirt with a turtleneck collar, with spots replaced by dark hazy gauze to give dim glances at his silk smooth skin. His pants are made of the same material and are almost as tight as Kudou's. Over top is a black coat that hangs to the ground. Right now it's loose around his shoulders, giving a glimpse at his bared shoulders. His hair is streaked with some glitter, adding a nice touch. In a place like this, it's not very dressy, but not dressed down enough to raise suspicion. Besides, I believe that is the most any of his team could make him dress up.

    Black is *definitely* Aya's color.

    Gods, I'm getting hot just looking at him. I set my drink aside, on someone else's table, content to weave my way through the crowd in a semi-circle, back and forth, far enough from the bar that they can't see me while close enough that I can watch them. Like Aya, I'm not much dressed for this place. I don't need to dress up in club-type clothes just to attract attention or show off my assets, much like Aya over there.

    I skim through their minds. Aya is complaining bitterly mentally about being in a place like this and wishing the man would just show up so they can kill him and leave. I know that this mission isn't as simple as that, though it's not hard, by any means. They have to make sure "the files" are destroyed. Hm. Apparently Aya is just running as back up for his partner. Yohji is scanning the women with a judging eye.

    I eye Aya. I don't want to wait much longer. I have patience, yes, but in a case like this I don't need it. I know I can have Aya any time I want. It's just a matter of me setting up the scene. I study the crowd near him. Someone is a few seats down, about to leave and holding several large, very full cups in her hands. I reach out and prod her mind with a sharp jab. She cries out and stumbles.

    Perfect aim, dearie. Thank you.

    Half of the alcoholic drinks have landed on a very surprised, very stiff, and now even more annoyed Aya. The girl is going frantic in her attempts to apologize. Aya gives her the Fujimiya Glare while Kudou tries to calm both of them down. I head towards the bathrooms, knowing I'll be joined soon.

    There are only four stalls, and all four are empty. How nice. I step into one, leaving the door open, waiting. Soon enough Aya enters, growling under his breath about stupid drunks. He approaches the sink, his back to me. I move past him and bolt the door. Aya looks up when he hears the lock snap into place, and his eyes meet mine in the mirror.

    He whirls around. "Schuldich! What are you doing here?" His hand goes to his waist, where his katana is hidden under that coat.

    Armed, this time. That won't be much of a problem for someone as talented as me. I let a hot gaze travel over him before meeting his eyes again, and lick my lips. "My, Aya-kun, don't *you* look lovely tonight."

    He flushes slightly and glares, drawing his sword and pointing it at me. "Come any closer and I'll kill you."

    I wave a hand arily. "Yeah, yeah, I know. Shi-ne and all that." Without warning, I zip forward. One moment I'm at the end of his blade, the next I'm behind him, easily wrenching his weapon from his hand. He utters a small sound of surprise and anger, driving an elbow back to catch me in my stomach. I catch his arm, tossing the sword to the other side of the bathroom. It clatters loudly against the moldy tile floor. "We won't be needing that."

    "Don't touch me," he threatens.

    "Or what, Aya-kun?" I turn him around, taking both of his upper arms in my hands, in tight and firm grips. He jerks his leg up to knee me in my groin, but I counter by raising my own knee, letting our two joints knock against each other. I press him backwards, against the sink, and lean in to claim his mouth. I've been waiting to kiss him again since yesterday. His taste is intoxicating. He struggles against me but I am insistent, and open his mouth up to mine. Yesterday's kisses were to introduce him to the feel. This time I am more aggressive, trying to steal his breath away and arouse him. I free my thumbs from their grips on his arms, running them across his chest and playing with his nipples. He squirms under me, trying to escape, but there is nowhere to go.

    I move my mouth down to his jaw, nibbling and kissing at the skin there. He is panting, trying to catch his breath. I shove a leg in between his two, raising it to rub slowly back and forth across his crotch. Any breath he's managed to regain is lost in an explosive breath. I nibble at his ear, smirking as I feel his body react to my stimulations. I return my mouth to his again, submitting him to a repeat of the earlier kiss. He responds, driven by his body's sudden urges, our tongues sweeping across each other. I release his arms altogether, carressing his skin through his tight shirt as my hands lower to the object of my interest- his forming erection.

    Snidely I wonder if he's ever had one before.

    He jumps when I touch him there, and begins to struggle again. "No-" he gasps out before I can shut him up again with my mouth. I trace one hand along his waistband, teasing at the skin, while I unbutton and unzip his pants with the other. He shoves at my chest with his pale hands, trying to make me stop, trying to make me go away. I can hear his thoughts, though. He wants me to stop, he wants me to keep going, he likes this, he hates both of us *because* he likes it, he's on a mission, I'm his enemy...

    All thoughts vanish when I take his length in my hand. He makes a sound that is half-cry, half-groan, fingers closing spasmadically on my shirt and eyes shutting. My smirk widens as I work at the flesh in my hand, tracing it with my fingers, the other hand slipping under his shirt with some difficulty. With my hand under there it's even tighter than before. I tease at his nipples again, pinching and tugging.

    "Sch-Schuldich!" Aya tries again. "Stop!"

    "You don't really want me to, now do you?"

    "Y-yes!" He groans again as I run my thumb over the slit on the tip of his erection, going around it again and then pressing down.

    "I don't think your body agrees with you," I inform him, laughing as I slow down in my ministrations. He can make no reply, hands instead tightening on my clothes. He's losing his internal struggle to keep control, and I can see cracks in the mask he's trying so desperately to keep in place. I lean in, taking his mouth. He responds with an almost desperate urgency. I tug at his flesh, nails scraping lightly across it, thumb pressing down harder. Everything comes to a head. I swallow his cry in my kiss as he climaxes, possibly for the first time in his life.

    He goes limp beneath me. I pull my mouth from his. His eyes are open and cloudy. When his head clears a swirl of emotions roll through his eyes- anger, defeat, biting humiliation. I pull down the collar of his shirt, as he is too exhausted to resist me right now, pressing my mouth to the skin and sucking hard until I leave a mark. I step back from him, our eyes clashing against each other, a triumphant and mocking smirk playing upon my lips.

    "Clean up quickly, Weiß. I'm sure your partner is waiting for you."


    Laughing, I turn away. I undo the bolt to let myself out, but lock it from the inside before closing it behind me to give the redhead a bit of privacy. With all the freaks in this place some might try to take advantage of him in his unguarded and unbalanced state. I can't allow that to happen.

    After all, he's just become my newest possession.

    I raise my hand. Some of his cum is on my fingers. I suck at them absently to clean up, tasting him. Ah, soon, little red Aya. Soon I will taste more than this, and you will become completely mine.

Part 3