Part Three: Victory

    When Crawford enters the room I am sprawled on the back of the couch, one leg dangling off the side so that my shoe touches a cushion, the other one bent upward so that shoe is planted against the wall. My arms are bent and my hands under my head. It is an odd position, true, but comfortable. My jade eyes slide towards my boss and I offer him a slight smirk.

    "Isn't it past your bedtime?" Crawford asks calmly as he seats himself before his computer. He places a folder beside him on the desk. It contains the latest documents Nagi has finished for us. Now it's time for Crawford to go through them.

    "I'm afraid of the bed bugs," I answer lightly, just a touch of condescension in my tone. "I hear they bite."

    Silence falls between us, silence except for the quiet tapping of keys as Crawford works. I allow myself to bask in the mental quiet his presence provides. For several minutes neither of us speaks, then Crawford voices a question: "How are things going with Weiß?" He closes what he has been working on, since he has just finished, and turns to face me.

    My smirk widens on my face as I remember the events that just happened in the club. "Coming along nicely," I reply, placing a slight emphasis on the first word.

    Crawford stands, collecting his things. The monitor is turned off. He passes me, pausing to send me an ever so brief glance, his golden brown eyes tinted with faint amusement. Ah? Crawford knows something. "Keep up the good work," he tells me smoothly as he leaves the room. My paw at his mind comes back with just silence. Whatever Crawford knows, he's keeping it to himself, where I can't reach.

    Who cares. I'm not going to let his secret ruin my mood. I cast my mind outward, searching for Aya's. How delicious. Little Red over there is practically reeking with humiliation and anger. He was injured during the mission, and Tsukiyono has just set about cleaning his wounds. Looks like the flower boys found the mark I left on Aya's chest.

    //Ara, Aya-kun, don't they think it matches you nicely?// I send at him.

    /Fuck yourself, Schuldich,/ he snarls back.

    //I'm not *that* bored. Besides...// My tone turns hot and sultry. //Why should I do that when you're there to do the job for me?//

    /Get out of my head./ The threat is clear in his mind.

    //And into your ass,// I reply, sending him a flash of an image.

    What a sweet reaction. From the scattered and startled thoughts of the other kittens Aya was not expecting me to do that, and jerked away from the hands of his friends- only to end up on the floor. His mental swearing and curses are amusing.

    //Sweet dreams, Aya-kun.// I draw back.

    Nagi has entered the room, alerted by my laughing. He reaches up, raking a hand through his dark hair. "What are you up to *now*, Schuldich?"

    I give him a cocky grin. "Just playing, bishounen."

    "Can you play when other people aren't trying to sleep?"

    "What a shame, little Nagi's beauty sleep was interrupted."

    "I'm not the one that needs it, Schuldich."

    I raise an eyebrow at him, grin widening and curving into a smirk. Oh-ho. "You know, Nagi..." I say, sliding off the couch and moving towards him. He doesn't move from the doorway. He knows better than to retreat when I'm talking to him. I reach out, cupping my hand to his chin and tilting his head up. "There are better things to do than sleep."

    "Don't touch me, Schuldich." His tone is inflectionless, but I can see a tint of warning to his eyes- a tint that says he will not hesitate to use his powers on me to get me away from him.

    "I'm not hurting you, am I?" I tsk. "Besides," I lower my mouth to his ear, biting lightly at it, "you're not the one I'm after right now." He gazes up at me, face expressionless. I know he cannot help but be a bit curious. I can't resist the temptation. "I think I'll seduce someone with a bunny tail and cute umbrella..."

    "Kisama!" The word is hardly out of his mouth before I crash against the opposite wall. The door slams shut as Nagi storms away, my harsh laughter following him.


    I approach the room, pausing to lean against the doorway briefly and gaze in on the room's interior. A girl is laying in a bed of white, face relaxed and eyes closed as if in sleep. I shy away from her mind. I do not like it. It is so cold and black. The one time I tried to delve in and find a scrap of her consciousness I almost did not make it back out.

    My eyes are all for the man beside her sleeping form, sitting in a chair close by the bed, his back to me. I move towards him, closing the door and locking it oh-so-quietly behind me. He doesn't even notice my presence until I wrap my arms tightly around him, burying my face against the base of his throat from behind. He jumps, startled, trying to bring his arms up but unable to since I have pinned them down. "Good evening, Aya-kun," I greet in a husky voice, blowing in his ear.

    Anger surges up within him as he jerks his head away from my mouth. "Get away from me, bastard."

    "Hmm..." I pretend to give this much thought, following his head with mine and nibbling at his earlobe. "No, I don't think I will." He squirms in my grasp, trying to get away, panicked flashes of last night rising in his mind along with embarrassed heat. My tongue darts out, touching the sensitive skin behind his ear.

    "Don't touch me!" He tries again to raise his arms, but I have him effectively pinned against the chair. He can't budge them.

    "You injure my feelings," I tell him with a smirk.

    "I'll injure more of you once I get my hands free."

    //What makes you think you'll still be struggling by then?// I trace my lips along his jawline. While his hands are trapped down by his thighs, mine are free by his sides, and I tickle lightly at him with them. He squirms again, spitting curses as he tries to escape the roaming digits. //You seemed to enjoy yourself last night.//

    "Schuldich-" His tone is dark.

    I don't let him finish. //You're acting like a skittish virgin. Oh, that's right.// I twist around him suddenly so I'm sitting in his lap, arms around his neck before he can register what just happened. "You _are_ a skittish virgin."

    I take his mouth. His hands are now free and he shoves at me fiercely. Perhaps he has forgotten I am attached to his neck. I allow myself to fall backwards, taking him with me, and roll when I hit the ground so that he is trapped beneath me. During the fall and twist I do not take my mouth from his, and as he is momentarily stunned from the quick movements I am able to force his mouth open. My fingers intwine with his and I raise his arms above his head, pressing the backs of his hands against the ground.

    He thrashes under me, not taking kindly to the position we are now in.

    //Tough shit, Aya-kun.//

    I grind my hips against him, demanding his body to react. He gasps sharply beneath me, trying to tug away still. I lower my mouth to his throat, kissing my way down it and licking at his collarbone. He makes a quiet sound- half protesting whimper, half quiet moan. I raise my head, smirking triumphantly when I feel him harden under me. Our eyes meet, mine amused but half-lidded with lust, his narrowed with anger and mingled desire.

    //Emotions are things you can run from, Aya,// I tell him, tilting my head to the side. //But lust,// and I emphasize the word by knocking our hardened erections against each other, enjoying the choked sound he makes at the contact, //is not. You can't deny this.//

    "I can try," he spits in reply.

    I laugh at him. //Just give up, Aya. We're not on business here. I'm not Schwarz, you're not Weiß. We're just a couple of sexy guys looking for a fuck.//

    "*I* am *not* looking."

    //What a shame, because a fuck found you.// I free one of his hands, reaching down and delving into his pants and underwear. His reaction is quick when he is released, and his fist comes down towards my head- but he can not strike me before I have gotten hold of his length. His train of thought is blown and instead his hand closes tightly on my shirt collar. He jerks beneath me, in response to my grip and as an attempt to get away. I don't care why he does it, I just know that it feels damn good having him thrashing beneath me. //Play along nicely, Aya-kun. Nothing changes because of this. Next time we meet each other as assassins I'll still try to fuck up your brain and you'll still try to dice me in half. This is off time. Enjoy it.//

    "Fuck you," he snaps.

    "Exactly," I purr, my hand moving in a rythmm aiming to drive the redhead insane. A soft groan escapes his lips despite his attempts to keep it in. I judge his reactions as I continue to work him, releasing his other hand and letting my hand trail down him. There are snap buttons on his shirt, easily undone by my expert fingers, and I splay my fingers across his silky smooth flesh, pinching and playing at his nipples.

    "Sch-Schuldich!" he manages to choke out. "Don't do this!"

    Ch'. While his body is practically laying itself before me, his mind is still resisting. I will not take him until the words come from his own mouth- the words to take him. I rest my mouth on his stomach, kissing the warm flesh and dipping my tongue into his naval, my free hand sliding to his waist, tugging his pants down further. I shift my position so that I am crouching over him by his knees, freeing both hands to work at his pants. Aya pushes himself up on his elbows, reaching out and snagging my hair with a hand.


    I raise an eyebrow at him. His cheeks are flushed and eyes dilated but narrowed. He is trying to control his rapid breathing. "Get away from me. I'm not going to be part of your sick games."

    "Your mind and body are arguing, Aya," I tell him, seating myself on his knees when he tries to kick me off. I ignore the tight grip he has on my hair, yanking his clothes down in a sharp motion. His other hand comes to my hair, ready to haul me off by my hair, and he gives my mane a savage yank.

    Fuck that hurts!

    I reach up, grabbing his wrists and giving him a dark smirk. "Just for that," I tell him, "I'm not going to be merciful."

    "Since when were you ever-" he starts, tone biting and condescending.

    He never finishes the sentence, for I drop my head, taking his length entirely into my mouth. He gives a hoarse cry, doubling over and hands dropping to my shoulders. I laugh mentally as I listen to his staccato breaths. Any control he might have gained back, any chance of him being able to turn the tide to his favor, has just vaporized. I grab Aya's thighs, holding him still as I move my mouth up and down him, my tongue trailing along his skin in a way I've done to many others, in a way I know will get the results I desire.

    Aya moans again above me, trying to twist in my grasp- this time not trying to get away, but trying to make me speed up. I do not.

    Soon the signs of imminent release show. Just before he can cum, though, I pull back. Aya utters a soft protest. I half sit up, pinning his hands by his sides as he squirms uselessly. His eyes are closed tightly because he can feel my breath on his face. He doesn't want to look at me. He doesn't want to see the triumphant smirk playing on my mouth.

    I'm going to have him, and I'm going to have him now. There's only so much I can take, only so long I can wait.

    I stretch forward and kiss him. He responds eagerly as we drown in each other's tastes. I pull back again. His lips thin and his eyes slowly open. He knows what I am waiting for. Our eyes meet- mine expressionless, his clouded and resentful. He tries to free his hands from mine but I won't let him go, switching both wrists instead to one hand and trailing my now free fingers along his thighs, avoiding the area he needs the pressure most at.

    He bites his lip, bucking slightly. I laugh quietly at him. "You'll get no release without me, Aya-kun," I tell him calmly. "And I'm not leaving until I get what I want."

    "Why are you doing this?" he whispers.

    "I need a new bedmate. You need to get laid. Simple, eh?" He flinches slightly from the mocking tone. It's clear who is the victor here, but he is still resisting. I lightly dance my fingers closer, and he whimpers. "Say it, Aya," I tell him, voice commanding. "Tell me to take you, and I will."

    He shakes his head, his lip bleeding from how hard his teeth are digging into the soft flesh. I laugh again. "Still refusing. Can you really last that long against me?" I lean forward, lapping at his blood, my jade eyes turned upwards to remain locked with his gaze.

    There is a tense moment of silence between us. Aya's eyes close tightly in defeat. "Schuldich...please."

    "Don't close your eyes," I chide him, lowering my fingers to his erection again and lightly flicking at it. He squirms and whimpers. Ah, to imagine him just a few days ago, compared to this...I truly amaze myself.

    His eyes open as he speaks, "Schuldich, please."

    "Please what?" I prompt him helpfully, mouth hovering so close to his that we are breathing in each other's air.

    "...Take me..."

    Ah, victory is sweet. I cover his mouth with my own. Tonight another virgin will lose his virginity.

Part 4