2 Months Later...

     Wufei looked at his watch for the umpteenth time in the last hour, giving a little frown. "They're late," he stated irritably.
     "Quit fidgeting," Heero dead-panned, eyes on his laptop as his fingers flew over the keys. "It's distracting."
     Wufei scowled in his direction. "As if your constant tapping on that blasted machine isn't?" He sniffed imperiously. "And I was not fidgeting, Yuy."
     Trowa stirred his tea absently with a long-handled spoon, calm eyes scanning the few people in the small restaurant. "Perhaps you shouldn't have brought your computer, Heero. You know Duo will say something."
     Heero's lip lifted slightly in a sneer to show just what he thought of Duo's opinion, but his eyes remained fixed on the screen, fingers still tapping away. "Sally wanted this done by tomorrow. It will take me the rest of the day to get the encryption right."
     Wufei flicked a piece of carrot at him, earning a swift glare for the trick. "In case you'd forgotten, Yuy, we're the ones calling the shots, technically. I'm the one funding her little operation, with the inheritance my family left me. She'll live if it's a little late. Put the damn thing away already. You've been glued to it since yesterday morning."
     "I'm at a crucial point. I can get this done faster if I--"
     "Sally told us to take the day off for this," Trowa reminded him quietly. "You can put it away for an hour."
     Heero's fingers finally paused, and he lifted his head to glare at them both.
     "You're not going to win this, Yuy," Wufei informed him dryly, leaning back in his chair and sending a suspicious look towards one of the waitresses. She'd been glancing towards their table ever since they'd entered.
     Heero scowled darkly for another moment before reluctantly typing in a final command and closing the laptop.
     "Perfect timing," Trowa murmured, nodding towards the door. "Here they are." He flicked his two partners a meaningful look. "Don't say anything to upset Quatre," he reminded them firmly.
     "There they are, the three most handsome, stone-faced men in the galaxy," Duo hailed as he weaved his way through the tables, tugging Quatre along gently by the hand. He offered a shit-eating grin as he approached. "Been waiting long?"
     "Only an hour," Wufei growled.
     The three of them scooted over, making room for their friends. Duo dropped into the vacant chair beside Heero, while Quatre seated himself between the braided boy and Trowa. "Long time no see," Duo pointed out, leaning across the table to snag a biscuit from Wufei's plate. "Glad to see you guys are still alive and kicking."
     Trowa was studying Quatre carefully, eyes scanning the pale face and tired eyes. "Hello, Quatre," he greeted solemnly.
     Quatre turned his head and offered a ghost of his old sunny smile. "Trowa," he said with a warmth that reassured the other boy somewhat. "Duo told me that you visited awhile back. It's good to see you again." He offered his smile to the other two. "All of you."
     "Winner." Wufei nodded at the Arabian.
     Duo smiled affectionately at his blond companion, fingers still trapped in Quatre's nervous grip, though he didn't seem to mind. "He's doing much better now. The doc says he's recovering really well. Just a couple more months of therapy, and he should be good as new."
     Quatre's answering smile was a little tired, but he squeezed Duo's hands in response. "Crowds still..." he shook his head slightly, embarrassed, but unwilling to lie about his condition. "I don't like to be in crowded areas. And there are other things. Nightmares. But at least now I know where I am, and what's going on around me."
     "The doc thought it'd be good for him to see some familiar faces and get out a little. He'll be fine." Duo ruffled the shorter boy's hair, earning a helpless little laugh that eased the initial tension at the table.
     "So, working for Sally, now, huh?" Duo leaned back in his chair, nibbling on his stolen biscuit. "How's that workin' out for ya?"
     "With Sally," Wufei corrected a little primly, glaring at the waitress again. Another of her little cohorts was with her, now, and they were openly ogling. What the hell was their problem?
     "It's something we're good at," Heero said with a one-shouldered shrug. "It's acceptable. Better than.." he sent Trowa a sideways glance, the corner of his mouth twitching in a smirk, "delivering noodles, anyway."
     Trowa gave him a tolerant look. "At least I didn't scare off potential employers."
     Wufei turned from his suspicious scrutiny of the waitresses to glare at the other mercenary. "Don't start, Barton."
     Duo was staring at them, eyebrows arched.
     "This has been good for you," Quatre noted, smiling with warm approval. "I can see how you've changed each other. Helped each other."
     "Good god, they've become almost... human," Duo said in an awed voice. He ducked the scowl and the wadded-up napkin Wufei shot his way.
     "Baka," Heero intoned.
     "Aw, c'mon, buddy." Duo clapped him on the shoulder, grinning at him. "You know ya missed me."
     "Yo, Wu, what's your deal? You keep glaring at those poor girls like you're about to go all Zero on their asses. They give you the wrong order or something?"
     Beside him, Quatre flinched at the mention of the program that had made him go berserk during the war. Duo's smile disappeared in a guilty wince. Quatre quickly banished the fear and guilt in his eyes with a reassuring if somewhat watery smile.
     Wufei frowned at the braided mechanic, missing the reference and the reaction it earned. "Don't call me that. They seem to have taken an unacceptable amount of interest in this table," he pointed out stonily.
     Duo looked over the two staring girls for a moment before offering a cheeky grin and a wink that had them tittering and turning away quickly in some pretend task or other. "Chill your jets, Chang. They're not spying, they're just enjoying the view. You can't really blame them. I bet it's not every day they get five such handsome customers." He preened for a moment until Quatre arched a brow reprovingly at him. Duo quickly switched his attention to the blond at his side, smiling winningly and offering a quick kiss to the back of the hand still clutching his. "Not that I would encourage them, of course.. ahaha..." He cleared his throat and quickly changed the subject, avoiding Trowa's steady, knowing gaze. "So, you three haven't killed each other-- you're actually on good terms. And you work together..." he trailed off meaningfully, waiting for more juicy information.
     None was forthcoming. "The work we do for Sally isn't exactly legal," Wufei admitted with an indifferent shrug. He was ignoring the girls completely, now that he understood their unwanted staring. "If the Minister knew about it, she would undoubtedly put a stop to it."
     "You mean miss Relena Piece-of-crap?" Duo snorted. "She still doesn't get it, does she? You can't have peace without a price. If she thought everything would be all flowers and hearts after the war, she's more naive than I thought."
     Quatre gave a little sigh. "You shouldn't call her that, Duo," he scolded quietly. "She's a good leader. I don't understand why you hold such a grudge."
     "Well, for one thing, at the beginning of Operation Meteor she was practically stalking the only friend I had at the time. Oh no, wait. She stalked him for the duration of the war, my bad." He rolled his eyes. "Besides, she has the naïveté of a five-year old, and that kind of thing drives me up the wall. You were never as jaded as the rest of us, Quat, but at least you were realistic. You knew you had to... you knew what you had to do to actually earn the peace. Even if you didn't like it."
     "Should we be talking about that?" Trowa asked a little sharply, staring hard at Duo.
     "I'm fine, Trowa," Quatre assured him, smiling wanly. "Besides, Doctor O'Neil says it's not a good idea to make no mention of the war at all-- to act as though it never happened. That won't help anything."
     "Speaking of helping..." Duo transferred his gaze to Wufei. "You don't have to squander your inheritance on Sally's glorious 'Cause', you know. You know how much money Quatre actually has? It's disgusting."
     "All you had to do was ask," Quatre affirmed.
     The other three ex-pilots exchanged a quick glance.
     "We weren't sure you'd approve," Trowa admitted slowly. "We are, as Wufei said, outside of the law. In a way, we're still terrorists."
     "I approve," Quatre said firmly.
     "I don't need your money, Winner," Wufei said with a hint of arrogance. "I have more than enough, and we don't need that much for personal use."
     Duo coughed, pretending he hadn't noticed the "we" slip. "Terrorists, huh? Well, you terrorize the right people," he pointed out, lips curling up in his old Shinigami grin. "The scum of the earth and all that. Hiding behind an important face, kissing babies, and donating to charities doesn't really make up for all the shit they do in the dark. It just hides them from Relena and her little security forces. Who, by the way, can't mind their own damn business."
     Heero frowned at him. "I'd heard they were setting up base on some of the colonies, now that their numbers are growing. But their job is to keep the peace."
     "Hence the name 'the Peace Patrol'," Wufei drawled.
     "Yeah, gay name. One guess whose brilliant brain child that one was. Most colonists call them the Pinhead Patrol." Duo's cheerful expression faded into one more grim. "Heero, in my experience, any force that's given power and weapons only amounts to trouble in the end. Personally, I'm keeping my eyes peeled and my insurance with me." He pat a bulge under his denim jacket.
     "They aren't being led by a rebel or someone with a grudge," Heero pointed out sternly. "Their orders come from Noin, and she works for Relena. They aren't even issued real guns."
     "Relena's not that idealistic," Wufei grunted. "I think tasers are the strongest weapons in their so-called arsenal."
     "Duo," Quatre murmured, eyes flicking to make sure no one had caught Duo's gesture, "you know guns are outlawed on earth."
     "Has the law reached space yet?" Trowa inquired.
     "Some parts," Duo admitted with a careless flap of the hand. "Don't worry, I won't get caught. There should be no reason for me to use it in the first place. Like I said, it's just insurance. Anyway, I doubt Sally's little troop uses clubs and tasers for their missions. Or their targets either, for that matter." He squinted at Heero. "And I'm trying to picture Heero Yuy without a firearm within immediate reach. Hmmm... Nope, no visual."
     "It's easier to take away his computer than his gun," Wufei scoffed, though quietly, so none of the other customers would hear.
     "Still mister hacker, huh?" Duo grinned, poking his friend in the ribs. Heero tolerated the teasing with a stony face. "Your eyeballs are going to get sucked into the screen one day, man."
     Wufei muttered something under his breath, and the others looked up as one of the waitresses approached a little shyly. Behind the register, two of her friends giggled and watched avidly.
     "Excuse me, sir..." the waitress started, glowing eyes fixed on Duo. "Um, is there anything I could get you..?" She offered a menu, though the way she canted her hips and tugged at a strand of hair gave her question a double meaning. Trowa hid a small smile in his cup, but Quatre did not look amused.
     Duo grinned up at her charmingly. "Actually, I won't be here long, I'm just.."
     "Duo," Quatre interrupted sweetly, tugging on the other boy's hand, "you have something on your face."
     Duo blinked, turning to him. "Huh? Where?"
     "Milk mustache," Quatre lied. He leaned over and planted his mouth firmly on Duo's.
     Wufei almost sprayed a mouthful of crackers across the table, and choked on the crumbs. Heero pat him helpfully on the back, face still expressionless. Trowa's face remained buried firmly in his cup, though a suspicious snort echoed from the rim.
     Quatre ended the slow kiss after another moment and leaned back in his chair, licking his top lip delicately. "Got it," he said calmly, and offered the waitress a politely blank look. "We're fine, thanks," he informed her.
     Duo was grinning a little foolishly, eyes on his blond partner.
     The waitress seemed to realize she was staring, jaw somewhere around her knees, and snapped her mouth shut hastily, blushing furiously. "Oh-ah-Sorry about that, sir, um... Haveaniceday." She retreated back to the safety of the register and her friends. Wufei watched incredulously as money exchanged hands.
     "Told you so," one of the waitresses said with a smug smirk.
     "Women," Wufei groaned. He offered Trowa a fierce glare. "Don't even think about it, or you'll be wearing that fettuccini."
     "I wasn't going to do anything," Trowa said mildly, though the twinkle in his eye made Wufei scoot a few inches away from him.
     Duo finally dragged his eyes away from Quatre and leered at Wufei. "Uh oh. Are we about to see some more lip action?" He flicked a questioning look towards Trowa. "Finally figure out that little problem?"
     "Aa," Trowa nodded slightly. "Actually, Heero figured it out before I did."
     Wufei frowned suspiciously, glancing from one partner to the other. "What problem? What are you babbling about?"
     Duo affected an accented voice. "And the number of the day is..."
     Trowa's lips curved in a small smile, jade eyes drifting from Wufei to Heero. "One."


     "What was all that about?" Wufei demanded, tossing his jacket onto the small desk by the front door and toeing off his shoes before making a beeline for the kitchen. "That number crap you and Maxwell were going on about."
     "Just another of Duo's little word games," Trowa answered vaguely, picking up the jacket and hanging it on the nail in the wall. He wandered into the main room, where Heero was already settling himself on the couch and opening up his laptop.
     He stood for a minute watching Heero type with an intent look on his face, then abruptly made a decision. He padded over to the couch and snagged the laptop by the top of the screen. When he tugged insistently, Heero grabbed the sides on reflex, glaring up at him with a slight hint of a question to his eyes. Trowa, unfazed, only tugged harder. Heero glared. Trowa gave a small sigh and wrenched the computer away before Heero could tighten his grip.
     Heero had time to get out one dark scowl before he suddenly found himself with a lapful of Gundam pilot.
     His eyes widened, and he leaned back instinctively, but Trowa had penned him in. When thin lips claimed his own in a clear demand, he quickly got the picture. He reacted impulsively, opening his mouth to allow entrance to a probing tongue, fingers wrapping possessively around a slender waist. An instant later he seemed to realize where they were and who was in the next room. He pulled away, turning his head aside when Trowa tried to kiss him again.
     "Wait-" He shook his head once, his eyes darting quickly from Trowa to the kitchen door and back again. "How-" He ducked his head to avoid the next incoming kiss. "How is this going to...work?" he finally muttered.
     Trowa leaned back slightly to look at him, amused despite himself at the first real sign of unsurity in his partner. "I have a general idea," he said with more confidence than he felt. "Research," he explained when Heero looked at him suspiciously. "And slight... experimentation, I guess you'd call it. Though no, before you pull a gun on me, I've never gotten that far."
     "I wouldn't pull a gun on you for--mmphh." Heero's protest only earned him a mouthful of tongue. He huffed to show his annoyance at the interruption, but already his hands were pushing past cloth to splay calloused fingers against a wiry back. As Trowa's mouth coaxed him into submission, he started to become aware of the fact that having Trowa straddling his lap was...
     Quite interesting...
     From the kitchen doorway, something went splat.
     Trowa leaned back once more, and two heads turned to observe the wide-eyed boy standing across the room, hand still loosely clasping the air, a rice cake on the floor at his feet.
     "Are you going to pick that up?" Heero demanded.
     "Throw it away, then come here," Trowa said calmly.
     Wufei finally blinked. Then blinked again. His mouth snapped shut, and the hint of a blush tinged his cheeks. This, Trowa realized belatedly, was the first time Wufei had actually seen the two of them interacting this way. Knowing about it was one thing; seeing it was something altogether different. He also remembered how quickly Wufei could take things as rejection, and rose decisively to his feet. Heero seemed to have figured it out, as well, and didn't protest the retreat. Instead he pushed himself off the couch and strode towards Wufei, face set in its familiar "mission accepted" lines.
     Wufei took one look at his advancing partner and backpedaled hastily into the kitchen. "W-wait a minute," he sputtered. "We can't just- I mean, I can go- Come back later- Uh--"
     "Someone didn't do their research," Trowa observed from the living room.
     Wufei tried to think of a response to that that didn't make him sound like a naive virgin-- which you are, his brain reminded him rather nastily --but by then he'd already run into the fridge, and Heero was right in his face.
     "I said wait-" he said hastily, arms shooting up as a blockade.
     Heero grabbed his wrists and wrenched his arms down. Wufei reacted instinctively to the aggressive move, snarling and twisting his body quickly to escape. But Heero had anticipated it, and slammed Wufei back against the fridge with his body. Wufei bared his teeth in Heero's face, muscles tense, heart thundering in his ears. "Unhand me, Yuy, or I swear I'll--"
     "Then stop struggling," Heero said simply, and crushed his mouth against Wufei's.
     Wufei stiffened, arms trying to jerk up again, but Heero's hold on them only tightened painfully. He snarled into the kiss, trying to wrench his face away, but Heero was adamant. He- twisted -suddenly, and his hips rolled against Wufei's, their chests rubbing and--
     Harsh breathing echoing in an empty hangar, a hand down his pants, a hot mouth on his ear--
     Wufei gave a startled grunt, and bit the tongue forcing its way into his mouth.
     Heero pulled his head back quickly, his eyes narrowing slightly. He hesitated, rereading the situation. He would, Wufei realized, stop. If he made it clear he didn't want this, Heero would stop...
     Hand down his pants, blue eyes darkening with lust, a hungry mouth on his..
     Fuck it.
     He lifted his hips against Heero's and leaned his head forward to press his mouth to Heero's.
     Heero jumped.
     Trowa had come into the kitchen on silent feet, unnoticed, and had pressed up against Heero's back at the same time Wufei had responded. Nimble fingers had wormed their way in between the two bodies and were fastened stubbornly on the waistband of Wufei's pants. He rested his chin on Heero's shoulder and met Wufei's eyes when the swordsman tilted his head to see what was going on. Startled by the advances on both sides, Heero froze, suddenly uncertain.
     "We don't have to take turns," Trowa informed them calmly. "You don't have to leave, Wufei, and neither do I, and neither do you, Heero."
     Heero turned his head slightly so he could see the other pilot out of the corner of his eye. His brow furrowed in puzzlement. "There's three of us," he pointed out. "Copulation can only be done with two people. Though I am uncertain how two males are supposed to commit the act."
     Wufei's face was beginning to turn an interesting shade of pink.
     Trowa allowed his mouth to curve in a slow, wide smirk. "Want me to prove you wrong?"
     Heero blinked, a little taken aback by Trowa's forwardness. Wufei was beet red by now. "W-wait a minute," he stuttered, pulling his arms out of Heero's lax grip.
     "Did you think that we would just take turns?" Trowa asked, arching a brow. "That might work sometimes, Wufei. But not all the time. There's the risk of someone feeling unwanted. I think it's better that this first time, we all do this. Together," he added firmly.
     Heero's expression crept towards mission mode again. "You'll show us?" he demanded bluntly.
     Wufei hid his face in Heero's free shoulder to hide his furious blush and began cursing in quiet Mandarin.
     Trowa tweaked the dark ponytail gently. "None of us has done anything like this before, Wufei," he said quietly. "And I know your clan was very conservative when it came to the subject of sex. It's all right to feel embarrassed, but if you really don't want to do this..." he trailed off, leaving the other boy a way out.
     Wufei fell silent, but didn't remove his face from hiding. Tension hummed in his body while both boys watched him expectantly, ready to agree to whichever decision he made. Finally, he nodded once.
     "Wait- we don't have..." Heero turned slightly to frown at Trowa, not quite sure he even knew what was needed.
     "I do." Wufei's voice was muffled.
     The other two looked at him in surprise. Wufei lifted his face from Heero's shoulder at last. Though he was working hard to keep his face calm, his cheeks were still red, and he wouldn't quite meet either gaze. "Duo dropped by for a little 'visit' just before the two of you found me," he muttered. A brief scowl of annoyance twisted his mouth. "After he left, I found a little 'gift' he left in the grass. I think the idiot was trying to be funny..."
     "Where did you put it?"
     "...Bag," Wufei mumbled. "Didn't want to leave it out there for someone to get the wrong idea. It's under the bed--"
     Trowa acted swiftly, before Wufei could change his mind. "Grab him," he ordered calmly, and hooked a finger in Heero's belt loop, dragging him quickly in the direction of the bedroom. Heero reached out and snagged Wufei's wrist, hauling the sputtering boy along.
     A hard mouth claiming his halted Wufei's protests as they stumbled through the bedroom door, a familiar hand skimming the back of his thigh quickly scattering some of his reserves and uncertainty. He retaliated quickly, thrusting his tongue into Heero's mouth to get the upper hand, tangling his fingers in dark unruly hair. He could hear Trowa rummaging under the bed, but it was hard to think straight-- not that he wanted to at this point. He couldn't let himself think about this, or he would chicken out, he would run... And he'd be damned if he would allow himself to be cowardly enough to back out of this just because it was strange and somewhat embarrassing. Trowa was right, they couldn't just "take turns". If there was a way for them all to do this, then... Stop thinking about it! he told himself fiercely, and leaned into the hand palming his pectoral through his shirt.
     A hand appeared over his shoulder, holding three of the condoms Duo had so "thoughtfully" left for Wufei. Heero took the small packages and stepped back, concentrating on tearing open the foil. Wufei turned and found Trowa waiting behind him. He didn't let himself hesitate or think, he just acted. He gripped the back of Trowa's neck and tilted the compliant head to a satisfactory angle before claiming thin lips with his own.
     Instinct kicked in, bodies took over where minds faltered, and Wufei's doubts and uncertainties were quickly pushed back into a corner for later. Heero had made short work of his task, and was already pressed up against him from behind, hands pushing in between him and Trowa to pull impatiently at belts and buttons, while Wufei had his hands busy practically tearing the shirt from Trowa's shoulders, his tongue dominating the other pilot's mouth. Heero's breath was quick on his neck, then-- He gasped into Trowa's mouth as lips found the sensitive shell of his ear. Heero was remembering with deadly accuracy the spots that had made him respond so favorably before, and Wufei had time for only a quick flash of somewhat amused resentment before he realized Trowa was maneuvering them towards the bed, his tongue dancing in Wufei's mouth.
     Heero disappeared and the edge of the bed came up short against the back of Wufei's knees. He froze, his heart doing a quick little flip in his chest. They were really going to do this, his mind informed him a little numbly. To do that, the forbidden act between men. Except he wasn't just going to do this with one man, but with two of them. The doubt and hesitance that had slunk off just a moment ago to let hormones have their say suddenly jumped up and started screaming at him. He stiffened in Trowa's arms and pulled his head back marginally to look from one partner to the other.
     Trowa was looking at him carefully, his face flushed, but his eyes calculating. He remained still, his hands a light touch on the small of Wufei's back. Heero had moved to yank the covers out of the way, but was standing with one knee on the bed, his discarded shirt balled up in one hand, the other clutching the small tube of lubricant Duo had left with the condoms. His intense gaze was on Wufei; he'd sensed the sudden tension in the room immediately, and was poised unmoving. His eyes flickered towards Trowa. Perhaps he understood Wufei's sudden alarm, or maybe he just knew himself well enough to realize this was something he might make worse. He was too blunt, too aggressive. He rocked back on his heel and removed his leg from the bed to stand back and wait.
     Wufei glared at Trowa's feet, embarrassed and angry at himself. He couldn't make himself respond to Trowa's quiet voice.
     The hands slid away from his back and settled on his shoulders instead. "Wufei." Trowa ducked his head a little, trying to catch Wufei's lowered eyes. "If you really don't want to do this, we don't have to. We can wait until you're ready..."
     Wufei shook his head once, but his voice didn't want to work. You're a coward, he told himself fiercely. They would wait. If he pulled away, neither of them would push it. And while he appreciated it, he knew that if he didn't swallow his pride and nervousness, it could be a long time before he was willing to ever attempt this again.
     He forced himself to focus on what was really bothering him.
     Yeah. Big step. Chang Wufei, 16-year old terrorist, was about to lose his virginity. OK, that was something, but it shouldn't freak him out like this. He'd known when he was thirteen that he'd lose that sooner or later, once he'd married Meiran.
     You're about to lose said virginity to another man, his brain pointed out helpfully. Two of them, actually.
     His gut tightened. That somehow was the root of it.
     Not just because it was... well, against everything he'd been raised to believe. But there were three of them. He was no expert on how these things worked, but he had a vague idea. It meant someone dominating him, invading him-- Heero, most likely. And while his pride might make a little leeway for that-- he would rather it be someone stronger than him --it still made something in him cringe. He wasn't, he forced himself to admit, ready for that. Not yet. Maybe someday, but...
     Not today.
     Heero was still standing by the bed, waiting. Trowa was silent, his grip on Wufei's shoulders light and reassuring. He'd spent his whole life keeping things inside, and he'd gotten quite good at reading people. And he knew how Wufei ticked. His eyes slid towards Heero thoughtfully, then back to Wufei's stiff body in his grasp. It took just a few moments for him to get a general idea of what the problem was.
     He looped his arms around Wufei's neck and leaned back slightly so he could catch a glimpse of Wufei's eyes, still aimed at the floor.
     "You can be on top," he offered.
     Wufei blinked, and looked up at him quickly, eyes narrowing in slight surprise and confusion.
     Trowa tilted his chin towards Heero. "Of both of us," he clarified. He glanced at Heero, a question in his eyes.
     Heero cocked his head, frowning a little as he tried to figure out how that would work. Wufei watched in fascination as the first hint of a blush colored the soldier's cheeks. After a moment of hesitation, Heero nodded once.
     That meant... Wufei looked back to Trowa quickly. Heero dominated him, but would the perfect soldier let Trowa top him? That would mean he would... He could feel his face heating up at the thought, but he recognized a generous offer when he saw one. His tension eased somewhat, leaving him with virgin jitters that he told himself he could handle. He met Trowa's expectant gaze and nodded jerkily. "All right," he muttered.
     Trowa smiled. It was small, a little quirk of the lips, but real. He lowered his arms and tugged at the bottom of Wufei's shirt.
     Wufei took the hint and began stripping slowly while Trowa walked over to Heero. He found himself watching out of the corner of his eye as the slender pilot captured Heero's chin in a calloused hand and kissed him soundly. Jealous? Wufei probed himself carefully as he undid his belt with nervous fingers. If watching them made him jealous, then Trowa was right; it couldn't work.
     ...No, not jealous. He watched his two partners kissing, hands already tugging at each other's clothes, and swallowed hard. He was watching two of the most feared pilots in the galaxy make out less than five feet away. And he was to join them in just a moment.
     It was, his mind deduced, the hottest thing he'd seen in his life thus far.
     Once he'd made up his mind, and his hormones had given him another rowdy kick below the belt, things swiftly picked up where they'd been left off.
     Four impatient hands helped him with his clothes, and he didn't have more than a few seconds to be embarrassed about the fact that he was fully naked in front of other people for the first time. Two pairs of eyes, one blue, one jade, pinned him with hungry intent, and then a strong hand on his wrist was tugging, and a firm body at his side was pushing him in the right direction. The bed squealed in protest at the weight of their three bodies tumbling onto its surface; Wufei hardly heard it over the harsh breaths and the pounding of his heart all ringing in his ears. His hands were mapping a firm torso, there was the feel of teeth on his throat, a mouth attached to his own, and two different pairs of hands skimming his body and making his nerves sing. They twisted and fought, trying to get as much feeling as they could out of each other, at the same time trying to figure out how they were going to be arranged without tearing their mouths off of each other.
     Heero landed on his back, and an instant later Trowa was kneeling between his legs, one hand on the strong chest, another pulling insistently but gently on his knee. Wufei found himself kneeling behind Trowa, hands spanned across a strong, slender back, watching over a broad shoulder. He couldn't help but smirk as that faint blush stained Heero's cheeks again. Heero scowled up at him for the smug look, but spread his legs obediently. "Wufei," Trowa said, out of breath.
     Wufei blinked, confused for a moment, then looked around quickly for the rubber Heero had so quickly unwrapped just a minute ago. His heart was thundering in his chest, and he was beginning to feel nervous and embarrassed again-- what if he hurt Trowa? what if he didn't do it right? what if --he cut off that frantic train of thought and snagged the condoms from a fold in the blanket. Trowa took one from him, and Heero arched slightly, rummaging under himself until he produced the lube. He shoved it into Trowa's hands, his face set with determination, his chest rising and falling rapidly.
     Wufei didn't think, he just made his body do what he told it to. He slipped the rubber on and leaned over Trowa's shoulder to watch, hands sliding around a slim waist. He watched carefully, ignoring his embarrassment; he was going to have to do what Trowa was doing to Heero in just a moment.
     Trowa had spread the lube over two of his fingers. He adjusted Heero's leg a little to give himself more room and lowered his hand, sliding one finger carefully inside-- Wufei's eyes jerked away in startled embarrassment. Well, how did you think this was going to work? his mind pointed out snidely. He meant to look back down, to watch, but his eyes were caught on Heero's face, which had tightened at the first careful probe, mouth thinning out.
     Trowa leaned over him, face inches from Heero's, while Wufei leaned against his back and looked over his shoulder. "Relax," the Heavyarms pilot murmured, his voice breathy. Even the stoic acrobat was breathing hard in anticipation and nervousness, Wufei noted, and felt a little better. "It'll make it easier."
     Heero's eyes drifted from a spot on the wall to Trowa's face, and he nodded slightly. He must have relaxed his muscles, because a quick glance downwards and Wufei could see Trowa maneuvering a second digit to join the first. By the way his wrist and elbow were shifting, he had to be... moving in there. For what?
     He has to loosen the muscles, the scholar in him realized. Relax them. If Heero was tense, or unprepared...
     "Like jamming a broomstick into a keyhole," one crude student back on L5 had admitted when boasting of his first time. The girl had been a virgin; they'd been married just months before Wufei had been paired with Meiran. She'd been nervous; tense. He'd heard girls lament about how their first times were supposed to hurt a great deal. He winced, grateful that this would not be his turn to be in Heero's position.
     Trowa had still been moving carefully while Wufei had been analyzing the situation. Heero arched suddenly, his head snapping back. Wufei jerked back, startled. He looked quickly at Trowa, suddenly alarmed, but the other pilot's mouth was turning up in another small smile. Wufei looked back to Heero, confused. The other pilot was blinking rapidly, his chest heaving.
     "What..." Heero looked up at Trowa and blinked again. Wufei leaned back over Trowa's shoulders, intrigued despite himself. That look on Heero's face wasn't one of pain, he realized belatedly, and his mouth went dry. That look of shocked pleasure on Heero's face was unlike anything he'd ever seen, and he wanted to see it again.
     "Sweet spot," Trowa muttered, sounding almost smug. He flexed his wrist, and Heero jerked again. This time he gave a short cry of surprise. His hips jerked, looking for more of that feeling, and Trowa lowered his head to claim his mouth in a fierce kiss.
     Trowa had dropped the lube, and Wufei retrieved it, spreading some on his fingers as he'd seen Trowa do. He hesitated for just a moment, then lowered his hand and felt for the entrance he knew was there. A small shiver went through Trowa's back when the finger probed, then Wufei firmed his resolve and slid the finger inside, slowly.
     Heero grunted into Trowa's mouth, hand tangled in auburn hair as he flexed against the fingers inside him. Wufei pressed his forehead to Trowa's shoulder blade and forced another finger inside, moving them around, searching. Trowa had relaxed for him, and it was tight, but not too tight.
     Sweet spot, he'd said. Where...? Wufei probed and pushed, tilting his arm and going deeper. He didn't know what he was looking for, or even if he was doing it right, but...
     Trowa's body jolted against him, and he ripped his mouth away from Heero's to gasp.
     There it was.
     Wufei felt a thrill of satisfaction, and twisted his fingers about again, searching for whatever spot he'd just touched. Trowa arched back against him abruptly, reaching back blindly with one hand to seize the back of his neck in encouragement. Wufei lifted his head and found the mouth searching for his own. He was hard as a rock and starting to get impatient.
     At least he wasn't the only one. Heero fumbled in between his body and Trowa's and seized the other boy's wrist. Trowa turned and blinked down at him, still a little dazed. Heero glared up at him, face flushed and eyes a little unfocused. "Do it," he ground out.
     Trowa nodded and glanced back at Wufei. "Lube," he panted.
     Wufei was confused for a moment before he understood. He quickly used some of the lube on himself, then passed it over. He wrapped his hands around the other boy's waist and waited, leaning to the side slightly to watch again.
     Trowa finished with the lube and tossed it carelessly across the room, his eyes on Heero. "I know I'm flexible," he admitted with one of his moments of rare sarcasm, "but how about you, Heero?" He was half serious, Wufei realized, and knew why in a moment. When Heero only scowled up at him, Trowa smiled fleetingly and lifted both legs over his shoulders.
     Heero hadn't been expecting that. His body slid across the covers towards Trowa, and he reached up quickly to snag a fistful of hair, his eyes a little wide. Trowa winced slightly at the grip, squeezing the strong thighs reassuringly. Heero slowly released his hair and settled back against the bed, face tight again as he tried to prepare himself. Trowa still waited, until Heero nodded slightly. Then he took a deep breath and began to move forward slowly. Heero flinched, his lips pressing together tightly, but he didn't pull away or make a noise. His breathing came fast and loud, and his fingers clenched the covers as he bore the pain. Wufei watched with mixed feelings of fascination and sympathy, until Trowa gave a little grunt and went still. He was in.
     He didn't move, waiting for Heero to relax again, helping him along by capturing his mouth in a long kiss. Wufei hesitated, unsure if he should wait or go ahead, then decided it would be harder to do this if Trowa was moving around. He ignored the nervous little voices going off in his head and flexed his fingers against Trowa's hips in forewarning before pushing himself inside.
     He grunted in surprise. Even after prepping, the entrance was tight. Almost painfully tight. He took a quick breath and forced himself to keep pushing. The deeper he went, the tighter it got, but… gods. He wanted more. Don't go too fast, he cautioned himself. Don't hurt him. Trowa's breathing was harsh, but his muscles didn't spasm as he forced himself to relax, his face buried in Heero's neck. Wufei's eyes met Heero's over Trowa's hunched shoulder, and he held the steady gaze while he pushed his way slowly forward.
     Then he was fully inside, and he let out his breath in an explosive huff. His body instinctively tried to kick back, tried to do what it was meant to do. Pull out, push in… But he'd spent his entire life conditioning his body to do what it was told, and he forced himself to remain still, shaking slightly in anticipation. He waited while Trowa got his breathing back under control, and didn't move until Trowa was ready. After a few moments the other pilot straightened back up, grip tightening on Heero's thighs. Heero's eyes shifted back to Trowa, and he nodded again.
     Trowa didn't hesitate; he pulled back and then thrust forward once more, causing Heero to take a sharp breath in through his nose in surprise. Wufei, caught off guard, didn't move in time. When Trowa moved forward into Heero, he himself nearly slid all the way out of Trowa. He gasped at the sensation of sliding, clutching skin, and clawed at slender hips, driving himself back into the other boy.
     It took a few more thrusts for him to synchronize with Trowa's own movements, and then he didn't have any spare brain cells left to focus on what he was doing.
     He'd wondered scornfully what could possibly be so appealing about sex that everyone could want it so badly. It had all sounded like one big noisy, messy, uncomfortable fuss to him. But this… He pulled back and his hips flexed forward again almost instantly, his body craving the feeling of that push and pull of muscle clenched around his member. He'd never felt anything like it before, and it set his nerve endings on fire. Heero's harsh pants, the thready groan that shook Trowa's form, the feel of tight heat tugging at him—he wanted more.
     He had enough control to keep himself from going overboard, to keep his rhythm as careful and slow as Trowa's. He was technically topping them both, he reminded himself. Too fast, too hard, and he could hurt them both. Not that… he groaned against Trowa's shoulder… this… wasn't damn good enough already… Heero shouted again, and Wufei gritted his teeth, nails digging into skin as he shifted for a better position. The body pressed against his spasmed, and Trowa's head fell back, a gasp escaping his lips. His hand was fumbling, reaching down to find Heero's erection.
     Wufei's world had disappeared aside from this one thing: pleasure. Claiming it from the body in his grasp and returning it in kind. The sounds he was dragging from the other boy, and the way Heero was reacting to Trowa were making it hard to think straight. He just knew he wanted more of it, all of it.
     Trowa's shoulder shifted as he moved, and Wufei glimpsed Heero's face just in time to see climax hit his friend. Heero gave a loud shout; his body nearly left the bed as he arched into Trowa's thrust, his eyes slamming shut and his head jerking back. The sight of Heero almost losing control in the pleasure, even if only for a moment, did it. Wufei drove deep, and his vision exploded in white as he came hard, intense pleasure singing along every nerve. He held Trowa against his body hard, face pressed to a strong shoulder as he groaned with his release. Trowa shuddered against him, hips jerking a few times as climax hit him as well.
     A moment later, Trowa collapsed. Caught by surprise, Wufei went down with him. Heero grunted at the sudden weight, and Trowa mumbled a breathless apology, trying to push himself off. Wufei pulled out of the other pilot's body with a slight wince and collapsed bonelessly on the bed at Heero's side, fighting to get his breath back and waiting for his body to stop humming. He blinked a few times to get his eyes to focus, and turned his head slightly to look at his two partners. Trowa had rolled off of Heero and was stretched out on his other side, one arm draped possessively around Heero's middle as he offered Wufei a small, content smile. Wufei felt his own lips quirk in response, and glanced at Heero. The other pilot's eyes were still closed as he slowed his breathing, his skin flinching slightly—still sensitive –under Trowa's touch.
     After a few moments he opened his eyes and glanced from one boy to the other. Wufei noted that he'd never seen either of them so relaxed, and wondered if they were thinking the same about him. He looked quickly at Trowa, feeling a flash of guilt for not asking sooner. "Are you all right?"
     Trowa snorted quietly in amusement. "I think we should be asking Heero that," he pointed out drolly, though his eyes skimmed Heero's face carefully, searching for any hint of pain or resentment.
     Heero gave a little huff and returned his eyes to the ceiling. Wufei smirked, reading the unsaid statement loud and clear. It would take more than that to hurt the perfect soldier. Though… he watched as Trowa shifted carefully onto his side …they would probably both be sore later.
     Heero snagged Trowa's shoulder when the slender pilot almost tumbled off the side of the bed. "We need a bigger bed," he observed clinically, eyeing the small mattress.
     "Perhaps," Trowa agreed, moving closer to get away from the edge.
     Heero wriggled his other arm free to tug at a lock of dark hair, getting Wufei's attention. His face was solemn, his eyes asking a question. Trowa's eyes went to him, as well, waiting. Wufei had been the most unsure of this. They wanted reassurance that he was all right with what had happened.
     Wufei wrinkled his nose, looking pointedly at the wet spot on Heero's abdomen. "Don't get your mess on the sheets, Yuy, or you're washing them."
     Heero mock-glared at him, giving the captured hair a sharper tug. "It's your bed," he pointed out.
     "It's your mess," Wufei shot back.
     Trowa dug the pillow out from under Heero's head and hit them both with it before tossing it onto the floor and rising fluidly to his feet. "Dibs on the shower," he said, heading towards the door.
     Heero sat up carefully. "I need to finish that program for Sally," he remembered, glancing towards the clock. He started to get up, then looked at Wufei, hesitating.
     Wufei rolled his eyes, scooting over and claiming the bed for himself. "Like Maxwell said, don't let the screen suck your eyeballs out, Yuy. I'm taking a nap."
     "Wear you out?" Heero asked with a small smirk.
     Wufei offered a one-fingered salute and leaned over to snag the pillow. Heero gave a small snort and exited the room.

     Within a few hours, things were back as they'd been before, with—thankfully –no obvious signs of embarrassment. But as Trowa stirred noodles into a pot of boiling water at the stove and listened to his two friends argue about the benefits of this gun versus that one, he couldn't shake loose the feeling of relaxed contentment.
     They were partners, brothers in arms, lovers. He wasn't naïve enough to allow himself to simply accept that things would work out perfectly, that there would be a "happily ever after" for three emotionally stunted battle-worn ex-terrorists. But then, it was foolish to believe in the first place that happy endings just "happened". He'd realized back on 0167 that it was going to take an effort to get things to work between them, and though it had taken a little longer, his partners had come to the same conclusion.
     He turned from the stove and watched the two boys seated at the table: Heero scowling, eyes glued to his laptop, Wufei leaning back in his chair, picking idly at his bread as he found new and eloquent ways to point out the flaws in Heero's logic.
     Duo had told him to hold onto his treasure; to find that one thing he wanted and grab it before it could be taken away from him. He never would have thought, only a year ago, that his "treasure" would be an arrogant dragon and a stone-faced soldier.
     But he was getting to like the idea more and more.
     And once he had something in his grasp, Trowa Barton was not the kind of man to let it go so easily.
     Two pairs of eyes flitted his way, and he offered a small, warm smile in return.


     "It was nice seeing them again," Quatre said with a warm smile towards his friend as he buttoned up his pajama top and padded over to his bed. "Thank you for arranging it."
     Duo grinned, sitting cross-legged at the foot of the bed, already in a pair of worn pajama bottoms, fingers busy unwinding his long braid. "Yeah, I missed the little buggers. And I wanted to make sure things were all right on that front."
     "Matchmaker," Quatre accused, crawling onto the bed and sliding under the covers.
     "Hey, it was their brilliant idea to get all kissy-kissy with each other," Duo pointed out, tossing his hairband onto the bedside table and running his fingers through the mane of hair to spread it out. Quatre watched, entranced. The sight of all that hair never ceased to capture his attention. "I just put a few words in here and there to make sure those three blockheads didn't mess it up, that's all." He rose to his feet and stretched before offering a tired wave. "Well, I'm out. I need to catch some Z's. I'll catch you in the morning, shortstuff."
     Quatre pushed himself into a sitting position, watching the other boy head towards the door. He opened his mouth, closed it again, then squashed the nervous little flutter in his stomach and blurted, "You can sleep in here." When Duo turned to look at him in surprise, he lowered his face to hide his sudden blush. "Um. If you want. My bed's big enough, anyway…"
     Duo hesitated only for an instant before bounding over to the bed and jumping onto the big mattress, expertly dissipating the nervous feeling in the air. "Awesome, I always wondered what it'd be like to sleep in a big bed like this," he chuckled eagerly. "This is one of those feather mattresses, right? Hell yeah. I'm gonna sleep like the dead tonight."
     Quatre couldn't suppress a smile at the other boy's antics. He moved over so Duo could clamber under the covers with him. Duo flopped onto his back and grinned cheekily at his friend. "Is this a hint?" he teased. "Not that I minded your 'hint' earlier at the restaurant…" He waggled his eyebrows suggestively.
     Quatre flushed again, but couldn't help but laugh. "Duo…" He turned over quickly, hiding his face in his pillow. The kiss back on earth had been impulsive; he'd risked a lot doing so, but from the dopey smile on Duo's face afterwards, he'd figured he'd read things correctly. Still, thinking about his own boldness made his face burn.
     Duo's hand was warm on his shoulder, even through the cotton nightshirt. "Hey, you're hogging all the covers. Scootch this way a little, chibi."
     Quatre obediently rolled over so he was facing Duo, but couldn't lift his eyes, waiting for his blush to subside. His heart drummed in his chest. OK, so that kiss and the pleased response it had earned had settled a few questions, but not all of them. Where exactly did they stand? Was Duo going to jump on the bandwagon and carry things through? Did he mind that? Well… no, he had to admit. But so soon?
     Duo dispelled his nervousness with a huge yawn. "Geez, I'm bushed. Traveling always takes it out of me. It was good to see the guys again, though. They'd better keep in touch from now on, or I'm huntin' 'em down again, and it will not be pretty."
     Quatre smiled at that, studying Duo's face now that the expressive eyes were closed. He relaxed, tugging the covers a little closer to his chin. "What was that number stuff you and Trowa were talking about, anyway?" he asked curiously, scooting closer and settling his head on the pillow more comfortably.
     Duo grinned, scratching his nose. "Ah... just a little 'math problem' to give Tro a little kick in the right direction. I asked if he could find the missing number, and even the odds."
     Quatre's nose wrinkled as he frowned slightly. "Even the...? Oh. You mean.. those three? Duo, that's corny."
     "Isn't it, though."
     "I don't think I'm sure where he got the 'one' from," Quatre admitted, playing idly with a strand of chestnut hair on the pillow by his head.
     "More corniness," Duo warned, opening his eyes again. He shrugged a shoulder when Quatre only looked at him expectantly. "One and three and five. What happens when three equals one? Or three becomes one, however you want to look at it."
     A slow smile spread on Quatre's face. "You get the missing number."
     Duo smiled drowsily back, curving an arm around Quatre and pulling him closer. "Yeah," he murmured against a cupid mouth. "Even steven."

Author's Notes: Sorry if the lemon wasn't that good; it's been quite some time since I've done one. ^.^; I've never done a threesome, either, and come to think of it, I don't think I've ever done a lemon from the viewpoint of someone giving it instead of taking it. O_o; Anyway, I wanted to make it as realistic as possible. So many lemons (including my own) have the couple just going with it, as if they know what they're doing and aren't all that nervous. They're 16. They've never done it before. You're nervous and awkward your first time, and not even completely sure you want to go through with it. Wufei was the easiest of the three to get that point across, which is why the POV shifted to him for the lemon.
Anyway… thus ends the story. ^_^ Hope you all enjoyed it. It was fun to write, even when I was constantly referring back to episodes to keep the war part of the fic as close to the real storyline as possible.
Thanks to all who read it, and especially to Maldoror, who constantly demanded updates and kept me going on this fic even when my attention was wavering to other fics.

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